DECEMBER 21,2014

Dear ones,   Happy winter solstice.  The energy of this particular solstice is bringing with it change and an energy that is being powerfully experienced by many as a deeper sensitivity to all things around them.

Our Christmas offering is a message of Peace and Joy, which we lovingly flow to you and which you then can flow as your gift to others.  The words peace and joy,  are seen everywhere at Christmas time and yet few take them seriously, instead  seeing them as  nice words on a Christmas card.  Make true Peace your  gift to the world  every day of the year.

True peace between countries or even individuals, will never be fully achieved through treaties or contracts because the substance of peace (a consciousness of peace)  is not present.  Peace is a state of consciousness that recognizes, respects, and accepts the oneness of life, whether that other is plant, animal, or person.  Only true peace can manifest true freedom, the freedom to be who and what you are.  Peace is the natural result of a consciousness of Oneness which in its purest sense, is unconditional love.  As long as separateness remains the dominant world consciousness, there can never be true peace.

Peace both within and without, is not attained through power struggles, war, or violence.  War has never achieved true and lasting peace, but simply creates lulls the violence while allowing it to pop up somewhere else. At this time, the substance of which peace is formed, is not yet fully present in world consensus consciousness. The true and lasting  peace that mankind seeks and preaches especially at Christmastime will only manifest as the impersonal world consciousness shifts into a realization of Oneness.  This is  happening now as each person awakens, for every spark of light dissolves a bit of old energy within a dense universal consciousness.  This will bring about the change you seek.

Send your gift of peace to the un-awakened who seek to resolve  unhappiness and frustration through violence.  Send Peace to Gaia through recognition and loving action regarding all of her kingdoms.  The animal kingdom was never created for humans to use and abuse. Animals also live many lifetimes and are here to learn and evolve while assisting mankind with unconditional love, companionship, and healing.  Even  animals termed "wild" are worthy of respect and peace for they too are suffering from the world consciousness of duality and separation.  Never doubt there will come a time when the "lion will lie down with the lamb" for there is no discord in higher dimensional energy.

Peace is what you experience when lending a loving hand where needed.  Peace is that you feel as you walk through a quiet forest, or closely examine the perfection of a flower.  Peace is that which  you experience when you look into another's eyes and recognize Divinity.  Peace is yours to have or not have, the choice is yours dear ones, for all have free will.  As you claim peace for yourselves, you are then able to flow it to others. 

Some will say, I cannot find peace because of my situation.  Peace ever present and is never dependant upon outer circumstances for it is a quality of the Divine.  Personal peace comes through the realization that  "I can never be separated from who and what I am regardless of any outer circumstances".  Life on earth can indeed be a struggle until one day a certain evolutionary point is reached and the difficult experiences  slow or finish completely because the student is now ready to learn and be taught from within.  

No one can  separate you from  Peace dear ones, ever, it is your birthright.  It is ignorance that acts to seemingly separate an individual from his good--a "good" that is often simply a concept.

Joy is a facet of  peace, an  inner sense of lightness in spite of outer conditions.  Joy knows I am, I always will be, and I always have been and in joy there is no fear of death.
Joy allows an individual to  laugh and love and enjoy the pleasures of being in  human form through the realization that these things represent the spiritual realities of completeness, wholeness, and oneness. 

Joy is the energy closest to Divine and effects everything you do and say. Without conscious thought, an energy field filled with joy can act as a healing balm.  Even those who are consciously unaware of spiritual truth  will experience something when coming into contact with energy field filled with Light and joy.  This will cause fear in some and an uplifting in others depending upon their state of consciousness.

Allow yourselves to experience joy.  There remain many falsehoods among religious groups who teach that one must suffer in order to be spiritual. There are still those who believe that self-torture and sacrifice are paths to "holiness".   These teachings are very old and very false and it is long past time for them to be dissolved into the nothingness that they are.  The Divine is peace, joy, completeness, wholeness and is therefore who and what you already are.

There is no dreariness or sadness in the higher realms dear ones.  Only  ignorance has given birth to the discords and suffering that mankind has experienced for so long which some still need  in order to learn. 

Peace and joy are available to be experienced while on earth at any time by any individual choosing to give up the limitations of duality and separation and live out from  truth.

Claim and enjoy the experience of true Peace and Joy at this time and forever dear ones.

Merry Christmas.

In  Peace and Joy we are the Arcturian Group.                                       12/21/14                                  

                                          DECEMBER 7, 2014

Dear ones, we welcome you. 

In this time of love and celebration, you are being pressured from all sides to believe that more is better--that more gifts, more parties, and more activity will equal  happiness.  Resist becoming too involved in the commercialism, for you are well aware at this point that more does not equal happiness.  Outside pressures are tugging at your emotions to buy, buy, buy, suggesting that the bigger and better the gift, the more love you will show and receive.  You are being bombarded with  suggestions telling you that in order to be a good parent, friend, partner, son or daughter, you must give expensive gifts. 

Remain awake, selecting your gifts with care and thought while using intuition to seek the gift that would speak most to the person.  That is, be guided from within rather than from without.  Keep things simple, and allow the  gifts you give to reflect  love with an understanding of the receiver.   Never allow  giving a gift to be just a "duty", for these gifts will carry the negative energy you feel. 

Christmas, in its truer sense, is not about the birth of a male child named Jesus., but is a material sense of the birth of the Christ that takes place within.   Christmas takes place within each and every person at some point in the spiritual journey.  Many of you are experiencing that now. 

Only a humble state of consciousness (the stable), one rid of false ego trappings and beliefs is able to birth the Christ Light.  Jesus tried to give this message to the world 2000 years ago, but the unawake majority of that time were unable to understand and instead (then and even now) believed that only Jesus personally represented the message.  ALL have within them a Christ child waiting to be born. 

The world in general, believes Christmas to be either a seasonal holiday time for parties and gifts  or it believes it to be the birth of the only son of God, Jesus, and must be celebrated accordingly.  Neither these beliefs correct.  The outer trappings of Christmas are only symbols for the true Christmas that only takes  place within.

We see many struggle to create  popular concepts of Christmas, even when they may no longer resonate with them.  If you are tempted with guilt over not being able to provide the biggest and best for those you love, quickly recognize these suggestions to be  concepts of a third dimensional belief system wherein retailers believe they must promote and struggle  aggressively in order to financially succeed. 

The Arcturian group wishes to speak about the energy that manifests as a sense of separation. At this seasonal time, emotions of separation  are often more deeply experienced.   Christmas time  brings to mind for many, memories of past family gatherings.  These memories often include only the fun and richness (never the discords) of an earlier time.   Photos, pictures, songs, films etc. that shout from the media and stores promote the "old fashioned  Christmas" which serves to activate in  many, a fruitless longing and sadness due to a perceived inability to recreate this imaginary "old fashioned Christmas" for themselves and their families. 

Because of this, many become exhausted with the effort, and  believe themselves to be failures at being the perfect, mom, dad, brother, son, daughter, parent, friend etc.  These images are concepts dear ones, just concepts.  As  awakened ones, you are ready to refuse to buy the package.  As we have said so many times, let intuition guide you.  If you no longer wish to celebrate as you have in the past, say so.  If you choose to do things differently, do it.  This is how you reclaim your innate power.

We are not advising that you avoid all celebrations.  Enjoy those that resonate with you, for joy is the energy closest to the Divine.  We simply remind you to be alert to the hypnotism of the season urging you to continue traditions that may no longer be your state of consciousness.   Intuitively consider what and how you choose to celebrate.

The higher resonating energy field of just one awakened individual can lighten the energy of a whole room.  Lovingly attending an event out of respect for the host can be an expression of unconditional love.  Use discretion in making your choices, and listen to the voice of your intuition regarding celebrations, traditions, gifts, etc.   Live silently and secretly in the world, but not of it.

All are in and of One Divine Consciousness and because this  Consciousness is omnipresent, there exists nothing else from which anything could be formed.  If there were something outside of the One, you would not have an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God.  The choice is yours to accept or not. 

There exists only One consciousness and therefore every living thing is in and of It.    It is all there is; the only substance, law, idea, etc. manifesting  Itself  in infinite form and variety.  You can never be separated from what you are and are thus never separate from other forms of it. 

The world consists of many individuals of differing states of awareness and this appears to human eyes as separation rather than individuality.   We speak of the true Self, the spiritual  essence of everyone's being--that which cannot be seen with human eyes or understood with the human mind.  Animals, plants, crystals, minerals, water, air, elementals, humans, nature spirits, as well as beings living on other planets  are all in and of the one and same substance--one Consciousness individually expressed.

Individual consciousness (still the one and only consciousness there is) when conditioned with beliefs of good and evil, will manifest accordingly, for you are creators.  There is only ONE MIND, but in the human scene, that ONE MIND has become filled with  beliefs of duality and separation--this is the illusion.

The vast riches of Divine consciousness are unfathomable to most at this time.  There can never be an end to Divine ideas for Divine Consciousness is infinite.  The third dimensional state of consciousness rests on  the bottom rung of a very long ladder of which most intellectuals of the world are totally unaware.    Some evolved souls try and speak of these things but are more often than not, relegated to being dreamers.   This will change as more and more Light enters the consensus consciousness of the world.

There is an infinity  of information, ideas, life form expressions, and advanced ways of living and doing things awaiting your discovery.  Scientists have been taught to accept only that which they can prove with three dimensional tools and those who do discover higher truths, are often afraid to speak of them for fear of losing credibility within the  scientific community.

The old ways are dissolving dear ones, be prepared to be wowed by things you had no idea existed outside of fantasy, for Divine  Consciousness is infinite in its expression and you are that.  You are that.

As you rise above world concepts, you will begin to align more and more with the higher dimensional  energies still unavailable to most at this time.  As you resonate with the frequencies of the higher levels you align with the vast spiritual fruits of those higher frequencies--intuition, ideas, unconditional love, and so much more.    Evolution is  an ongoing journey in which  more is always given when ready.  Life on earth is like going to school.  Some are in grade school, others in high school, many in college, and now a great many of you are becoming professors. 

There is no one right way to evolve, it is a process, a process of discarding and moving beyond all that is not of truth.  This cannot be done in one lifetime. Most of you have done the preliminary work through hundreds of lifetimes, and are ready now for the final push of clearing the remnants of old cellular memories and negative energy.   

Never be afraid  to release  those things in your life that no longer serve  you.  Let all that is old and finished go, not with a sense of anger, defeat, or failure but with love and gratitude.  Give thanks for the painful experiences of your lives for without them you would not be where you are today.  These experiences force one to dig deeper, grow, and move on and are always overseen by the Higher Self.

This is evolution--an intellectual awareness followed by the practice, and then a gradual release of all that is  false while replacing it with the truth until you  become that unconditioned  state of consciousness in which the Christ IS born.   

All is well, all is proceeding according to plan if you allow it.  If you allow it.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                         12/07/14

                                 November 23, 2014

Greetings dear ones, we are here to assist in moving the energy of the world from the old (dense/heavy) and into the new (Light).  It may seem as if the world is falling to pieces but no, you only see the storm before the calm.  Hold your peace dear ones, while not getting too involved in appearances.  Try to remember and live out from truth at all times and in all circumstances.  This is how you practice. 

The world teaches that living is easy when everything is "perfect" according to three dimensional concepts of perfect, and many still strive to attain the human sense of a "perfect" life.   Even those who have attained what the world deems success, continue to seek "something" to fill an inner emptiness that can never be satisfied from without. However, in the beginning stages of spiritual awakening, failure and disappointment are  vital for they result in a seeking and digging deeper for answers, which in turn brings soul growth. This is the story of the Holy Grail--they sought it unsuccessfully the world over and found it back home hanging in a tree.

Every soul longs to know and experience ITSELF, but when an individual is ignorant of this, he seeks in the outer world of things, people, power, money, and sex.  It is not meant that lives have no joy, for the energy of joy is closest to the Divine.  Embrace those things you enjoy, have fun and spend time doing what you love, but do not look to these things for that sense of completion that can only come through  attaining a state of consciousness that knows it is already whole and complete.

Spiritual evolution involves knowledge and then practice, translating every appearance into the spiritual reality behind it until it becomes one's attained state of consciousness.  This means realizing that everything  you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is a mind interpretation of a spiritual reality translated according to your attained state of consciousness and it demands walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. 

Gaia is making many changes in order to clear and shift her energy and you are going with her if you choose.  Much is going to change after the clearing of the earth is complete.   However,  it is very important not to live in the future while ignoring the present, for simply waiting for change will cause you to bypass many opportunities for spiritual growth. Just live each moment as it comes along doing the best you can, fully aware that you are having a third dimensional experience whether it is good or bad.

We speak today of gratitude for this is the time in which many will celebrate a special day for giving thanks.  Gratitude in akin to love, for it is a facet of love.

There are some who reject the idea of gratitude choosing instead to stand firm in the belief that they are entitled to every good as well as the goods of others also.  Actually as Divine beings, everyone is entitled to completeness and wholeness,  but the ego sense of this truth (the belief that one must scheme and demand for ones good) reflects the low self-esteem and self-loathing that flows from believing in separation.   

Gratitude in it's truest sense, is the joyous recognition of wholeness in oneness, but in the human scene is limited to the state of consciousness of the individual which often dictates who or what deserves gratitude. (belief in separation)  Living from a state of gratitude in each moment leads to the deeper awareness and  acknowledgement that  life and everything in it is already  complete and whole.  I have because I am

A mind filled with strong beliefs of duality and separation can only manifest duality and separation.  Some days will be good, and some days bad.  Because of individual past life experiences, every individual finds themselves more receptive to one or more of the particular world beliefs.  This is why there are those who may experience more than the average of health related problems.  Another may have continuous relationship issues and there are those who live with unexplained and  irrational fears.  

Specific struggles are the result of past live experiences that have programmed and then been held in an individual's energy field throughout lifetimes.  These issues are now re-surfacing  for many  in order that they once and for all be cleared and released.  As evolving beings of Light, you no longer need to drag these obsolete energies with you in the belief that they are personally yours--they are impersonal, comprised only of belief in them.

If you believe you have nothing to give gratitude for,  then you will manifest exactly that--nothing.  Each time you express gratitude either silently or vocally you are acknowledging I HAVE.  As you let flow love and gratitude, you receive love and gratitude in infinite forms and variety, for there is only ONE and that which you flow is flowing to you.

What do I have?   Look about you, see what you have, and start pouring.  On a physical level, clean out your closets, garages, and shelves--get the flow going.  There is someone who could use that item sitting unused.  Hoarding is the consciousness of "I don't have, and never will have, and so I must hold on to whatever I can." This state of consciousness will serve to  perfectly block any energy flow.  Again, there is only ONE and you give to yourself when you realize that everything flows from one Infinite omnipresent Source and not from a limited personal pocket. 

On the emotional level, flow support, love, and practical assistance,  but always from a level of compassion and not sympathy.  On the mental level flow forth truth and assist those ready and who ask to see what you see.

Expressing gratitude in every moment will develop within you a consciousness of "I have" which will then evolve into; "I have because I am".  Practice by giving gratitude for every facet of daily living-- for a clean bathroom, a warm coat,  a shoveled path or the ability to shovel that path.  It is the small things, the song of a bird,  the purr of a cat, the wag of a tail--signs of love and oneness  welcomed, but often not given gratitude for. 

Everything can be a source of gratitude, even the difficult experiences helping you to grow and evolve for without them you would not be where you are now. Look back and see how you have grown from some of your most difficult times.   Everything is for spiritual growth even if some experiences do not fit a world concept of how things should be. Nothing experienced is ever forced, each is fulfilling their pre-birth contract set up  to include whatever experiences are necessary for shifting to the next level.

It is time to stop complaining  that this or that is not the way you think it should  be and therefore there is nothing to be grateful for.  All are on earth to grow and learn spiritually, realizing unconditional Love while experiencing duality and separation.  No one is on earth to live a fat, happy, indulgent life of accumulation while doing nothing but desiring more.

An un-awakened society presents idols for you to emulate, idols of physical beauty, wealth, talent, and power.  If you are to spiritually grow, you must cease buying into this nonsense, and realize that no one person, saint or sinner, has more God qualities than another.  All embody the fullness of the Godhead but are only able to experience and express it after it becomes a living, breathing state of consciousness.  The outer scene is always a reflection of  personal and universal consciousness.    As long as there is a belief in duality and separation, there will be those who have more, and those who have less.

Gratitude expressed silently, secretly, and verbally  in every moment of each day is an activity of love reflecting the recognition of one's wholeness.  Even if you are not experiencing what you consider to be wholeness at this time, realize that you are moving toward it and give gratitude for this realization.  Recognize the outer for what it is and know that regardless of any outer circumstances you may be dealing with, nothing can ever separate you from your SELF.

We are love and one with you. 
ONE  Divine consciousness infinitely manifesting itself AS... 

We are the Arcturian Group.                                                                11/23/14

                                NOVEMBER 9, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group welcome all to this message presented with love for the purpose of a greater knowledge and understanding of truth.  We observe many beginning to question their personal belief systems which  indicates clearing within the mental body.  All  bodies are in the process of clearing. You are not just a physical body, that which is seen with human eyes, but are also etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies which constitute your energy field.  The Light emanating from earth is increasing daily, you are creating change even if it does not seem that way at this moment.

At this time you are clearing all bodies of obsolete and outgrown energies accumulated through lifetimes lived in density and ignorance and are replacing them  with frequencies of Light and truth.  Beliefs and concepts based in duality and separation are never real for they have no spiritual law to support them, and therefore must be let go and cleared in order to move into the higher dimensional energies--this is ascension. 

An intention to evolve is all that is required.  You do not need to know the specifics of what is clearing  for your higher self is directing what is needed as you are ready.  Issues long thought to be resolved, may suddenly reappear as clearings are often done in layers, taking place as you are spiritually ready.   When you experience emotional or physical distress for no apparent reason, or when you seriously begin to question life long beliefs, remember what you know about clearing.

We wish to speak of spiritual completeness.  On earth, mankind takes for granted that all things will come to some sort of completion, meaning that all parts eventually come together either for good or for bad.  Completeness in the spiritual sense means the attainment of that state of consciousness which recognizes self (SELF) to be complete and whole.  The process is a journey that continues well into the higher dimensions.  Beings of Light are simply those who know who they are, they are awake and reflect this in their energy fields.

All are formed  of Divine Consciousness and therefore carry within the qualities of  Divine Consciousness--wholeness, completeness etc.  The degree of completeness  manifesting outwardly is in direct proportion to an individual's realization (not intellectual knowledge)  of this truth and will reflect what constitutes completeness for the individual. There is no one completeness for everyone.  Society, churches, leaders, governments, experts, and family/friends all have varying concepts of how things must be in order to be correct.  This is false as wholeness and completeness for one may not be wholeness and completeness for another.  When individuals strive to intuit what is right for them and not what may be being pushed on them, they will discover a truer sense of freedom. 

Completeness and wholeness is the birthright of every soul, but must become the state of consciousness in order to be experienced.  This is the evolutionary  journey.  To pretend  wholeness and completeness  without having attained a consciousness of it is to stick ones head in the sand.  Never deny the human difficulties, but at the same time learn to not give them power they do not have.  Often those who come to know truth  intellectually, make the mistake of believing that it is spiritual to stand in the presence of some discord and doing nothing while shouting to self or others; " It is all  illusion."

The purpose of earth experiences is to awaken by learning  through practice and study to rise above  appearances.  As you come to know ever more deeply that  outer appearances (the good ones as well as the bad) are images  formed from a world consciousness of duality and separation,  you begin also to understand that there is no law other than belief holding them there.  It is at this point that the "absolutist" may lose his way, trying to live a state of consciousness not yet attained.  In the human scene the starving baby is real and needs assistance even though in reality starvation has no law to support it  (wholeness and completeness  is the law), but to simply do nothing while shouting that all is illusion, is very human. 

Evolving into a consciousness of completeness is the evolutionary journey and is not without "bloody footsteps" along the way. Those who seem to be experiencing the spiritual fruits of completeness in their daily living have probably done the work in other lifetimes, for all must make this journey, although not all choose to do it on earth. There are many who have never incarnated on  earth, choosing instead to evolve on other planets.  Evolving on earth through the experiences of the third dimension brings forth very strong and evolved graduates and thus earth has been the choice for many.

Mind  interprets individual consciousness and then manifests it outwardly in forms that resonate with the individual.   On earth, these forms will be natural and ordinary but will represent what constitutes completeness for the individual.  An example might be that the perfect job or partner may appear, but would not appear for someone who is retired or already happily in a partnership. 

Do not confuse the expressions of spiritual wholeness and completeness with the human sense  of "good"--concepts of what an un-awakened society deems desirable and attained through  manipulation and struggle. When gifts of spirit appear, "All ribbons are beautifully tied" and nothing is required to make it so.  

All students of truth experience times in which they do not feel very spiritual or complete. Do not get discouraged by this, for feeling spiritual is not an indicator of your attained state of consciousness.  Often those in some frenzy of religious fervor are not having a spiritual experience but a very third dimensional and ego driven one.  Evolution is about seeing beyond common third dimensional feelings and thoughts, refusing to give them power, and living out from the highest sense of what you know, being in the world, but not of it.  As you  become aware that world struggles have no real power or law to support them, you will find yourselves personally experiencing less and less of them.  Energy draws like energy.

This message  is about being aware of the temptation to live out from absolute truth before attaining  that state of consciousness.  In their enthusiasm for spiritual growth, some students want to immediately integrate and live what they only intellectually understand.   Enthusiasm is appropriate, yet these dear ones quickly discover that the truth they may of read in a book doesn't work for them  which leaves them feeling that they have been duped or are failures not yet ready for spiritual study.  Discouraged, some return to what they previously believed but have outgrown.  Others may choose to hold stubbornly to a truth believing that by doing so some outer appearance will change, not realizing that their resistance to that "something" is actually empowering it, holding it in place. 

No one can manifest or live higher than his attained state of consciousness.  This is the secret key of forgiveness for self as well as others for all are doing the best they know at a particular time.  Even the murderer believes he is making the world better in some way.

Evolution is work dear ones,  until at a certain  point there is more truth in your consciousness than not, at which time life becomes much easier because truth begins to manifest outwardly in whatever forms are needed--ideas, things, persons, etc. 

When faced  with appearances of discord and in-harmony, center yourselves in the realization that Source could never form Itself as "this" because Divine consciousness does not embody discord--there can be no discord in One.  That which I am witnessing is the manifestation of beliefs in separation and duality and therefore  ILLUSION.  Illusion is how I am perceiving something, not in the something itself.  

THEN take what ever human footsteps may be necessary.  Mother Teresa of India  recognized that every individual was a God being, but did not proceed to stand and shout; "This is all illusion."  She fed the starving, bound their wounds, and dealt with whatever immediate needs presented themselves while holding within a realization of truth. 

This is how you evolve into the wholeness and completeness of your true self while  living on earth having human experiences.  Resist nothing.  This does not mean you must like and accept everything or that you cannot work to change something, but before taking action look with eyes of spiritual understanding.  When you do this, the spiritual fruitage may appear as a solution to the problem 

Send Light often to those countries and people you are guided to and know that it is the Light exposing the dark, bringing to the surface long hidden dense energies. 

Living up to your highest sense of truth is all that is required and more is given as you do so.  All are complete and whole, but lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy caused most to forget this.   As creator beings, you then began to ignorantly create a world of duality and separation. 

Evolution is simply the journey of re-remembering  who and what you are.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                              11/9/14                               


                                 OCTOBER 26, 2014

Greetings dear ones. 

In these present times of confusion for so many we see great light shining forth.  Much is happening that  you are unaware of for chaos is acting to bring forth a change of consciousness for many who otherwise would not be open to change.  The human condition fears change, finding a sense of security in sameness regardless of how uncomfortable, painful, or outgrown it may be. 

Those experiencing chaotic situations have for the most part, all given  permission before incarnating to be a part of some experience that may be needed to help to shift world consciousness.    In doing so they are completing personal karma as well as serving to help awaken and shift world consciousness.  Not every chaotic experience is  pre-planned.  There are times when a soul becomes so overwhelmed by life on earth that he forgets his pre-birth contract and lashes out in ways harmful to others and self.

We wish to once again speak of love, to examine the energy of love as Oneness because an understanding of Love is the foundation of ascension.  The world in general is confused about love and manifests this outwardly through concepts and beliefs based in personal systems.  We have said many times that love is the connecting energy of ONE manifesting as the many and is ever present, whether recognized and accepted or not. 

Love does not come and go. It can be denied and resisted, but is ever present, like it or not. There are those who believe they can withhold or give love and third dimensional concepts of love can be manipulated, but this is not Love.  Love is Omnipresent Divine Consciousness and when through ignorance or free will choice an individual  ignores this, he experiences the manifestations of separateness . 

You are creators, creating your own experiences  according to either an enlightened or ignorant state of consciousness.  Love/oneness cannot be escaped, for it is the reality--all there is, interpreted physically, emotionally, and mentally according to one's belief system. 

Examine carefully any lingering beliefs you may still hold regarding love and recognize  outside influences from the media, friends,  habits, or experience that may be contributing to whatever concepts you still hold.  Ask yourselves; " What am I believing that makes me feel this way?"  For most there will need to be deep and honest examination in order to discover it . 

Gratitude is a facet of love,  the reflective energy of love's outflow.  Practice giving gratitude for every thing in your life, as even the smallest outpouring of gratitude helps you move beyond concepts and into the flow of love.  Allow yourselves to receive, knowing that you are worthy to receive.  Love cannot be put into a box to be opened only on certain occasions--occasions that require some material sense of love worthiness.  

Love is the omnipresent energy of One Divine Consciousness.  Often when someone commits some egregious act against another, the "victim"  will declare; " I have forgiven this person.", while within, still holding an attitude of self righteous indignation toward the act and the person.  This is perfectly understandable in the third dimensional consciousness of duality and separation, but you are no longer in this state of consciousness and must begin to live out from the higher sense of what you know.  Truth must be lived, not just talked about around a dinner table.

Please understand that we are not saying those who commit crimes shouldn't be held accountable, for that is the level they understand,  but we say that you are evolved enough now to view these things from a different standpoint.

Forgiving and acknowledging the Divine Light of every living thing is not work for the faint hearted, it is extremely difficult to let go of self righteousness when ms-understood or victimized.  However, the more you  integrate truth, the more you will start to  see through human appearances and recognize any remaining third dimensional  concepts you may personally hold.  Life becomes becomes easier because the experiences of the world no longer resonate with your energy.

Take time to examine your belief system  carefully and honestly.  Compare any concepts you may still be holding to the truth you now know about Love. 

Karmic situations between individuals can once and for all be brought to completion through Divine Love even if one of the persons involved does not choose to participate.  First recognize that the other person is a Divine Being even if they don't know or care to know this themselves.  Then send them light  and consciously intend that any negative energetic cords that may have been created between you be lovingly and permanently removed.  Many old karmic relationships are coming to conscious awareness at this time because it is necessary to move beyond them if you are to evolve.

Karmic bonds are easily recognized when there is some person or persons in your life that you constantly feel out of sync with, don't like, or resist in some way.  Many times they are a relative, the result of pre birth choices made by both to activate and then clear old energetic residue .  Energetic cords can also develop through too much "love" and attachment to another, and these also must  be cleared.  Most energetic bonds develop and may strengthen through lifetimes and have been carried with you into this lifetime.  It is time to now clear them leaving you free to evolve.

You are ready to fine tune beliefs about love, moving beyond the concepts of a society enmeshed in the belief that a person's good is outside of them in persons, places, or things. This does not mean you cannot have healthy happy relationships, but means that real relationships come only after one moves beyond "needing" a relationship through the realization that they are complete with or without another.   These partnerships happen by choice of both parties, carry mutual respect for the individuality of the other, and are never based in neediness, judgement, insecurity, or the belief that one is  half of a couple.  

Love is the natural outflow of a consciousness that realizes its wholeness and completeness by virtue of Oneness, dear ones.  In this state of consciousness you  stop looking to others to complete you.  You cease allowing yourself to be validated by outside opinions.  You come to know that in reality, you are complete and whole and world opinions are irrelevant.  You know that you can never be separated from who and what you are--EVER.  This does not mean ignoring common sense or human faults that need looking at, but means that within your heart you begin to identify with your true Self rather than the ego self.

A realization of LOVE allows you to freely love the world because now you are able to see through the outer pictures.  Now is a powerful time and a deeper realization of Love is the bottom line of ascension.  No more labels, no more holding back while deciding who is worthy of love and who is not.  This does not mean that you must feel  an emotion of love for the transgressors of the world, but it does mean that there must come the realization  that those souls not yet awake, are also Divine Beings.  Visualize a diamond in the heart of each and every person you meet or become aware of even though it may be a very small one. 

You are ready to go deeper  in your understanding--living, moving, and having your being in real Love.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                           10/26/14                             

                                 OCTOBER 13, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group come to wish you peace, joy, and kindness to each other in these times of strife and confusion.  We know that many are suffering, but we  see great  awakenings through the experiences.  There are many who have always lived fully within the third dimensional belief system who now surprisingly find themselves questioning their core  beliefs in ways that are allowing them to awaken. They are reaping the benefit of the increasing Light flowing on earth even though they are not aware of why change seems to be happening within.

As Light flows from the increasing number of evolving energy fields, it adds  Light to universal world consciousness, exposing and dissolving areas of shadow in the process.  This is how the world is awakening--each small awareness of truth/Light helps to dissolve the illusion and  adds to the whole for there is only ONE.  Very soon, there will be enough Light in world consciousness to shift it. This is what "the shift" means--a transfer of energy domination.

We wish to speak of truth which manifests as does everything, through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels--truth as an Absolute as well as truth the ordinary.  When we speak of truth in theses messages we are referring to the Absolute--Divine Truth. 

In Truth, there is nothing but omnipresent Divine Consciousness  which in the human scene  is   interpreted by mind and seen as material. The third dimension views life through a filter of separation as well a belief that everything is either good or bad (duality).  More often than not, one's individual belief system has been simply accepted without thought from the world consensus consciousness.

It is a very important to remember that thoughts you may have are not really yours until you accept  them as your own.  The thoughts and beliefs of world consciousness are floating around always available to be claimed as truth or not.  Allowing uninvited thoughts to simply flow through without giving them any importance is a reclaiming of your power and movement into truth.  Resistance to unwanted ideas or thoughts simply gives them a power they do not  have.

In the human scene, truth is determined by whether or not you honestly state what you know or feel to be correct.  It also represents consensus opinion  on  particular topics as dictated by the "experts" or those in power.   Living out from third dimensional thinking causes some individuals as well as businesses and governments to feel no obligation toward honesty or truth if and when it does not suit their personal needs or agenda--reflecting the belief in separation. 
As mankind evolves ever more deeply into the realization of all within the One, it will begin to understand that the words and actions of ordinary daily life are important because what one says or does to another, he does to himself.   Fear, whether recognized or not, is the root cause of dishonesty and lying--fear of lack, limitation, rejection, failure, punishment etc. and can only be eliminated through Truth. 

Fear stems from  third dimensional experiences and teachings from past lives as well as  this one.  Many of these experiences were horrendous, causing long lasting impressions within cellular memory and energy fields.  These old cellular and emotional energies are what you are now in the process of clearing.  Some of the more intense energy clearings, can leave you feeling exhausted and depressed.  Know that there is  nothing wrong, you are evolving, so do not claim these feelings as having any power over you which will simply pull them back into your energy field.

Children speak the truth until they are taught not to through fear or punishment. Many adults believe that being right makes them important (more loveable) and so say or do whatever it takes to be seen as always right--a reflection of the belief in separation from Love/Self.  Frequently individuals are simply ms-informed and speak from ignorance but as with all actions, the intention behind the words give them their energy.  Untruths spoken innocently carry the energy intended by the sender which is to be truthful.  We do not refer to malicious gossip.

Gossip and criticism are facets of duality and separation which  reflect self loathing and create the need for a person to see himself as better than others in order to feel any acceptance or self love. These activities not only humanly (never in reality) hurt the person gossiped about, but also come home to rest in the energy field of the sender for again...there is only One.

With evolution comes the inability to speak untruth for personal gain. The spiritual student becomes increasingly aware of that gentle tap on the shoulder whenever he is tempted  and begins to understand that his spiritual leash has become very short.

Divine Truth is an Absolute--that which IS, always has been, and ever will be--held infinitely in place by Divine Law.  The Absolute can never  be known or understood fully with the limited human mind which  is why over eons of time, man has repeatedly  created Gods in his own likeness reflecting whatever qualities believed to be important at that time.

The goal of all souls, on all planets and dimensions as well as on earth, is and always has been, to evolve into the fullness of the realization ONE, thus becoming the One. The soul has always been perfect,  but through its journeys of experience,  has not remembered this and so has struggled lifetime after lifetime in the process of awakening.  It is the spiritual journey and  purpose of life to eventually realize one's Divinity and live out from that state of Consciousness.   Divine Truth is first grasped and interpreted intellectually  until over time it moves to deeper levels and becomes one's reality--his state of consciousness.   Each soul's journey takes infinite forms and paths and experiences, which is what you have all been doing.

Books, classes, and teachers can only assist up to the attained level of consciousness of the author or teacher. This is not to say there may not be the perfect book, class, or teacher for you at a given time, but always use your intuition when deciding if something is right for you. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it would be right for you.  You may actually be beyond a particular teaching or teacher. There will always come that time in which you will begin to be taught from within for this is where Truth resides.  

Information, answers, explanations, and ideas that result in "aha" moments for you are the fruits of your own inner work and will often manifest when you least expect, when you are doing something as mundane as washing dishes but are at the same time quiet and receptive.  Issues of life begin to be seen from new levels of understanding and a truth you may of read  and pondered but never fully understood may suddenly become simple and clear.    

Divine Truth is all that IS, and is infinite.  There is an old Eastern saying that says that if you can encompass IT (the Absolute)  within your mind, (which many think they do) then that is not it.  Absolute Truth is every spiritual idea embodied within Divine Consciousness, ever present but  interpreted by the mind in the human scene according to individual and world consciousness.

To try and live the Absolute, before attaining that state of consciousness is a mistake many serious spiritual students make.  To throw away your medications before you have attained the consciousness of your completeness and wholeness as a Divine Being, is a very human action.  However, when  something no longer resonates with you, never be afraid to let it go. Holding on to some facet of your life just because it is what you are used to, is a block to your awakening.  You are required  to live out from your highest attained state of consciousness, living the truth you know while moving ever deeper through practice and study.

The act of transition or death, does not bring a sudden realization of Truth as many believe.  You are your state of consciousness and therefore take it with you.  All are taught and guided lovingly on the other side just as here. 

Evolution  is the process of an ever increasing awareness of who you really are, dear ones. Evolution is a process that does not suddenly culminate overnight unless you have done  the work getting you to that state of consciousness in previous lifetimes.  Try not to become discouraged and feel you are making no progress if life seems mundane and ordinary. 

Do not compare yourself to others, do the best you can remembering always that you are being guided and are never alone.  If you succumb to the weight of some human burden, resist the temptation for blame or guilt but simply pick yourself up and continue.  You will soon discover that the sky did not fall down when  you make a mistake nor do you have to go back to the beginning of your journey.  Failure is a concept within  third dimensional thinking.  There is  no such thing as failure in reality, only learning experiences.

You are loved dear ones, very loved and  honored greatly for your efforts and work.  All is proceeding according to plan.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                            10/13/14

                                 SEPTEMBER  28, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group speak today regarding the many changes you are experiencing in your lives and observing in the lives of others.   Many have chosen to leave earth at this time, but try not to fret or mourn them dear ones, for it is everyone's choice in this time of ever increasingly powerful energies to stay or to leave.  Many have determined on a deeper level that are unable to spiritually evolve to where they need to be in time to  be a part of the higher frequencies of ascension energy coming to earth at this time.  They have made the choice to incarnate at a later time into what will be then, established new energies.  All are where they need to be. 

We speak to those concerned  that they are not evolving quickly enough or doing whatever is needed to  incorporate the new energies.  Be assured dear ones, that once you choose  to evolve (through activities of seeking, reading, meditation, and even stating your intention, etc.), you will get whatever lessons, clearings, experiences, and guidance are needed. Do not compare yourselves to the descriptions you may of read in  some book about how ascension or evolution must feel or appear in order to be authentic--every person will experience his journey as  is appropriate for him.  Each one's Higher Self knows what is needed and when it is needed.

You, the  awakened ones, knew before incarnating that these times were to  be a powerful and perhaps difficult, but in spite of that were eager to be on earth and a part of it. Whereas in previous lifetimes you may of come in with one or two lessons to learn, this time you understood that it would be necessary to resolve all remaining karmic situations, release traumatic experiences still stored in cellular memory,  and awaken  into a state of consciousness aware of truth in order to assimilate the high frequencies of ascension energy.  The process is not always pleasant as you have discovered for many clearings are re-experienced as they come to the surface.

The problem is that once a soul puts on a physical body, the denseness of  physical energy causes him to forget.  Children remember for the first few years of life on earth because they still resonate with "home" which is why children often see and interact with spirits and angels seemingly talking to themselves.  With time and under the pressures of a third dimensional belief system,  individuals begin to identify with the ego self, the personality, and forget who they are or why they came.  

It  is a time of change for all--those un-awakened as well as the awakened--for the old ways either no longer work, or simply do not resonate in any meaningful way.  Foods, friends, and entertainments that in the past were satisfying suddenly feel obsolete and no longer interesting. Relationships or occupations may feel finished.  This is because your energy field  no longer resonates with the energy field of much you previously did resonate with--you have graduated beyond them.  At this point you will either be drawn to these same things in manifestation on a higher level of expression, or they will simply no longer be a part of your life.  

As long as there remains any third dimensional consciousness, there will  be teachings, beliefs, and solutions based in duality and separation--more is better, you live only one life, death is permanent, you are separate from God and other living things etc..  Many promoting third dimensional solutions are sincere but as of yet un-awakened individuals, offering the best they know.  There are others who actually are awakened, but have chosen to serve in this way, working within the third dimensional belief system for those needing this level of help.  You who read these messages are ready to move into new ways. 

Be alert always to the subtle intrusion of world belief which functions much the same as subliminal advertising.  False beliefs and attractive suggestions put forth by those who stand to profit from an ignorant and susceptible society  slip effortlessly into minds left unguarded  and  unaware which is why it is important to stay alert and centered at all times.  Limit your news viewing and television shows that represent the lowest common denominators of humankind. Understand  that what you  accept into your mind easily becomes your state of  consciousness and will in turn then have to be cleared at some point. 

Be aware, be alert, be awake.

We wish to speak of the energies of conflict so apparent on earth at time.  These appearances are the manifestation of ancient energies long stored in the body of Gaia as well as in the cellular memories of certain groups of people.  Having long remained dormant, Gaia, with the help of all awakened ones,  needs to clear these dense and obsolete energies once and for all.

The fires and disasters you are now witnessing are Gaia's process of clearing old energy.   Ponder the violence and suffering that took place in the settling of the western USA as well as certain other areas of the world.  Gaia is a living soul and is dong what she needs to do in order to lift into a higher dimensional energy. 

Your job is to see through  outer appearances by recognizing their nothingness in the light of the truth that there is NO LAW holding any of these things in place. They have only world beliefs of separation and duality to sustain and maintain them which is why those who stand to profit from violence and war work hard to perpetuate fear and the resulting appearances.

Perpetual war games and manipulation of people are beginning to be recognized for what they are--ploys to instill fear and suffering in order to keep the mankind locked in old energy.  These things cannot work in an awakened society.   Many are  beginning to see through the hype, news, and constant bombardment of negative and fearful information and  are moving beyond fear by evolving into the Light of Truth. 

Events in the third dimensional  world may appear very powerful, but have only the energy of ignorant belief to sustain or maintain them.  Yes, they appear very destructive and powerful, but that is the illusion, dear ones.  Illusion is never OUT THERE,  illusion is in the perception of the observer--everything  is perceived according to one's state of consciousness.  In the light of truth, has anyone ever died? 

Know that life lessons are set up and agreed upon before incarnation.  There are many at this time who are bravely resolving large amounts of personal as well as universal karmic energy through their experiences--they have chosen to serve in this way.  Remember, karma is an energy balance, not a punishment.

As awakened beings, it is time to accept the  responsibility of serving as Light workers.  Once an individual becomes conscious of  truth,  he cannot sit idle--truth must flow, adding Light to the world's energy field which in turn helps others to awaken for there is only ONE.  When fruit is allowed to rot upon the tree, it serves neither the tree or others, but simply stagnates.  As you silently and secretly release the Light you carry, more is  given.  It is a flow, and this is evolution.

You are the healers bringing  change dear ones, you are those who must send unconditional love and Light to these struggling places, people, and activities.  Recognize all appearances for what they are--manifestations of a world  consciousness of duality and separation.  Instead of judgement, visualize unconditional love and light flowing forth  to those people  and places that seem to have lost their way.  Utilize also the powerful violet flame of transmutation but attach no directions as to what any sending of Light  is to do, for the energies of Divine Light function as wholeness and completeness and know what is needed.  

The energy of earth is quickly moving into a new and higher dimensional frequency despite  appearances to the contrary.  Your job is to rest in truth at all times, send unconditional love and Light to places and people unaware of Oneness, and then trust.

You create your world so remember to create well and truthfully.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                September 28, 2014

                                    SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

Greetings dear ones.  Once again we come to offer encouragement and information to assist you on your journey toward enlightenment--the realization that you are so much more than you have been led to believe.  You are Divine Beings created in and of the spiritual substance of Source (Consciousness) and as such, are capable of manifesting the wholeness and completeness of this Divine Consciousness.   The third dimensional consciousness does not allow one to remember who they are since it functions from the level of duality and separation.  Man has thus manifested for himself lifetimes of struggle and pain with a seeking outwardly in the belief that he was separate from his good. 

Oneness is the profound secret of life, a secret that many as of yet are totally unaware of, but that many  are now awakening to.  Where better to hide the Sacred key than within, for only a spiritual adept would think to seek it in the last place the third dimensional consciousness would believe it to be.  Even many of those who still grasp tightly to old and finished concepts are gradually coming to understand through personal strife, discouragement, or even  great accomplishment, that the outer trappings of "success" do not bring that inner sense of completeness they seek.
Some who have actually achieved "success" in the third dimensional sense  discover that there remains still an inner  longing for "something" and in ignorance  seek  it through the use of drugs, alcohol, sex, and attention getting actions.  However, there are now on earth successful and famous people evolved enough to see through the hypnotism and illusions of questing for happiness in the outer and who purposely incarnated to serve as examples and teachers for those who admire and seek emulate the famous.

To seek within at first seems to be a daunting task--foreign and difficult simply because the world has not been taught to seek within.  Mankind has instead been taught and so has lived out from the belief that the brain and intellect is where all answers lie.  Lifetime after lifetime through ignorance, seekers of truth, knowledge, solutions, and even just guidance have looked for the answers and information in the outer scene--to "experts",  religious leaders, governments etc. 

Mind is an avenue of awareness; translating and manifesting from your attained state of consciousness  The mind can only access what is already known personally or is floating around in the world's consensus consciousness and therefore in order for an idea to be new, it must flow from  deeper levels.  True artists are aware of this and often attune to their deeper levels within, not realizing  this to be a spiritual activity. 

The use of drugs or alcohol is  prevalent in the lives of many creative people because they believe these things are necessary in order to access this deeper creativity.  The fact is that they could easily access those already present deeper and more creative levels through meditation and inner spiritual growth,  while avoiding  substances  that only serve open one to negative energetic situations.

How exactly does one get answers from within? The whole idea discourages many  sincere seekers because at first it seems impractical and impossible.  It is not like a  radio that you can just plug in (although with time it can become somewhat similar).  The process begins with trust and meditation.  The discipline of quieting of oneself enough to hear the still small voice--moving beyond the busy, plotting, planning human mind must be practiced.  Preparation could  be reading a spiritual book, pondering a truth, or a quiet walk observing nature--being ALONE with activities that quiet the mind--no cell phones or partners on your nature walks.  Become an observer, but not resisting thoughts that may float through.

Most of you already hear the still small voice as  intuition but have not realized what it was.  Intuition is how it works for many in the beginning but as you begin to go deeper in  spiritual enlightenment, sacred knowledge and information will be received, questions answered, and you will begin to be  taught from within.

There are individuals who call themselves psychics and do indeed have the ability to pick up energies and hear information.  However, if their consciousness is still fully enmeshed in the third dimensional belief system, this psychic ability will not make them spiritual teachers nor will it make their predictions come true.  Predictions are based on the energy of the moment, which is constantly changing.  Psychic information coming through a third dimensional state of consciousness will reflect that--information can rise no higher than the channel, author, or teacher's  state of consciousness.  We tell you this so that you start to  use discernment  when seeking someone for a reading, spiritual class, or when embarking on a particular path offering enlightenment. 

Many  spiritually pure teachers of the past taught their students to avoid psychics and anything metaphysical because at a time when most of the world was living fully in the energies of duality and separation, there were those who found that being  "psychic" was an easy way to  trick the vulnerable and earn a good living while doing it. There remain a few who work on that level, but most now are coming from a deeper place.  Your own state of consciousness will guide you to someone of like or higher consciousness when you state your intention to find a teacher or Light worker of a high resonance--you will guided from within.  Learn to trust your intuition.

Intuition will guide you regarding the state of consciousness of a teacher, healer, author, or psychic.  You will begin to trust when you resonate or not with some book, ads for classes,  or someone's  energy. Those days of blindly following someone just because they said you should,  are finished for most of you. Most of you are now beginning to realize  that  you no longer need the outer tools because you get what you need from within.  The energy of a  consciousness less than your own cannot lift you higher, and may in fact lower you to theirs.  This is the taking back of your power.

Understand  this does not mean you must give up the occasional  energy session, classes you may be guided to, or readings from  spiritually evolved Light workers when you need them.  Let the still small voice guide you--there are  many spiritually evolved individuals on earth at this time to adding their Light to the worlds transition through their work of assisting others in these ways.  Practice discernment.

Learning to go within before making any  major decisions means that you can finally stop running from one human solution to another with no awareness as to how they may be resonating with your energy.  Ask your Guides  help you. Ask questions and write down those things you sense  but don't expect a loud voice  telling you what to do and saying; "I can't do it" when you don't hear one because Guides are with you to assist you with YOUR decisions, not to tell you what to do. 

The inner voice does not speak in words, it is information, translated into words by your mind.   The information may manifest through some ordinary experience that provides the answer you seek.   Information flows from  inner seeking and receptivity and manifests in  forms you can easily relate to.

Divine Consciousness is Self-sustained and Self-maintained and is your very CORE.  The realization (not intellectual knowledge) of this is the key that opens the door, allowing  Divine ideas to manifest in, through, and as you.  Remember, mind translates spiritual realities (completeness, wholeness, abundance) through your attained state of consciousness which differs for every individual. Comparing your experiences to another's can limit  you because spiritual fruitage is never  limited to a certain form.

Do not despair if  you make a mistake--if you think you heard your inner guidance, acted upon it and then discovered it to be a "mistake", know that there are no mistakes, only learning experiences.  You are  learning to discern the still small voice from the ego voice and will find that there is a quiet and gentle sense of "knowing" with the inner voice that is not present with solutions based solely on intellectual knowledge.

Trust your intuition always.  Keep your energy field filled with Light, stay centered in truth , state your intention to always be guided by the still, small, voice and you will be.

This is how you live from the within to the without, and not the reverse...
Knowing...That which you seek, you are.

We are the Arcturian Group                                              9/14/14