APRIL 27,2014

We are the Arcturian group and we are here to assist those of

Always remember that the  physically and emotionally painful experiences you encounter  are life lessons set up by you with the help of your spiritual Guides and teachers before entering into this particular incarnation.  As an individual evolves the  harsher life experiences begin to  lessen for he is now manifesting from a higher state of consciousness and can learn in easier ways.

Always know that the intense, painful clearings many of you are experiencing right now are  positive things, graduations--signs that the soul is now evolved enough to recognize and clear energies long kept  deeply buried.  Now  is about letting go of the past and  learning to love and honor all facets of self in the journey to knowing SELF.

There are those that read metaphysical books, go to classes, and spend a great deal of time talking about metaphysics and mystical truth but then continue to live their lives as they always have.  Truth must be lived.  It must be practiced with every experience of daily living no matter how mundane, until it becomes your state of consciousness at which time living it becomes automatic and will be who you are.  Truth is not just an interesting theory to be discussed, compared and then dismissed, the time for discussion is over. 

Truth cannot be discussed in general groups because every individual is living out from their attained state of consciousness and groups  will always have those without "ears to hear", who simply want to argue.  Truth is never to be argued or imposed on another.  This does not mean that you should not  share with those on your level of awareness,  but in general the spiritual  journey is a silent, secret, and very sacred one--a living, moving, and having one's being in Oneness. 

Change comes in the outer world as  mankind's' inner world evolves.  An example of this can be seen in changes now taking place with regard to animal cruelty and other issues heretofore considered unimportant.   What you observe is what the consciousness of mankind globally and  individually  creates.  There are no victims.  War, cruelty, dishonesty, power struggles etc. etc. are the manifestations of separation/duality consciousness.  Us versus them...all so unnecessary in light of the fact that all is ONE and that ONE does not embody ideas of  discord.   The war  lesson is one that many are painfully learning right now.

Mankind is ready to create a new world by  pulling back from and releasing all that is old and finished, fearlessly embracing  new and higher concepts of oneness.

We wish to speak of  the healing energy of love.   Love  is the activity/interconnectedness energy  of the One manifesting ITSELF as the many.  As this truth becomes your attained state of consciousness,  it automatically aligns you with the higher frequencies...displacing  the dense and heavy false vibrations of duality and separation which have no law to hold them in place.   Since complete and harmonious Divine Consciousness is the true essence of every individual,  the more aligned with truth you become, the more the outer will begin to reflect it...physically, emotionally, and mentally.

This is the work, this is the journey.  Truth begins simply as mental knowledge but must be  practiced and lived until it  becomes your state of consciousness at which time it then begins to appear outwardly as what is needed...health, ideas, companionship, home etc. 

Meditation is the best healing and beauty treatment you can give yourselves because in meditation  you are resting in the  higher resonating and harmonious frequencies of Oneness.  

Most of mankind is ready to stop seeking outwardly in the realization that  the substance of everything lies within.  Understand that these words are  not simply a nice quote from some mystical poet.  Learn to  never  again seek your good in the outer for all that you will ever need is forever and permanently already embodied within the Consciousness that you are.  When you understand this but then continue to seek your good from the world, you create a spiritual gap between your sense of self and your real self.

Once an individual attains the  realization of Oneness,  the outer experiences of will begin to reflect joy , health, happiness, and fulfillment which  the world will see as healing.  Outer change can only manifest after the state of consciousness is attained because the substance of all things is consciousness...not someone else's consciousness--yours.  A healer working on a high level of awareness may  temporarily lift a person's energy, but unless the individual himself keeps it there, his issues will return, re-created by his own state of consciousness. 

You say what does this mean, how can everything I need be within...car, house, job?   Divine consciousness (which is what you are), embodies every spiritual idea.  These spiritual ideas in turn  manifest outwardly  in the forms you can understand and appreciate.  A car is the material sense of Omnipresence.  A home is the material sense of consciousness--I live and move and have my being always in Consciousness.   The person who loves the solitary life, will not suddenly manifest a partner because that would not represent completeness for him.  Music, art, medicine, science,  ideas and inventions of every form and variety can and will flow from the infinite Source within if the door is opened.  Divine Consciousness--your consciousness, is Self sustained and Self maintained and is ever complete and manifesting Itself.   How you see these manifestations is determined by your awake or unawake state of consciousness. 

Begin to claim your birthright, recognize  and manifest it.  Your good is not going to fall down from the heavens the minute you go to church, say the right prayer words,  or do a good deed. It can only manifest the higher and better forms as you realize you already are it.

This is the lesson and the time is now.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  4/27/14

                                  APRIL 13, 2014

Greetings from the Arcturian Group   We are observing ever more light pouring from the hearts of mankind--ever increasing in accord with the unfolding consciousness of every individual.  There are some who were previously unable to offer even a smile to a stranger but who are now feeling comfortable and enjoying doing it...these seemingly simple actions indicate a personal and global shift.  The ability to express light depends upon a person's state of consciousness, so try not to  judge  one individual  as being more spiritual than another.  Each can only  live out from their highest state of awareness and as they do that, more unfolds.

World strife and pain  is reflecting mankind's journey out of the old and into the new, exposing dense energies long held in places and persons.   Every day all those open and receptive are finding that truth is unfolding for them on ever deepening levels and they no longer resonate with much that previously held interest for them.  Listen to your intuition dear ones, for this is where you will get your guidance.  Try to extricate yourselves from the  universal third dimensional world consciousness that presents a  right or wrong way for every situation.  

Never assign  power to anything...that is the key.  There is only ONE POWER and it just IS. The  human scene  reflects both  good and  bad--the outer expressions of a world consciousness of duality and separation.  Realize that good pictures are no more real  than  bad pictures for both reflect duality, dear ones, and each  just one end of the duality stick.

Individuals work very hard to  to live with the  "good" coin facing up, but  sooner or later it will flip  for as long as there is a consciousness of duality and separation, it will manifest--there is no un-manifest consciousness.   You are creators, dear ones, not lowly humans as you have been led to believe. 

We wish to speak of loss which can be a harsh and painful experience for those who hold tightly to lives they have become very comfortable with.   Loss brings with it the empty sadness of knowing that something or someone is gone and won't be back...at least not as before.  Loss is usually experienced as  regret, sadness, frustration, hopelessness, and is often accompanied by a frantic seeking to reclaim what has been lost.  Looking backward and yearning for places, people, and experiences  that have been finished or outgrown will slow spiritual  awakening  because new truths cannot enter into a consciousness that is not open and is already filled with the old.

The veil of forgetfulness  that comes with incarnation causes most to  have faith only in what they can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell and so they  hold tightly to anything that gives  hope, pleasure, comfort, and joy.

It is important to mention here that the process of clearing old energy is bringing to conscious remembrance many  events from the  past.  This is not the same as yearning for them to return.  In the clearing process you may feel the emotions of sadness or loss, but are willing to let them flow through and out...not trying to recreate or hold on to the past if it was good or get rid of it if it was bad.  Losses of every kind are manifesting at this time  because the energy that created and  held these things in place is dissolving.

Life on earth is for learning and growth, and not meant to last forever.  The whole purpose of choosing the earth experience is to grow ever more deeply  into a consciousness of truth from the experience.  Growth  happens  unconsciously  for the beginner (younger souls) but those of you reading the messages are not younger souls, and are ready to understand experiences as lessons, asking yourselves; "What am I meant to learn from this?  What concept or belief am I still holding in my consciousness that has manifested as this experience?" 

Earth experiences  are not meant to always be difficult and joyless for joy is the closest energy to the Divine and is your Divine birthright.  It is only through eons of ignorance within  the third dimensional belief system that so many painful situations have been created. There are those who still do not allow themselves  (or those around them) experiences of joy through the false belief that one must suffer and deprive themselves in order to be spiritual. This is nonsense...the prattle of religiosity.  Find those things that bring you joy and enjoy them while  not trying to hold on to them should they at some point be gone.  It is only in the letting go that the new or  higher can  manifest.

Painful emotions of loss are normal and need not be resisted, for resistance makes whatever is being resisted into a power needing to be resisted.   Serious spiritual students may make the mistake of saying; "Oh I must not think that, I must not feel this or that...it is not real, it is illusion."  When loss becomes a part of your experience and you feel the accompanying emotions, allow them, feel them, and acknowledge what you are experiencing.  Spirituality is never about denial, it is coming to  realize  that there is really nothing needing to be denied.   You then begin to remember that  outer appearances are temporary and that in reality, nothing can separate you from who and what you are.  The pain lessens and  dissolves and you move on--now with deeper awareness. 

The time is now to claim your divinity and take responsibility for your creations.  You are at the point of moving into a deeper state of awareness and many are ready but not willing. For some, there must come the experiences of loss in order to jolt them out of their comfort zone.  The loss of people, goods, and experiences that previously held comfort and joy may be necessary in order for an individual to shift to the next stage of their evolution.  Loss experiences push one to  discover and create new and often higher experiences of  joy, peace, and light... reflecting that which is already within but unrecognized,  and  not requiring third dimensional manipulation. 

Loss is  a perceived experience.  Nothing real can ever be lost by virtue of the fact that it  is held infinitely within Divine Consciousness by law.  You are not one with Divine Consciousness, you are Divine Consciousness (Not in your humanhood, but in your true essence).   This is becoming your new state of consciousness...the result of a journey from the sense of total separation into a realization of oneness.  It  may seem to take a very long time from the human standpoint, but there are many different paths  all leading up the same mountain...some curvy and winding, some straight.

Recognize and release any fears accompanying loss as soon as possible for whatever has been created once, can be created again and if you are spiritually aware, will manifest in a higher and better form than before.   Fear is one of the biggest barriers to unfolding awareness whether it be fear of the unknown, or fear of something tangible.  Fear holds a very low energetic resonance and reflects a belief in  separation...separation from your good (God) and whatever that represents to  you.

Today's  lesson has been about letting go of dependence on anything in the outer.  Mankind is meant to use and enjoy the things of earth  but has erroneously come to believe it cannot survive without them.  Always remember that anything in the outer represents the material sense (mind interpretation) of a deeper spiritual reality.  

Live, love, enjoy, sing, dance, play, study,learn, serve, be served, but never forget who you are...

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      4/13/14

                                      MARCH 30, 2014

Greetings dear ones.  We see many starting to accept and understand change in their lives...some even saying; "Why didn't we think of this before?"  People are losing the fear of change which is a big part of evolution, that is how it works.   Never be afraid to try something new and then if you find that it does not work, that is fine, the sky does not fall down.   Learning to be open to new ideas and change on all levels  allows an individual to likewise receive on all levels--the inner door opens. 

Many of the so called "older generation " continue to hold themselves  back through the belief that there are no better ways of doing things than their life experiences have taught them.  They have become comfortable in routine, refusing to even contemplate other ways of seeing the world and are missing opportunities to spiritually grow.  Allowing oneself to contemplate new ideas does not mean living lives without joy or fun in work and activity, nor does it mean that your current way of doing and seeing either globally or personally is wrong and has to change.  Being open simply means a willingness to let go of resistance and not being so locked into what is  known and familiar that any change is impossible.

Arcturian Group wishes to speak about energy.  Energy is the essence of all things, for it is Divine Consciousness  and the substance of all form .  Energy in its purest, is  white Light and is interpreted according to the consciousness of each individual. The halo of light seen around saints and masters is simply their energy field, so filled with pure light that many can see it.

Energy, being Omnipresent Consciousness can never be lost, and only changes form.  You are aware of and experiencing energy at all times, but are not always aware of what you are feeling.  You may sense a heaviness in places like old battlefields that still hold the vibration of fear and suffering.  Bars often carry a very heavy third dimensional energy  which can be felt immediately.  Most have experienced  the peace and lightness of a cathedral or simple country church where the prayers of many throughout time have created almost a "presence" of light energy.  The healing energy of nature in an undeveloped forest or beside a flowing stream is felt by almost everyone and is the reason these powerful and sacred places need to be protected. 

All humans experience energy but do not always understand what it is they are feeling.   Channels often say;  "The energy is not yet in place." for this or that to happen. This means that the level and alignment of energy needed to bring a particular event into manifestation has not yet been reached.  All living things feel energy and interpret on the  level of their state of consciousness.   Scientists will most often interpret it as physical,  psychiatrists as emotional, and intellectuals as ideas and brain power...these are  interpretations based on their states of consciousness--their belief system.  Animals are very receptive to energy and easily sense and respond to the  fear, anger, love, or whatever that is  being projected by others...human or animal.

Color and the sacred Rays, are facets of Source energy, pure Light each carrying unique vibrational qualities but still in and of  Light.  As evolution moves to ever deepening levels, new colors never before seen will manifest. Every aura has varying colors  representing of the energy of the individual.  This is why individuals are drawn to or look best in certain colors, and this is why purple is considered a royal color (the perfect blending of red-physical and blue-mental).   Ancient healing temples (and some healers now)  used color therapy to adjust  vibrational frequencies.

Make use of  the Violet flame (seventh ray) as taught by Adamus/St. Germain for it is the vibrational  energy of transmutation.  Flood yourselves with it and flow it to the world and others if guided (without attaching any purpose or goal).  Use this tool often in your meditation and inner work as the violet flame transmutes  denser energies into the lighter, dissolving all that has no law to support it.  All energy is Light, but its frequencies are lowered through the thoughts and beliefs of the un-evolved third dimensional consciousness thus moving it into slower, denser vibration...Light vs dark--duality.

The human eye is as of yet unable to perceive the lighter faster frequencies and this is why most do not see their Guides or those in light bodies and believe that the material/physical is all there is.  This will change.

Because of ONEness,  each vibrational level draws to itself similar...ideas and people of like frequency.  This is what makes relationships work... not looks, money, status, or anything else the world may believe.   Relationships are built within a somewhat same level of resonance.  This is why many  are drawn to those of Light, they are seeking their own Light but don't know that it is within and so look outside to others.
At this powerful time of change the vibrational frequencies of your physical, emotional, and mental  bodies are becoming lighter which  is why many  are having  physical symptoms requiring the need to  lay down and rest.  The releasing of old dense energies stored through lifetimes in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies takes a lot of basic physical energy, leaving many  exhausted for no apparent reason.  Trust the process, rest when you need it, and drink lots of clean water.  This process will complete at some point following the clearings,  integration of lighter energies, and the DNA activations you are ready for.  

Energy is all these things, and MORE, much MORE.   Energy is the vibrational frequency expression of the Divine, and as you evolve  ever more deeply into truth, your personal energy field will become lighter and brighter, more representative of the reality of your true essence.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                 3/30/14

                                    MARCH 16,2014

Greetings dear ones.  Once again we come to speak to you of ascension.  All are in different phases of ascending into the  higher dimensional energies.  Not all will fully ascend at this time for many are not yet ready to embrace the fullness of their inner soul.  However, all  are experiencing  the Light pouring onto Gaia at this powerful time and all have the free will choice to grow from or to reject it. 

Remember this as you observe the many changes taking place within you and in the world.  Change can be very upsetting to those still holding tightly to lifelong teachings and beliefs that no longer work for the highest good, but that is the way evolution works...it is a gradual  (sometimes not so gradual)  shift into new and more evolved thinking, being, and doing,  and old beliefs cannot stop it as the majority awakens and adds ever more Light to universal consciousness.

Since all are creators, evolution can be slowed, but never stopped for it is the purpose of life. Through free will, an individual can slow or even stop his spiritual growth for awhile even lifetimes, but the evolutionary journey can never be permanently delayed...man's true nature is Divine, and the yearning to remember this is never lost.   It is often buried deeply within through intention or ignorance,  but can never disappear or there would be no individual.  One cannot exist in any way shape or form with out the Divine within, as it is the substance of all form...all that is.

Arcturian group wishes to talk about life.  When functioning within the third dimensional belief system, life is considered  to be  sacred in certain instances, (friends and relatives) but not so sacred (war) in others--perfectly reflecting the separation and duality of third dimensional thinking.  There is only one life and it is Divine...it is the only life there is.   Humanly, scientists  can create something that may seem to be alive in a bottle, clone, or test tube but this is only physical, an interpretation of "life".  Life only becomes LIFE, when  Divine energy enters in to it which is why a physical body disintegrates so quickly once  the soul leaves.

It is here we must bring in the topic of abortion which has been and still is a subject of much discussion, confusion, anguish, and suffering for many.  The decision to extinguish an unborn  is a decision that must not be undertaken lightly but know that the  soul who would choose to enter and become the child  is well aware from the other side as to whether or  not the child will be carried to term.  A soul can enter, coming and going throughout a pregnancy that will result in a birth,  but usually there is no soul yet attached in the early stages of a pregnancy unless there is a particular lesson for the entering soul.

Decisions of this sort must be made only after an honest evaluation of intention for these types of decisions carry and store intense energy for those making them, and there is much emotional energy being expended both ways on this topic.  There must be  HONEST inner consideration of what is the best and highest good for all concerned... decisions like this must never be made simply from a place of selfish convenience or fear and never as a means of birth control. 

Intention is the spiritual key in making  decisions of any kind because the  intention behind any decision provides the energy upon which it rides...every word, action, or thought flows upon the intention that set it forth.  Remember this dear ones, for it is a vitally important point.

Life is forever but souls choose to spend time in limited physical bodies in order to spiritually grow and evolve within the denseness of  third dimensional energy.  Earth is a powerful and difficult place in which to evolve and not for the faint hearted.  Never under estimate your courage dear ones, for there are many evolving on other planets who  chose not to be in a place that carries such density.  All gradually learn from the experiences of earth and finally discover that that which they have been seeking, lies within.  It is at this point that they begin to meet any problems on a higher level, karma disappears and they find themselves helping others struggling with same and  familiar issues.    Earth is being observed by many who wish to  learn and study how mankind is going about doing this. 

Life can never be lost, there is no such thing.  A person who leaves either naturally or unnaturally, simply goes to another dimension.  Most human eyes cannot as of yet perceive the higher frequencies of a light body and believe the deceased to be simply dead.  In sleep,  all leave their bodies,  moving about, studying, and working in the spiritual body.  Life and death are just two aspects of duality.   You are more alive on the other side than you are on earth because on the other side, you remember who and what you are and are guided to whatever help and assistance you may need.

There are some who after "death" continue to  align themselves only with familiar earth energy and because of this are unable to see the light bodies of their guides waiting to assist them. These souls become what you term ghosts...souls afraid of moving on and into higher dimensional light--some not even aware of the need to.  These souls  attach themselves to the familiar and often loved-- people, places, and experiences  from their recent time on earth.  Some, firmly stuck in a particular belief system are waiting for their belief to manifest...unable and unwilling to leave where they are.  Some create for themselves familiar settings and lives in what is called the astral realm often for a long time until helped by another (Light beings or people who do this work) or awakening to their need for change.

In the third dimensional belief system it is believed by many that only some life forms are of value, and those mainly human.   It must be understood that ALL  life forms are sacred and in and of the One Life.  There is no lesser or greater life.  So called "primitive" societies were taught to ask permission before taking  lives for food-- honoring and respecting the life given them by the animal.  This idea has been largely disregarded in favor anything bringing in more money--a bigger, faster, approach carrying no respect for the animal involved... lives thoughtlessly taken for food, fashion, money, or power.  The Divine has manifested Itself in infinite form and variety.  You say; "What about the cockroach or the mosquito, are we to let them do as they please?"  Insects are of those who have a group soul.  The energy is Divine, but not individual.  When an insect dies, it immediately rejoins its group soul but ask yourselves honestly,  as respecters of Life is it really that difficult to simply move the spider outdoors rather than to kill it?

Life appears limited and fragile  but is in reality forever and unlimited.  You cannot die.  Those who seek relief from the pressures of living through the taking of their own lives, simply cross over and find that they have solved nothing for the lessons they were meant to learn now must be met again at another time in another life. 

Incarnation into the third dimensional energies of earth is a soul choice made by an individual in order to evolve and grow within the tremendous issues of third dimensional energy.  Life lessons are planned by each soul with  help and spiritual guidance before birth.  Life events are not accidental as they would seem when judging by appearances but represent  experiences necessary  for the growth and evolution of the particular soul.  Karma is not a punishment, but the balancing of energies originally created by the evolving soul and mankind in general.  There is no longer karma after the soul reaches a certain level of spiritual awareness for then the individual is able to deal with life in new and higher ways but at this time many of you are helping to clear impersonal world karma.  

All is perfect dear ones, in spite of world concepts of how everything needs to appear in order to be "right".  Never forget as you journey through your life experiences ( some pleasant and some not so pleasant) that you are here at this time, in this body,  with this family, in order to learn and grow and not simply to gain fleeting ego status through the attainment of money, popularity, beauty, goods, or power.   Be alert to your desires dear ones, for ideals such as these represent the limitation of those still stuck in unawareness.

There is nothing evil or wrong about having wealth.  This is a false concept still held and preached by some.  The belief in the concept of separation has resulted in a universal sense that abundance in all its forms is outside of you and that you must struggle and  grab it at all costs as best you can.  Abundance is your divine right by virtue of your Oneness with Divine completeness, a truth that must be realized and become your state of consciousness before it can manifest outwardly.  This is the work.

Make your only God the one within you,  allowing it freely flow outward and  manifesting in whatever form is needed.  That which is completeness for one may not represent completeness for another so do not compare.  This realization will help to free you from the never ending promotional hype to buy this, do this, have this...and you will be happy.

We are, with you in  ONEness and LIFE...The Arcturian Group                             3/16/14

                                MARCH 2, 2014

Greetings to all.  We observe Light on Gaia  increasing each day, and bringing with it a new world wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore  unable or unwilling to see.  Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places  and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in  new and higher ways. 

Many governments  are starting to understand that the old self serving ways of doing business are no longer working.  Many "leaders" choosing to resist any change, and will eventually find themselves in one way or another removed.  All, from world leaders  to so called "common folk" who insist upon holding tight to energies that are finished will begin to experience  difficulties  because the new energies do not nor cannot support anything held in place only through belief and concepts.  Go within dear ones, and honestly examine what concepts and beliefs you may still be rigidly holding on to.

We wish to speak of compassion--a topic often confused with sympathy or the ignorant enabling of another.  Compassion is a facet of love and is the ability to see another's pain and suffering without entering in to it.   This often means (especially with families and friends) offering assistance of some sort when intuitively guided.  However, in compassion one NEVER ENTERS INTO THE ENERGY FIELD OF THE OTHER, that is sympathy. 

When an individual spiritually evolves, his energy field begins to radiate ever more light and others are drawn to this energy.   Each and every soul  is seeking  to experience the completeness of their true nature but are only able interpret this inner yearning within the bounds of their attained state of consciousness.  Thus you have spiritually immature souls forever seeking that which is within,  in the without.  They seek completeness  through  wearing the "right" clothes,  being beautiful or strong, or in  having  material possessions and money.  Many confuse the love they seek with sex, and allow themselves to be used by others.  Because society in  general is  based in duality and separation, it continues to  promote solutions for happiness in hundreds of forms, none of which will satisfy the longings of the Soul for conscious reconnection to Source.

A soul's immaturity has nothing to do with chronological age.  There are many very evolved souls living in young bodies right now and many who have been on earth for a long time who remain spiritually immature. Spiritually immature individuals are often repelled by anyone  holding great Light because this energy is a  threat their firmly held but  false belief system.  They are usually not even consciously aware of why they may not like a certain individual.  This is the root of much fear in the world for  there remain many who continue to resist anything that may "rock" their comfortable
boat bubble.

In  the early phases of every soul's search for completeness  comes a  reaching out to friends, strangers, Gurus etc.--anyone who seems to have the answers.  They do not yet realize that that which they so desperately seek lies within.   They feel the higher resonance of another's energy field and gravitate towards it.  It usually starts very simply, through questions like; "How did you get through this? Why are you always so calm? What do you think about this or that?" This can be a co-worker, friend, or family member.  Most of you, being loving persons,  are more than happy to help the person who suddenly unburdens  but this is where you must be very aware and alert dear ones, not allowing yourselves to drop into their energy which then becomes  sympathy.

It is commonly accepted that identifying with another's pain is a loving action-- "Oh you poor person. I understand/feel  your pain.   How could he/she do that to you?"  etc etc.  When you do this, you become a part of their energy field and make yourself available to be "drained" of energy. How many times have you experienced feeling totally "wiped out" after being with  certain people?  This can only happen when you open yourselves to those  seeking more energy,  These dear ones are unaware of what they are doing, but in their unhappiness and  desire to be whole they draw on other's energy.   We do not like the term, but this is where the term "energy suckers" comes from.

In order to serve and help those seeking help, a Light worked must work in the energy of compassion.  Practically, this means you can lovingly  listen to or observe the problems presented, even offering some suggestions, but never fully entering into the energy  of what is being presented.  You recognize the appearance to be illusory, with no law to support it and  based in the third dimensional consciousness.  These deeper realizations  NEVER prevent one from taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary--the practical everyday tasks so often called for--whatever is needed or you are guided to do.  However, in doing these things, do not allow yourselves to be enablers--stay centered, always remembering that every individual has a Higher Self, Guides, and a contract/plan that they themselves chose before entering into this earth experience. 

As we have said before, love never means being another's door mat, nor does it mean you are tied forever to those you may not resonate with  simply because they are a relative or childhood friend.  It is ok to move on when someone wants you to do their work for them.  Love and compassionate action means  remembering the truth about every single individual in your consciousness--those drawn to you and those you read or hear about.   Always allow others the freedom to learn from  their own mistakes while giving them the support they may need.   There are times when this may mean simply  leaving someone alone.  It is ego to believe one has the right or duty to "save" another.  Everyone is a spiritual being having human experiences in order to grow and evolve.

This Light not only attracts family, friends, and co-workers but also attracts some on the other side who have not yet moved  into the light of their journey.  There are those who do not even realize that they have transitioned to the other side (drug overdose, accident, coma, etc.) and are confused.   These dear ones often find themselves drawn to the Light of an  evolved energy field.  If you experience them (often in a half awake/half asleep state) do not be afraid, but tell these dear ones, that they need move into the Light where they will find help and guidance.  You can ask for Light beings, Angels or relatives of the person to come and guide them to where they need to be.  Occasionally one will not want to leave, and you can just say to them; "Go".

Compassion is love in action, sympathy is the three dimensional concept of it. 

This is Light work.  This is how you plant seeds of truth and help others to evolve. We only say that as your own energy field attracts others seeking what you have, be aware of the temptation to enter into their state of consciousness, for you can never lift another up if you are on the same level as the problem.  Humanly yes, but not spiritually.

This is compassion, this is love, this is the work.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                        3/2/14


                                 FEBRUARY 16, 2014

The message we bring at this time is one of hope.  So many of you are frustrated and struggle with issues   of daily living.  It is imperative that you understand dear ones, that these difficulties represent     graduations and not failures.  Certain energies  accumulated from  lifetime to lifetime are stored within the cellular memory of your physical bodies and also within the emotional and mental bodies.  Every individual  stores and carries until cleared, their personal energies of inheritance, vows,  promises,  and all powerful life experiences (some good and some very bad) along with a cellular remembrance of the individuals involved in these experiences.

You are now spiritually strong enough to  release any energies that serve only to hold you in what is old and finished and this also includes the resolution of any karmic situations needing to be finished.  These energies were stored and carried through lifetimes because you were not yet evolved enough to acknowledge and resolve them in  ways that would enable you to clear them.

There are  layers to those pockets of energy that resulted from intense life experiences (physical, emotional, or mental) which  have been held deep within because you chose  not  to re-live or even think about some of these experiences again. 

It often happens that the serious student believes that through his hard inner work an issue has been dealt with and finished.  This is usually something that has plagued him throughout his lifetime;  a particular person, or fear, or addiction, or emotional reaction--and then, low and behold  there it is again saying; "Hello, I'm back". 

Never believe that this indicates failure or that the work was not done correctly, for the reappearance of an issue needing to be cleared simply means that you have now reached a deeper level of it.  When this happens, re-examine any concepts that you may of been previously unaware of and again move into truth.  As each new layer presents itself, it will open you to new levels awareness regarding your own state of consciousness.  Ask;  "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"

Try not to give power for good or bad to any issues, people, or experiences you may be struggling with for these things  have only the power you give them which is why they were  stored within you in the first place.  The old and finished three dimensional energies of duality and separation can not  be carried with you into the higher frequencies of Light and will act as blocks until removed.

For this particular lifetime because of importance of the shift going on, evolved souls incarnated bringing a complete list of any issues they needed to clear. Many chose pre-birth, to be born into family situations that would activate whatever was needing to be moved beyond.   Example; Many  raised in abusive family situations, specifically chose these families (pre-birth) in order to activate a long held consciousness of low self esteem.  This way they could once and for all release this concept of self and grow the realization of who and what they really are.  Frequently also, there is a karmic situation that needs to be completed.

With regard to karmic relationships--if you find yourself in a situation where you recognize that an ever present discord must be karmic but the other individual  is not interested in any resolution, you can release and complete  it yourself. 1. Recognize the person's Divine Nature even if they are not the lease bit interested themselves.  2. Remove  energetic cords still attaching you to that person through your intent and visualization.   3. Send them Light and Love whenever you think of them.  4. Do NOT engage...this will perpetuate that which you are trying to clear.

In earlier lifetimes, souls incarnated with a  short list, choosing perhaps one issue to deal with and move beyond. Often the struggles of simply staying alive prevented any progress and a goal may of been in place for several lifetimes.  Because of the powerful energy shift now taking place on earth, incarnating souls realized that they would need to  address any issues  holding them in frequencies that were old and finished and this is why so many  seem to be having very difficult life experiences. 

You are evolved enough to do what you came to do or you would not have chosen to do it. Never believe that you are a failure even if third dimensional concepts say you are. No indeed,  pat yourselves on the back dear ones, for you are powerful and evolved Beings of Light now able to see through appearances and hold to the truth while doing what you need to do.  Never forget, all lessons were pre-planned by you  as you realized what was needed in your experience in order to grow and evolve.

Arcturian Group now wishes to speak to abundance.  Abundance  is an issue that confuses many as you suffer from the appearances of lack and limitation.  Within Oneness exists all that is...all the qualities of a Divine omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient Source are within you also.  This is the point of this journey all  have been on through hundreds of  lifetimes...to finally  evolve into a state of consciousness that realizes this truth.  Source knows nothing of lack or limitation, IT is Self sustained and Self maintained...infinitely.  The idea of lack is a concept born of the belief in duality (pairs of opposites) and separation.  Everything embodied within Divine consciousness is held in place  by Divine law.  If lack or limitation were within Divine consciousness,  they would be forever unchangeable.  Realizing this is the first step to changing the outer appearances.

Each time you pay a bill, take a second to realize that since Source is complete and lacks nothing,  this check or money simply represents a material manifestation of this.  When you believe abundance to be limited and personal so that everything spent depletes you, you are declaring money to be yours--finite, and limited (duality and separation).  Realize that abundance  is flowing through you, not from you.  This may seem silly as you look at your empty wallet,  but the practice of these truths is the only way to move into a deeper understanding of the infinite abundance which is already yours by virtue of your Oneness with Source. 

Start the flow moving...give away unused clothes or items, donate time, drop a coin in the bottle even if it a penny...get the flow of love (service or goods) and gratitude (payment) moving.  Always there must be the flow. You are creators dear ones and you are creating with every thought and word (eg. I don't have...) that flows out from your state of consciousness.  Just as  the journey is about learning Oneness, it is also about learning just what  is embodied within that Oneness.   Start applying truth to every financial transaction you make, blessing  each payment by knowing that it flows from an Infinite and unlimited Source.  

Take whatever human footsteps may be necessary in your particular situation, but let your first step always be a  remembrance of the truth of your Infinite Source.  Choose not to wholeheartedly embrace the constant barrage of three dimensional news about lack and limitation. 

You are at a turning point,  one in which you must decide who your master is to be and  whom you will serve--truth or the three dimensional concepts being presented to you from all sides by an un-awakened world?  Be very honest with yourselves dear ones, for you are now at a point of either moving forward, or staying in the old.  The choice is as always, yours.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                       2/16/14

                                                           FEBRUARY 2, 2014


Often you have  believed yourselves to be alone and wondered why the Galactic help promised has not materialized.  It is about free will dear ones.  There are limits to how much any others can do for the ascension of earth because your journey into new dimensional energy is yours...chosen by you and brought about by each personally and then globally.  No one can do your inner work for you which is the error perpetuated by many belief systems.  There are those who believe that Jesus or some saint or Guru will do all their work for them and that they are forever "saved" simply by declaring  their belief in that one person as a savior. They  then continue to go about their daily lives in old three dimensional ways believing that the work of their "salvation" if finished.

The teacher Jesus or Jeshua came as a messenger of truth into a very dense world.  He tried to teach the people who they really were and show them how to grow beyond the bonds of the third dimension.  He was a way shower but can not  do the work for anyone.  The world was not ready and most did not understand his message which has been the experience of many truth teachers throughout time as often the best they could do was plant seeds of truth.

You as individual expressions of the  Divine are now ready to live the truth.  This is not a work  for "wimps" for it is difficult to leave behind many of the tried and true ways  that have worked throughout lifetimes.  You are  explorers forging new paths.  Change can be very frightening to a world programmed to to use its mind to plot and plan everything according to whatever current concepts of the "best way" of doing something are in place.  Learn to  listen and trust your intuition  as you go about your daily tasks, knowing  that you are spiritual  beings and not lowly and sinful humans needing to be saved as many of you have been taught. Living from within will become more comfortable and easy the more you practice for it is your true nature to live this way. This does not mean you do not order your airline tickets or plan your day, it means that you always have one ear listening within and if what you are planning does not resonate with you, you honor that.  

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept... a mind interpretation of the  spiritual reality.  Divine consciousness is omnipresent-- could anything exist outside of Omnipresence?   Your world  is within you, not outside of you. For example, when you look at a tree, know that the Divine Idea of that tree is spiritual, light, beauty, and never ages and what you are perceiving as a tree is the three dimensional concept of the spiritual idea of tree. Do you see dear ones, your state of consciousness determines how you interpret and then form for yourself the  Ideas embodied within a Universal and Omnipresent Consciousness.  The world is within you, not outside of you...Omnipresence assures nothing is separate.  This will be difficult  for some  to digest, but try not to react, setting up   walls of resistance.  Instead instead take this idea within and ponder it, asking for help in your understanding. 

This is your work, this is how you change the resonance of the world and create new and higher forms of everything.  Understand that every Divine Idea is ALREADY embodied within your consciousness and you need never seek for anything outside of yourself. This truth if understood by all would change the energy of the world in a second.  Free will allows man to interpret according to his state of consciousness taking as long as he chooses...truth is forever, and is not dependant upon what anyone believes or doesn't believe or when.   Knowing the truth does not mean you  are unaware of the appearances formed of duality and separation nor does it mean shouting; "God is all, I need do nothing".   It means that you begin to see these creations for what they are--manifestations formed of duality and separation with no law to support or sustain them.  This way you do not add your energy to  the appearances.

Arcturian Group wishes to speak about the energy of transformation now present and causing  many to question the value of many rigid structures still  in place through law or consent.  Be not afraid as these structures begin to crumble for there is nothing to hold them in place but the belief in them.  They are concepts and once the belief is no longer there, they cannot exist. Many of these structures were necessary in a society not yet ready to embrace its own power but it is now a new time.   Awakened consciousness energy is causing many houses of cards to fall...it is a sign of  evolution.

There will be those who through an ignorance of what is happening spiritually in the world resist and  panic at any change.   Familiarity is their comfort and security even when it is painful and something different would be better. You can be of assistance to these fearful ones even if it consists simply a calm listening ear.  An energy field filled with peace and love can comfort without any words.   Structures of government, law, religion, family etc.  are all changing...most  will  change or fall completely. 

Much change  is coming  through the courage of brave souls not afraid to shine  light into dense shadows.  These much maligned light workers often put their own lives on the line in order to help a sleeping world awaken out of complacency and move into its power.  Man must begin to  see themselves as more than helpless pawns in the hands of the powerful or nothing will change. Be brave dear ones, for outer appeaerances manifest each one's  inner state of consciousness and  as you fill with increasingly more light the outer forms will also change but complete change cannot happen overnight for it has taken eons of time to be what it is. 

You are being lovingly watched and studied by many from other planets because you are teaching them how it is done..how to evolve within the heavy structure of duality and separation. They too are learning from your efforts and you evolution.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                           2/2/14                                                           January 19, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group  say to all of you,  that we see  light pouring forth on earth in ever increasing abundance.  You are shifting  world energies through your new awareness of what love really means.  For eons, mankind has held on to very narrow concepts with regard to love, believing it to be either a romantic emotion  between two people, or a family bond.  Love continues to be greatly misunderstood  because   books, movies,  media, and society itself still promote these  narrow definitions which are then accepted by many who choose not think for themselves... those that for too long have allowed others to tell them what to do,  think, and believe.

Love is the activity of an attained consciousness of Oneness and we are aware that we have said this many times, but it is the foundation of evolution and needs to be expanded and  incorporated through thought and practice into every consciousness in order for an  individual and the world to evolve.

Love is all there is, because Divine Consciousness is all there is.  Within this ONE every Divine Idea  flows forth in infinite form and variety... but always in and of the One.  Love, as understood and experienced within the limited awareness of the third dimensional belief system has become  misunderstood and narrowly defined within concepts of duality and separation.

Many are unaware that their innate love for nature and others is an attained state of consciousness from other lifetimes.  Many are evolved beings who have chosen to be here simply to add more Light to this important time on earth or to complete any three dimensional lessons.  We speak of those who quietly or famously live lives that reflect a sense of Oneness in every action of daily living regardless of what the popular societal position may be.  This  makes every action a sacred and loving action.  This is why you chose to evolve within a system of duality and separation, so you could evolve through experience  into this awareness and live it in spite of outer appearances.

Love NEVER means being anyone's doormat or being an enabler.  We have said this before, but it needs to be repeated because "being a loving person" has been greatly misunderstood by many dear souls who believe that love means  allowing another to use or manipulate them.  These situations are often karmic and  manifest (through pre-birth choice) for the growth of both individuals  who are now ready to once and for all to move beyond them.   At some point through lifetimes lived in the dense energies of duality and separation, "doormats" gave away their power, many experienced being killed or punished for speaking up and their cellular memory remembers...on a conscious level, they have come to  believe that this is who they are.  Life lessons will manifest  that offer opportunities for these individuals to reclaim their innate power.  Some personalities still resonate with past life energies and cellular memory of  power and dominance which is reflected in their lives and attitudes.   Both must and are learning to relate in a higher ways.

Know that your energy field speaks louder than words.  This is how "bullies" work. Certain individuals are drawn to and  unconsciously respond to the energy of others that radiates; "I am unworthy, I am less than, I am stupid, ugly, or unlovable" and the bully  acts on it.  The answer to this problem does not lie in more regulation, but in lovingly helping "victims" to reclaim their power through loving  and honoring themselves.

Empowerment means learning to speak your truth...lovingly but firmly.  Words  spoken with an energy of anger and judgement do not clear a situation but simply  continue it.  However, those same words when spoken with a recognition of the other's real identity (even if they are very far from knowing it themselves) and with the intention to serve the greater good for all involved, they will carry a different and higher energy.   Speaking  truth on this higher level, will have different results.  Even when the other does not accept words spoken in the light they were given or becomes angry, the speaker will feel no response.  This is because an energy field filled with light has nothing in it to which the heavier dense energy can attach.   If or when you need firmly say to another something that he/she may not want to hear, try do it when you are centered and not in an emotional reactive state. Even taking a second to say to yourself; "Clear" will help.   If you can, practice taking  time to meditate, ponder,  and ask for guidance before speaking and most importantly be VERY HONEST with yourselves  with regard to any  concepts you yourself may be holding  about the situation.

It is often more loving to simply let another live with what they have created for themselves, for the situation may be their life lesson and it would not be loving to interfere.  Stand quietly as an observer with your hand ready to grasp theirs when they are ready but allow them to reach for yours first. 

Love is  the energy that binds all life whether it be human, animal, or plant.  All life is in and of the One life and those who falsely believe themselves to be strong and powerful because they can and do kill other living things, are still very unevolved and fully enmeshed in the energy of duality and separation.  Animals evolve, and come back again just as humans do and add much color and joy and healing to the world...they are not inanimate objects to be manipulated by those ignorant of truth.

Because there are still so many in positions of power who do not yet understand the principle of Oneness, many rules  are in place reflecting these unevolved states of consciousness.  Obey the rules do it in ways that reflect your more evolved understanding... always look deeper and see the bigger picture for real rules come from within and are always governed by love.

Many  think of lightworkers only as those who channel, teach, or write new age books etc.  A lightworker is every person living out from a consciousness of love.  It is the person who cares for lost or abused animals, the person who holds the door for you with a smile, the sales clerk who spends time helping you find what is right for you and does not just try to "make a sale".  A Lightworker brings the light of Oneness to  every single activity of living regardless of how mundane it may be categorized as.   Concepts that separate the "sacred" from the "profane"  are in and of obsolete religious teachings. 
The stranger who flows  Light in a smile is as much a light worker as the one on a lecture circuit teaching salvation and enlightenment. Both are doing the work.  Some choose pre-birth to be teachers in this life time because they knew this was  how they could best serve,  others choose to be silent keepers and radiators of Light.  Both are just as important. 

Never believe  you have nothing to contribute, for every single action of your day becomes sacred when done in the realization of truth.  Every thought and action sent forth in a spirit of Oneness adds to the enlightenment of the whole planet.  This is what is happening now and you are doing it.   Each and every one, being an individual expression of the Divine, holds a unique piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle that is earth and her inhabitants.    

This message is about learning to love and  honor yourselves as the spiritual beings you are, dear ones.  Too many  have come to believe that their lives have been wasted because they are doing what may be considered to be ordinary...ordinary activities done in ordinary ways in ordinary jobs while living ordinary lives.  Often individuals live in the past saying to themselves; "If only I had done this, or that."   Know, really know, that all have a pre-birth plan put in place by each individual  in order to learn whatever lessons are needed...one of which is  the truth of who and what you are.  From this new viewpoint life  no longer seems ordinary...this very human concept will dissolve from your consciousness because everything now has become infused with a new and higher awareness which will then manifest itself outwardly in ever new and higher forms. 

Without giving thought, you are the  energy that may change your whole home or office while you are doing  nothing in particular except  being...doing what is given you to do while centered and awake.  The Light of your energy field will have an effect on all around you... it may lift those receptive to it or bring out anger in some who may feel threatened.  This is not your concern, you simply live, move, and have your being in Truth.

Everyone is important and necessary to the evolution of mankind.  It is why you are here on earth at this time.  This is your work and can be done wherever you find yourself.   Follow and trust your intuition, NEVER believing that who you are or what you do is unimportant. The tiniest action done in love has a profound effect on changing the energy of the world. 

Your job is to live out from that highest level of truth you know and simply do whatever is given you to do each day.  Have fun...have dreams...be creative...be grateful...   As you learn to live each day this way, more truth is given and will unfold in ever deepening currents of knowing and understanding.  This is evolution.  This is graduation, dear ones.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                                1/19/14

                                     JANUARY 5, 2014

Dear ones, we of the Arcturian Group come in this new year of 2014  to bring you messages of love and light as you go forward.  Know that in reality there is no time, it is a construct that enables you to learn  in the third dimensional energy.   These things you will come to understand more deeply as you move into the higher frequencies of ascension and remembering.

Know that all is proceeding according to plan even as you observe discordance in much of the  world.  What you are seeing is the  surfacing and release of ancient energies--clearings that can bring final resolution and  ending to the still resonating energy of ancient rivalries and wars.  The Light brings to the surface and to conscious awareness those heavy, dense energies still in place in order that they might be resolved and dissolved for the Light will always disperse the shadow.

Try not to label the negativity you observe  in the world, but use your awareness to realize  that the only power, the only reality, and the only truth is that which is embodied within Divine Consciousness and anything else has no law to support it.  Instead, begin to visualize the world as you know it to be,  one that reflects the oneness of all in unconditional love. Practice this way of living with every experience of day to day living by recognizing the Divinity of everyone you encounter in the course of your day.  Look into their eyes and recognize  the light that shines behind them.  Offer  silent awareness to all, even to those you seem to have nothing in common with. 

Never force another to see or understand as you do even when you know the information could help them, for they may not yet be able to accept or understand at your attained level.  There are still many who need more human experiences of duality in order to grow beyond them.  Offer assistance to those who ask but always remember that true assistance can be given at anytime to anyone and consists of  knowing  silently, secretly, and sacredly,  who everyone really is.  To everyone you meet whether in person,  in the news, or those who simply come to thought, silently say; "I know you who you are, you are the Christ...son of the living god." regardless of any appearances to the contrary.

This can  shift those who may be receptive, and will help to clear some of the debris from those choosing to continue in the old energy because Light dissolves shadows which are really appearances formed from a belief in them.   Most importantly you yourselves will be changing your state of consciousness  through  living in and of each truth you come to know.

Most of you have spent past lives in convents,  monasteries, and ashrams,  retreating from the world and its issues to live the spiritual life.  This was in fact the only safe place at one time in your history for the mystically inclined, but most found and find even today, that your state of consciousness goes  with you wherever you go. There are those that may need a life of retreat and silence, and for them this choice is appropriate, but spiritual growth can only take place through the  actual living of whatever spiritual principles have been learned.  The way of the initiate is to be "in the world, but not of it".

It matters not which spiritual or religious modalities you have journeyed though to get where you are today.  One is not better than another as all paths lead up the mountain.  You may resonate with one rather than another based on past life experiences.   Do not allow yourselves to fall into the trap of believing  that your particular path is the only right one. A true path is whichever one leads you within rather than to the belief that you NEED anyone or anything outside of yourself.  All true paths come together at this point and from there you need no path, you have become the path. 

True teachings flow forth from enlightened individuals who then in turn share what they have become aware of.  The problem is, that after the teacher is no longer around, the sacred teachings are  not fully understood by the less evolved followers who  interpret them according to their  third dimensional concepts and ways of thinking.  It is usually at this point that a "Religion" is born and where  rites and rules of organization come into play and the dilution of the original message changes it to something totally different.  Once organized, truth becomes disseminated among many  not at the spiritual level  of the original teacher and the Light of the message is frequently lost.

For those who like and feel comfortable with organization, we simply advise you to look deeper, look behind the teachings and rituals and find out they really represent--find your own truth.   There will come a time when most will no longer feel the need to belong to any thing organized for they will fully realize that "The Kingdom of God is within."  You carry your church with you into any cathedral,  mosque,  synagogue, or monastery. 

Places of worship  hold the energies of you and others before you have brought to them.  That is why many churches and power spots feel so peaceful and calming.   The silence of a cathedral  permeated with the prayer energy of centuries can be felt by all who enter in.  Enjoy and rest yourselves in these holy places--some inside, some outside--but always remember that to give power to anything other than the Divine, is idolatry. 

We know that during this new year, much will  fall into place for those of  you  serious about your spiritual journey.  Many new portals have opened and a great deal of higher resonating energy frequencies are pouring on to Gaia and her people resulting first in chaos, and then change.   You are feeling these new energies in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.

We are the Arcturian Group.                                                                           1/5/14.