AUGUST 27, 2017

Greetings dear ones.  We seek through these messages to answer some of the questions you may still hold silently and secretly within.  Because it is a new and energetically powerful time with so much taking place, many are questioning how your observations align with the idea you hold  about these times. 

The world in general has been comfortably ensconced in third dimensional thinking throughout the ages and thus the awareness and  integration of new and higher Light frequencies is causing some confusion because many of the changes taking place seem unnecessary, that some things are perfectly acceptable just as they are.

Some things will not totally change, but will gently and gradually shift into  higher expression.  For example medical personnel and hospitals will not disappear, but  will become more open and receptive to higher and better forms of caring for and healing those who come to them.

Individual reactions may vary from;  "I have lots of life experience, and this is the right way for things to be done." to "Too much change is never good."  Dear ones, very little  is going to remain the same for those who have chosen to move into and live from higher dimensional energies.  The manifestations of duality and separation must eventually dissolve when there is no longer anything to hold them in place.

This is not to say that the world as a whole will suddenly cease having experiences of duality and separation, but you personally will find your life  becoming  ever more reflective of the peace and harmony embodied within a consciousness of Oneness.

For years, and through lifetimes of experiences you have been preparing for these times.   You have been confronted with and have released  (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)  painful stored cellular memories and the fears you have dragged through many lifetimes. 

As you replace these old heavy energies with Light and truth,  you make  yourselves fit vehicles for truer ways of believing, living, and being,  Even those spiritually ready, but not fully aware of this fact are feeling the intensity of Sacred Light pouring to earth and available for all to accept.

You have arrived, the time is now.  Be patient, and avoid believing that "Nothing ever changes." or "Things are just getting worse." or "It is all a hoax."  because things may look that way.  The integration of new and higher frequencies into the physical must be a process as the human body could not withstand the intense higher frequencies were they to integrate all at once.

Continually waiting for this or that particular experience  as necessary proof of evolution is an exercise of futility based in concepts.  Judging yourselves against the experiences of some "saint" or "holy" person,  ideas in some book you may of read, or rigid religious concepts of what constitutes spirituality simply reflect a belief in separation.

Every person's  soul journey is unique and your experiences will never mirror another's  because everyone has lived through different experiences in hundreds of lifetimes.  Every individual has their own chosen lessons to learn and truths to integrate while on earth in physical form.

All are one with Source--All, no exceptions.  Every individual must eventually arrive at the full realization of the truth about themselves because it is the unchanging reality.  Nothing exists outside of Divine Consciousness and the sense of something other than that ONE is illusion.  The world and all its natural kingdoms are NOT ILLUSION, false concepts about the world and its natural kingdoms  constitute the illusion.

Everything you can become aware of is a mind formed concept of a spiritual reality. For example you are consciousness, not a  physical body.  Your real and permanent bodies are made of Light.  What you see and experience as the physical body is a concept of the permanent spiritual body reflecting your attained state of consciousness.

We wish to speak about the "spiritual journey".  The idea of a journey is  illusion dear ones, for you have never been and never can be separate from the reality of who and what you are.  The idea of an evolutionary journey began when souls through a series of ancient events, forgot that they were individualized Divine Consciousness who had chosen to experience a sense of separation. 

Because their creations seemed so real, a sense of separation became their state of consciousness  and they continued to create  experiences of separation manifesting as pairs of opposites--duality.  Unity consciousness  began to increasingly reflect these false creations giving birth to the fear and negativity in all its forms that is the three dimensional world of today.
You are now ready to remember who you really are.  Healers are remembering ancient healing techniques, artists are remembering previously attained creative talents, and all willing souls are beginning to once again experience unconditional love and a sense of Oneness. Many are starting to question man's inhumanity to man and the natural world even if they are not fully conscious of why their thinking has changed. 

Awakening happens through the Higher Self when an individual is ready for the next phase of their "journey".   Eyes are opening and beginning to see through appearances.  Mankind is discovering that indeed the  "Emperor has no clothes".  This is evolution.

Become an observer.  Stand back, resting  in your and everyone's identity as a spiritual being, and observe.  Let go of the belief that you must heal, change, or fix anyone or anything  by translating what you see into the truth that underlies all appearances--that the world and everything in it is already perfect and whole. 

Recognize outer appearances of both good and bad to be manifestations of concepts and  beliefs.  Your realization of the truth helps to dissolve the energy of these miscreations for there is nothing to hold them in place but a belief in them.  This is healing.

We do not say to ignore the suffering of others.  Have your hand out and ready to grasp the hand of those seriously seeking answers rather than simply wanting you to do their work for them.    Never act to change another's path of learning in the belief that it is your duty to "save" them.

This sort of thinking is based in human ego, a belief still touted by many religious groups who teach that it is loving to step in and remove someone from a difficult situation they themselves may of specifically chosen for spiritual growth and learning.   You must walk a fine line in these situations.   It is different if a child someone helpless is at risk. Always seek out, trust, and let your intuition guide your actions.

Because you now know that you are creators, you must honestly ask yourselves; "What am I choosing to create?"  Do you intend to continue creating images of duality and separation simply because the world says it is the reality or because these things are familiar and comfortable?  

Truth either is,  or it is not.  God either is, or is not.  It  is the free will choice of every individual as to which they accept but understand that life can get very uncomfortable for those who choose to live with one foot in both worlds as many have or are about to find out.

The time has come to rest in truth, be the truth, and live the truth, releasing every remaining concept or belief built upon beliefs of separation from Source.  It is time to claim your identity as God in expression.   It is time to "leap off the cliff" so to speak,  trusting that you always have been,  are now, and forever will be Divine Consciousness in expression regardless of appearances. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                         8/27/17

                                JULY 23,2017

Greetings, again we come to give support and love as we witness the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual struggles of so many  at this time.  Energies flowing to earth have become increasingly intense, causing issues normally not problematic to seem much larger and important.  You are becoming more sensitive to energy and thus experiencing more of it in ways that would previously have gone unnoticed.

As consciousness becomes Lighter, more refined, and open to the higher frequencies,  individual psychic abilities are gradually opening as well, allowing easier accessibility to Light beings, Guides , and even  loved ones on the other side.  It is simply that new and higher levels of consciousness resonate more closely with the frequencies of the higher dimensions.

Many believe that those with psychic abilities that allow them to tune into the other side are different or special.  No dear ones, everyone has these abilities because all are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others.

Some have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at the stake for using them in some other lifetime.  Others do not believe they are real, thus perfectly manifesting their absence.  Some choose to block  them  in order to fully concentrate on certain life lessons chosen for completion in this lifetime while others are simply not evolved enough to responsibly handle these gifts  and their Higher Self has temporarily blocked them.

Many do not realize that Consciousness, which is all that exists, (ONE)  is energy.  The denser and more un-awakened the state of individual consciousness, the deeper, slower, and heavier are the its frequencies  (absence of Light).   In reality, everyone is pure consciousness but because of the density of third dimensional energy,  souls must manifest as physical on earth. 

Everyone can easily sense dense energy,  but most do not understand what they are feeling.  Physical locations  where war, struggle, pain, and suffering have taken place will often continue to hold the energy of these events until cleared.  Clearing is being done the world over those with pure intent and the ability to clear and bring in Light energy. 

Clearings also take place through natural events like fire.  Many Civil and Indian war sites have been cleared through fire.  Do not forget that Gaia is a living soul who is also evolving.  She is not a simply a piece of dirt to be used for mankind's benefit.
As  individuals spiritually evolve,  their energy field becomes lighter and lighter because the essence of Divine Consciousness is pure Light.  Individual energy fields are easily seen and felt by those sensitive to energy or with the ability to see auras.  This is why you may be drawn to or repelled by certain individuals even if you do not actually see their energy field.  

Everyone senses the resonance of others because there is only one which brings about either alignment or non-alignment with the whatever energy is present  be it a person or place.  This is why you may feel the need to avoid certain places, events, or people--you simply feel out of sync with the predominant energy.  Honor that.   On the other hand, it is also energy alignment that draws together people, places, and events be they positive or negative.

Evolution is the slow and often painful journey through lifetimes of experiences necessary for a soul to finally awaken from the illusions of sense into that enlightened state of awareness that has always been fully present but which has been hidden behind false concepts and beliefs.  

Every new truth attained  (not just intellectually known)  expands one's energy field causing it to  grow brighter and lighter and allowing him to more easily acess  spiritually evolved ideas, beliefs, and people of the same resonance.  This is the Law of Attraction. 

You may question why there are those who have psychic abilities who do not appear to be spiritually evolved. Their psychic readings and predictions often reflect the third dimensional belief system and are filled with doom and gloom.  Many of these people developed and carry in cellular memory psychic abilities attained in previous lifetimes often through techniques for the manipulation of energy and the accessing of other dimensions.

Teachings about energy manipulation were a large part of the mystery schools and were intended to aid the student toward enlightenment.  However, there were a few not yet ready or evolved enough to use the techniques honorably.  Some  broke away and began to use what they had learned for selfish gain which was the origin of what is termed the black arts.   Unenlightened energy  is seen and felt as dense, dark, and heavy.  

There are still those today who seek to use the manipulation of energy for personal gain.  Pure energy  is neither good nor bad, but just is.  However, it can be and is used for both in accord with the state of consciousness and intention of the user.  Healing modalities are based in  the ability of a healer to flow Higher Light energy and bring into balance discordant energy. 

Healings will remain as long as the patient stays in alignment with the new frequencies.  It often happens that individuals simply return to their old ways (those that brought about discord in the first place), allowing the situation to return.  For these, at some point  energy healing will cease to help for they must learn to do their own work.
Energy  manipulated for selfish purposes, appears dense and heavy because of the absence of Light.  When used for healing, it appears as crystalline colors or gold Light.  This is why there are so many tales told about sorcery, energy manipulation, and negative witchcraft as well as white wizards and powerful healers. These stories  tap into collective cellular memory and are not simply imaginary.

It is important to know that not everyone who is psychic but holds no interest in  spirituality was  a negative manipulator of energy.  Many seriously studied and learned in the mystery schools and used the information as  intended.  The teachings of the ancient mystery schools (there are still some on earth today) were presented mostly from levels of duality and separation because that was the predominant consciousness of those times.  
Today many who are psychically gifted, especially those in all the healing arts and self improvement modalities, worked in the Sacred Healing Temples of long ago and still carry these  abilities in the energy of cellular memory. 

As you spiritually evolve, your ability to access heretofore unavailable frequencies increases because your personal resonance is now able align with them.  You may start  to see people and animals who have passed on.  Many of you are doing this now. This usually happens in the sleep/wake state when you are not yet fully awake. 

There is no reason to fear these experiences.  Know that those who come to you may be confused and do not know where they are, or even that they have died. They  are attracted to your light.  You can explain to them that they need to go to the light where help and guidance awaits  

Many of these dear ones who linger have been thoroughly ingrained with beliefs of hell and damnation and as a result are terrified to move out of earth energy.  Request that Guides or relatives come to assist them into the Light.   If after some time they refuse to leave you can simply tell them to go.
Never be afraid of these experiences.   Too many stories based in the ignorance of duality and separation have been passed down through lifetimes and are still a part of many religious teachings.  This false programming has caused many to be afraid, believing that anything "psychic" is evil and therefore must be feared and rejected.  In reality the "other side"  is everyone's true home and thus  much more real than earth experiences.

It is unwise to open yourselves to the other side without thought through games, drugs, or ceremony.  There are un-evolved beings who would love to communicate with you if you allow it.  Do not ever fear connecting with your Guides and teachers but state an  intention to be open only to Beings of Light before you practice channeling or connecting.  This intention needs to be done only once.  
If or when you go into fear with regard to experiences of the psychic kind,  immediately bring to mind who you really are--not a human being subject to any and all beliefs of duality and separation but rather an expression of God in manifestation.  This acknowledges that there is nothing absolutely nothing real that could ever separate or make you less than the Divine expression that you are.  As you center and align with this higher awareness, you  automatically shift into a higher consciousness, one that fear and lower resonating energies cannot enter.

All fear is arises from the belief that something or someone has seeming power over you.  Fear cannot exist in a state of consciousness that knows no power but God--the God of your own Selfhood.  Negative appearances can only exist where there is an energy of belief in them to form them. 

This is not to say you will never again have a fearful thought, experience, or witness fearful three dimensional situations, but as you grow more and more into a consciousness of truth, they become further and further apart, no longer having energy to feed them.

Most of you have already begun to notice more synchronicity in your lives. Things are beginning to fall into place without effort, and solutions seem to appear when needed.  This is because you are beginning to identify as Self instead of self  and understanding that the real Self is complete and whole now, not at some future time.  An attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness expresses outwardly in seemingly ordinary ways.

You are creators but have not known it and so have looked to a God in the sky or human solutions to fix what you yourselves have created.   Use every experience to examine your belief system, and never doubt that peace, harmony, unconditional love is your birthright.

The whole journey is about ceasing to seek these things in the outer world and instead  remembering that they are already fully present within and then allowing them flow out as your every experience.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                             7/23/17

Note to readers--There will be no Arcturian Group Messages until late August.

                                    JULY 9, 2017

Dear ones, once again we reach out in love to bless, heal, and inform all who wish it.  In this  time of strife and confusion you must learn to rest in and live out from the highest level of your consciousness.   Many of you are being "tested" so to speak, not by  God who knows only His own infinite completeness,  but by yourselves.  

You are being faced with a choice;  "Do I really believe what I know of truth or do I not?  Based on images and news, I should be afraid, but based on the truth I know within, why should I react to the outer scene if it is illusion?  There is, never has been, nor ever can be real death."  These words will sound shocking to some,  but need to be considered by anyone serious about their spiritual evolution.  Either God is, or God isn't.

We would  speak of love as emotion.  Oneness is experienced on the human level as a form of connection.  It has over time come to be interpreted in hundreds of different ways according to individual states of consciousness.  Because of beliefs in separation, this connecting energy has come to be selective and  present only with certain people. 

In the human scene the attraction or aversion a person may feel toward another usually has to do with mutual past life experiences, the unconscious yet active (cellular memory) energy of some interaction with or knowledge of a person from another time. This is the source of what is called karma.  Karma is not irreversible punishment for some past action as many believe, but is rather  the presence of old energies still active and needing to be cleared. 

Karma is believed by many to be some sort of "pay back" because as energy seeks to align with like energy, it will seem like that is what is happening.   Karmic resolution between two people happens automatically when one or both evolve and begin to live from a higher state of consciousness in which the lower resonating energies no longer exist.  Having  only belief in them and no law to support them, they simply are no longer exist. 

However, there remain many not yet able to resolve and clear old energy at this higher level. Those living fully in third dimensional belief system do not understand energy and karma and so seek to  resolve  karmic interpersonal issues according to their concepts and beliefs--often through violent action or angry confrontation.  This only serves to continue and activate a karmic situation which at some point in some lifetime will need to be cleared.

This is easily observed as world chaos.  Everyone, spiritually awake or not,  is experiencing the intensity of the Light frequencies pouring onto earth at this time.  These high resonating energies are exposing and bringing to conscious awareness  personal and collective energies that must be cleared in order to integrate the higher frequencies.

Powerful and sacred energies are  being experienced on all levels;  physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, serving to  draw all who are ready towards awakening into self empowerment.  Those who thrive on the ignorance of others, do not like this, and so continue to broadcast and promote the illusion.  Be awake dear ones.

The spiritual journey will often draw (Law of Attraction)  people into relationships and situations that they really don't like.  They begin to question; "What was I thinking?"  Most are unaware that the  "like energy" that created the situation was energy stored and active in cellular memory from the past.  

However, in this powerful time of transition rather than being karmic, many unpleasant situations are the perfect unfolding of a pre-birth contract created and agreed upon by all involved for purposes of completing any remaining lessons and resolving all old  issues in preparation for ascension.

In order to bring resolution to certain deeply imbedded old energies, a soul will frequently choose to be born into a family that reflects the issue.  This  serves to activate it, not allowing the individual to ignore or bury it deeply as they have done in previous lifetimes.  Example; Someone who has been deeply involved in a belief system or religion  lifetime after lifetime but who feels that they are ready to move beyond it will  choose a family still active in that particular belief system so they can practice it, then evaluate, and finally leave it.

A person who has been devalued and abused in other lifetimes will often choose to incarnate into an abusive family in order to activate his low self esteem and finally  rise above it, empowering himself.  These types of decisions are made pre-birth and with the help of Guides making sure that the person is now strong and evolved enough to address and clear something they may of carried through lifetimes.

Everyone creates a lesson contract before incarnating, one that will  bring together the right people at the right time for the situations necessary to resolve whatever old concepts and beliefs they are ready to release. The HigherSelf orchestrates the necessary parts of the puzzle, bringing everything together at the appropriate time in order to activate the lessons chosen. 

Individuals unaware of pre-birth planning will seek escape through whatever means are available, unaware of how to meet the particular situation on a higher level.   These situations can exist between parent and child, siblings, husband and wife, relatives, neighbors,friends and acquaintances, and even localities.  Awareness of the truth of being does not mean you can not or do not help those   who are struggling, but means that as you do it you are able to see beyond the appearances and help from  levels of compassion, not sympathy.

So you see, in reality there are no accidents and no victims, although it certainly seems that way to human eyes and especially to those having the experience.  Each and every soul is on a spiritual journey toward awakening into the truth of self as SELF  even those totally unaware and disinterested in this fact. There are no exceptions because everyone is the manifestation of the Divine, nothing else exists.  

It is important never to  remain in a dangerous situation believing that you are being spiritual and are resolving something on  a higher level.  The others involved may be simply unable to align in any way with  higher ways of resolution.  Always trust your intuition.

Karmic connections can be cleared when only one person is willing,  both are not needed.  When the willing participant chooses to no longer engage (not so much in anger, but in the sense of love energy), he lifts himself out of the old resonance, no longer in alignment with it.  This is often done by those with no conscious awareness of deep spiritual truth, but who have attained a state of consciousness that automatically guides them toward meeting situations on new and higher levels.

It is only by choosing to remain in and feed some false belief that karmic situations continue.  Without energy to hold them in place, they simply dissolve.   If the other person or persons choose to continue in the beliefs, it does not affect the one who has chosen to move on unless they re-engage. 

It is  important to clear the energy cords that form from experiences of intense good and bad between people. Many carry cords to certain people from lifetime to lifetime resulting in a bondage of sort to that person. It often takes place between a parent and child, lovers, family members, and friends as well as enemies.

Energy cords can be easily removed by stating your intention to do so,  asking your Guides for help,  and in a quiet uninterrupted time visualize your hands filled with  Light going into your Solar Plexus chakra, and gently removing any cords.  Then lovingly hand them back to the other person and fill the empty space with golden Light.

A spiritually evolved energy worker can also do cord removal for you, but always use your intuition when seeking out a person for energy work.  Choose someone of a high resonance who works from an evolved level of awareness and not one who has learned the techniques but does not yet have a good understanding and consciousness of the truth behind them.

Emotions are a large and confusing  part of life lived in third dimensional energy.  Sexual attraction has come to mean love.  Dislike has come to mean another person is somehow less.  Confusion regarding negative emotions often sends  people to therapists where they frequently  analyze and more deeply imbed them  rather than getting to the core of whatever beliefs have created them.

This does not mean you cannot seek this type of help if you are guided to it nor does it mean that therapists are not sincerely trying to assist people.  Help is provided for all states of consciousness, on all levels, but for those spiritually ready for the deeper work, it can create spiritual delay because you are no longer in alignment with much of the third dimensional ideas and techniques they use. For those guided to seek the help of a therapist, ask to be guided to one of evolved consciousness. There are many out there but they do not broadcast it.

The taking of drugs to manage emotions simply serves to mask and push them deeper within rather than allowing them to be understood and cleared.  Unless really necessary which they often are in the third dimensional belief system,  drugs should be avoided.   All chemicals  ingested  effect the energy field, and a great deal of the information regarding drugs  is based in greed and false concepts of normality. 

Drugs taken by choice  promote a false sense of spirituality and wholeness resulting in addiction, spiritual delay,  and often the waste of a lifetime and planned lessons.  For those awake to truth, it is important to keep the body clean and clear, creating an appropriate vessel for the integration of higher frequencies.

Allow emotions to express, not resisting, hating, or being embarrassed to have them.  Love them as facet of who you are at the time recognizing that emotions serve to alert you to your belief system and stored cellular memory now ready to clear.  You are no longer an un-awakened human being if you are reading these messages, so stop thinking of yourselves in that way.  You are well on your way toward ascension into higher dimensional frequencies, no longer seekers of truth. 

Your state of consciousness  reflects outwardly.   If you are experiencing a difficult situation with someone,  something, or some place recognize it as a signal that something is trying to clear--some false belief you still hold.  Ask yourself; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"  This will point you to what it is that needs deeper  examination. 

As we have stated many times, Love is the energy of Oneness but is interpreted according one's individual  state of consciousness.  Every issue of daily living can be resolved once it is understood that there is only One.  This then allows you to recognize and clear any beliefs of separation you may still hold,  making room for a new and more evolved state of consciousness to unfold.

Do not expect that you will never again experience a reaction to someone who has hurt you or that you are a spiritual failure because of it.  Clearing and healing takes place as you open to truth about everyone's Divinity, but within the density of physicality it takes time for the healing to fully integrate. 

Your inward or outward actions of unconditional love may never effect the actions and beliefs of another so do not look to the "problem people" in your life to change.  Their awakening is their job, not yours.  

As you grow in truth and awareness you will discover  that certain people and situations   simply disappear out of your life.  This is because you are no longer in alignment with the lower resonating words and actions involved that allowed you to be wounded.   You are now able to "Let the heathen rage." while you live and move in the higher realities of Love and truth.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  7/9/17

                               JUNE 25, 2017

Dear ones,  be not afraid of what you are seeing and hearing, for these are the symbols of a changing universe, the dying throes of old energy that is soon to become part of another world in which you who have chosen to awaken need not take part.  All have been given the choice to ascend.  Most are un-aware of this, but on the deeper levels, everyone is choosing.  

Try not to fear for or be concerned  about family and friends who may be choosing not to awaken at this time.  Their Higher Self in its infinite wisdom may know that they need more three dimensional type experiences before they will be ready to leave them behind.  Every person will ascend  into higher levels of awareness at some point in their journey, it is inevitable.  Mans true nature is Divine and he is not meant to spend forever living the experiences of illusory beliefs. 

Be not afraid dear ones, for you are not now and never have been what you see when you look into a mirror or what you were told and believed yourself to be.  It is a new time, a time of awakening and a time for rejoicing in the realization that you are in reality one with the Creator and thus one with all that the Creator is. 

The Arcturian group would like to speak of peace.  Not concepts of peace that come from signed documents created through force or obligation, but true peace, a peace that is only able to manifest outwardly when consciously present within.  Peace is spiritual, not material. 

True peace is a peace that the three dimensional state of consciousness knows nothing about and thus can never successfully create through treaties, wars, dominance, and punishment--ideas based in the sense of separation.  Because "peace" created through these methods is based in duality and separation, sooner or later the "good side"  will flip to the "bad side" for the belief in duality always manifests as  pairs of opposites.   Real peace can only manifest when the substance from which it is formed is present--consciousness.

Peace is the natural expression of Love, the realization that all is ONE within the ONE.  Why would  anyone want to hate, hurt, deceive, lie, kill, and make to suffer,  itself?  It is only the dense energies of personal and collective un-evolved states of consciousness that see power over others as an appropriate action to bring about peace.  Peace is the birthright of every person because it is the reality--globally and individually.

Dear ones, there is only ONE and that ONE is you.  Human eyes that only see physical forms of the One believe in separation, but all lifeforms are individual manifestations of the only substance there is--One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Divine Consciousness. 

The acceptance of true identity as being Divine, moves  an individual beyond the fears and doubts that come with believing that humans are only material bodies subject to every experience of good and evil unless protected by any means. This realization comes only after many experiences lived under the thumb of duality and separation (earth school)  which finally lead the weary soul to open and embrace their true self.  It is then that a consciousness of true peace begins to unfold, bringing with it peace of mind, the peace everyone seeks.

The root of real and lasting peace (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)  is a conscious realization of Oneness.  Each day more people on earth are experiencing a deeper sense of oneness, often without conscious awareness of what it is they are feeling.    Witness the actions of an increasing number of people who choose to sacrifice themselves in some capacity for others, often strangers or animals.  These actions are usually spontaneous , arising without thought in some moment of extreme need from that core of love everyone carries within. 

At this time there are many very evolved souls  on earth, here to be an examples to others as well as to add their Light to the collective. They did not need to come in order to resolve karma or learn lessons of love,  because they have already done this work on earth or on other planets. 

Seeing the need of humans for help at this powerful time of change,  these souls lovingly chose to assist.  You can see them in all walks of life doing seemingly ordinary things and will recognize them by a loving but often intense energy as they work to bring deeper awareness into situations where it is needed.  They are often intuitively felt as being powerful, but to human eyes look ordinary.

Actions of love occur daily,  but you are primarily served the negative from most news sites.  This is why it is important to limit your involvement in the news because it can easily pull you back into old energy.  It is fine to be aware of what is going on around you, but do not align with it.  It is the same idea as when you align with the energy of some low resonating person and then find yourself drained of energy which is how the term "energy vampires" came about.

In all situations, and with all people, places, things, and events keep your energy field clear, filled with light, and not in alignment with any lower resonating energy that may be present.   Lower resonating energies have a sense of "heaviness" about them which is  easily felt in some places and with certain people.  Do not fear it for it has no power other than what you give it,  but be aware of not aligning or identifying with it.  You may just choose to leave.   

Until an individual realizes that everything he seeks is already present within, he will continue to seek outwardly from persons, and things.  You unwittingly offer your own energy when you align with another's  lower resonating energy, remember there is only one.   In the belief that you are being loving and sympathetic,  you may discover yourself feeling drained and wondering why.   Without conscious intention they have utilized your energy.

Sympathy-- ("I feel your pain.  Oh, how you have suffered etc.").   Compassion-- ("I understand.  Perhaps you could do this etc.").  Because there is only one, alignment occurs easily.  It is especially important that those who work as counselors, therapists etc. to remember this, clearing their work space and energy fields often.   When you align with anything, you become one with the energy of it--people, places, things, ideas, etc.  This is the secret behind relationships-that work, both evolved and low resonating--their energies are in alignment.

There is a fine tuning of sorts happening now for all who are spiritually aware.  Up to this point,  serious seekers have been allowed to continue in some of their old energy ways without much repercussion, but because the resonance of earth has become so much more rarified,  everyone's corners of belief are being swept out and the spiritual leash has become very short. 

Remember this when small events and actions once considered unimportant, start to  feel very important and may even  bring in  a sense of guilt which you don't understand.  This is because your energy field has become increasingly more attuned to the higher frequencies of Light causing you to easily sense when you are out of alignment. 

It  has been said that at a certain point the spiritual journey becomes like walking the  razor's edge.  This is what you are doing now.   Let go of trying to figure everything out with the human mind because it cannot be done.   Trust that the I that you are knows the plan.

Be  the peace you seek-- real peace--you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                          6/25/17

We are the Arcturian Group                                                          6/25/17
                                     June 4, 2017

It is our loving work to advise and assist everyone  awakening into a new and truer state of consciousness.  You are doing a fine job of it, in spite of the confusion often resulting from the discovery that many tried and true beliefs were nothing more than concepts  accepted as reality.  The first step of all change is awareness.

Gaia and all her people are experiencing the energies of a massive shift into higher and truer ways of understanding.  The blinders are coming off and this can be traumatic for the un-prepared  because everyone has  lived hundreds of lifetimes in the dense three dimensional belief system, embracing  it as reality.  Opening to and accepting that it was formed from illusory concepts of duality and separation can be very difficult to accept.

The early stages of awakening often bring about emotions of guilt and shame.  This is because when certain past actions are remembered with new awareness,  they are recognized as having been negative and selfish.   When and if this happens, lovingly accept that that you were acting from  your highest sense of right at that time which is all anyone is required to do, and call to mind that guilt and regret are emotions based in identification with a false sense of self. 

At the same time, be aware that many of those past experiences now causing shame or regret were actually pre-planned interactions, opportunities important for the spiritual growth of all involved.  Be alert to emotions as they arise, not resisting them but seeing them as perfect signs pointing to lingering false beliefs--"What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"

It is time to begin thinking of, believing in, and accepting yourselves as Divine Beings, as I AM instead of the personal sense of self as Mary or Jim.  Yes, the world will continue to see you as human and you will continue to go about your human activities, but until you can accept and know yourself as I AM,  you will forever be on a journey of seeking.  Journeys are meant to lead somewhere, not meant to go on indefinitely.
Continuing to hold only to the personal sense of self blocks the attaining of higher states of consciousness.  Many intellectually accept the idea of oneness, but continue  holding tightly to a false sense of self that believes itself to be only human, separate and  unworthy of being One with God.  Many, especially those steeped in religious doctrine, still consider the idea of oneness to be  sacrilegious--the same unenlightened beliefs that resulted the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Identification of self as SELF, one with Source and all that Source is,  is the next level of spiritual evolution, and until a student of truth is willing to take the step of accepting that all life is an expression of the ONE  Divine Life including themselves,  they can go no higher in  spiritual awareness, but instead remain on a wheel going nowhere, and perpetually seeking.  

As you go about your day, use every experience to practice knowing "I AM".  For example, when you look into your wallet and find nothing there, instead of saying to yourself;  "I have no money"  which will serve to perfectly create that exact thing,  say instead;  "Yes, I see and acknowledge the appearance of lack, but I know that the I that I am is self- sustained and self- maintained and therefore I am the very substance of abundance." Then get the flow going, living out from  "I have"  instead of   "I don't have"  in the realization that you are powerful creators.

The flow can take place on all levels, physically giving away those things you no longer use or need and donating money, even a penny.  Emotionally taking time to listen to someone who needs an ear, and mentally knowing the truth about another. The key to shifting awareness from "I lack" to "I have" with regard to all things (not just money),  is to realize that all good  flows through you, not from youPersonalizing  good caps the Divine well within.

Do not expect a basket of money to suddenly drop from the sky, but know that you are on your way to shifting into and experiencing the fruitage of your realization of Oneness,  a consciousness that knows God does not give abundance, rather God IS abundance and therefore "I  am abundance" in all its forms--(ideas, creativity, wisdom, peace etc.) A consciousness that knows the substance of everything needed is already present within SELF.

You are spiritually ready to separate "seeking" from "being" and move into the realization that  "I am everything I seek".  You have done the work and are ready to move beyond;  "If I can just know enough truth good will come to me". Think upon these two statements for there is a subtle but very important difference.  

It is the ability to live every situation as best you can  (even when needing to take some very human footsteps)  from a place of;  In spite of appearances, I stand in the truth that I am the very substance, energy, and reality of completeness and wholeness in all its forms because the I that I am is Divine, God, Source  manifesting and expressing Itself as me. 

Truth  always seems ignorant and naive to the un-awakened, but you who are ready, must begin to come out and be separate, living your awareness. This does not mean that suddenly there are no more discords because you have not yet fully attained, but does mean you have begun the process of being "in the world, but not of it". 

As old energies carried  through lifetimes are seen through, cleared, and released and you start to trust and rely more and more on the reality of who and what you are, this will begin to be reflected in the outer scene.

Continually translating the seemingly ordinary things of daily living into the truth they represent opens and trains the mind to new ways of interpreting.  Left on its own, the human  mind simply draws upon what is already present in personal and  consensus consciousness.  Mind is an avenue of awareness.   Most of the experiences of those who live fully in the third dimensional belief system are expressions of habitual and unenlightened thinking--mind chatter translated into manifestation. 

You are Divine Beings.  You are One with Source.  You are complete and whole-- NOW, not after more years of study, classes, books, and ceremony.  Evolution is simply the journey of moving from an unawareness of ONEness,  into the full awareness and experience of IT.

This does NOT mean you can never take a class, read a book, or do  specific meditations you may be guided to do, but rather means you do these things with the understanding that they can not make you spiritual, but may instead awaken you more deeply into the realization that you already are spiritual.

Spiritual evolution must a process because the physical body could not withstand the fullness of Light energy all at once.  There have been instantaneous shifts, but these are rare and occur when an individual has been fully prepared from other lifetimes, or when an already fully evolved spiritual Being takes on human form in order to assist the world.

Every cell of every organ in the physical body carries cellular memory associated with that organ or function from other lifetimes.  These old energies are based in illusion but nevertheless still resonate and effect an individual until seen through and released or a state of consciousness is attained in which they simply dissolve into the nothingness that are, freeing the person from their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual influence. 

The energies of truth are the reality but energies of illusion  still hold dominant sway for most of the world because unenlightened beliefs are manifesting outwardly as form and are what the physical eyes can see.   Enlightenment comes by Grace  when a person is evolved enough to understand and embrace truth.  You who read these messages are ready or you would not be reading or even understanding them. 

The time is now to move into truth, not simply thinking about it, talking about it, and seeking it, but be it.  When an individual continues to seek outwardly after knowing that everything they seek is already within,  they hold themselves in old energy that will continue to manifest as duality and separation, often questioning why.  Because everyone has free will, choice is always honored.  Do you believe in ONE and that ONE manifesting Itself as you or not? 

Avoidance can go on for lifetimes because in many respects it is an easier.  There is the presence of the consensus consciousness supporting third dimensional choices.  Living truth is difficult in the beginning because it takes constant alertness to shift one's thinking throughout the day and often there comes a sense of disconnect from those around leading to feelings of loneliness. "Am I the only person who sees things in this way?"

This sense of disconnect is temporary because it has no law to hold it in place, and is simply the expression of old energies of separation still resonating.

The beginning stages of living truth are more often than not thinking and acting out of habit in the comfortable but illusory ways you are accustomed to with a great deal of effort toward correcting ones thought processes.  With time, persistence, and  serious practice (as well as a good sense of humor),  living as "I"  instead of as just Mary, Joe, or Jim,  will  gradually becomes an attained state of consciousness lived without effort.

Only Source in Its  infinite completeness IS.    IT is what you are.    Be IT.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                          6/4/17

                                   MAY 21, 2017

Dear ones, with love and understanding we seek to assist you in your journey out of the miasma of dense illusion and into reality.   Life has become  a time of tremendous struggle and confusion in a world accustomed to living according to the rules and beliefs of third dimensional consciousness.

You have been taught incorrectly through  lifetimes and thus still carry cellular memory from many experiences serving to validate duality and separation.  Life lived within the third  dimensional belief system was necessary in order to awaken out of it, much as a small child  falls many times before learning to walk.  These experiences have now served their purpose, you have learned to walk and are now ready to run.

The Divine Self of every individual  continually seeks to be recognized and known.  This is why so many continually seek their good in the outer because they do not yet know that everything they seek is already present within.  Evolution is the journey out of illusion and into a living breathing consciousness of Reality.  Once this state of consciousness has been attained, the burdens and struggles within the illusion as well as all the seeking and yearning, ceases. 

In order to understand that the attainment of material concepts of good  (power, objects, money, beauty,etc.) do not and never can bring about real fulfillment,  individuals must  first experience  the seeking, then attaining, and finally the disappointment that comes with the realization that their life may now be more comfortable by human standards,  but the yearning is still there, and will remain until found where it is, within. 

Earth school is a difficult but powerful evolutionary path and  it was the free will choice of every person residing on earth to be here at this time, whether or not they are aware of it.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  The belief that suffering and pain make you more spiritual is false.  Pain and suffering (self inflicted or otherwise) are not a part of Divine Nature and therefore not a part of your true nature. 

The concept that pain and suffering makes you spiritual are facets of the duality and separation belief system.  These teachings represent the belief that the spiritual is separate from the physical and therefore the physical must be dominated or eliminated in some way in order for  a person to become "holy".   You are already "holy"-- everything physical is simply a material concept of the spiritual.

A spiritually evolved individual is still able enjoy the finer things of life "In the world, but not of it".  If you enjoy  fine china, fine art, nice clothes, and a beautiful home there is nothing wrong or un-spiritual about having them.  Free will allows personal choice.  But when material concepts of good become needs and necessities instead of choices,  an individual is in old energy. 

You have reached the place of choosing exactly what it is you want.  Do you really want to evolve into truth or do you want to continue playing the games of illusion based in beliefs of duality and separation while pretending to be a truth student? 

An attained consciousness of truth does not happen simply by being interested in truth, going to  workshops, or reading metaphysical books.  These things represent the beginning stages of the spiritual journey, but there comes a point at which truth learned must come alive through  intuition listened to,  recognizing the Divine nature of all, and  seeking within instead of without.

The higher resonance of an evolved state of consciousness automatically and without personal struggle, will clear and override lower resonating energies still carried by a person.   This is why so many serious truth students are finding themselves in difficult physical, emotional, and mental situations right now, causing  them to question and  believe that somehow they have failed. 

No dear ones, when these things happen it means that have attained the understanding and readiness necessary to clear and release whatever beliefs the issue represents.  It is a graduation.

One's belief system can be easily identified by observing  automatic responses and thoughts.  The secret to moving beyond concepts that have become habits, is to first recognize them but never claim them to be personally yours because they are impersonal universal beliefs that you have at some point accepted as truth.   When you find yourself slipping into  unloving responses, do not resist and condemn yourself, but simply recognize them as old programming and replace them with truth. 

It is the intent and goal of every soul to evolve and experience who and what they are, although most do not remember this once they are on earth living in third dimensional energy. They call evolution a journey because that is exactly what it is.  In the earlier stages of awakening, it is a process of stepping and falling, stepping and falling often by way of experiences that are unpleasant or even downright awful to human thinking. 

The intention to know God/Reality/Truth only takes place after many lifetimes and many experiences lived in third dimensional  consciousness which then serves to bring a person into their readiness for more--"Is this all there is?".     

It must be understood that once an intention to awaken has been made (consciously or unconsciously)  life experiences become no longer random, but instead are drawn by one's Higher Self for purposes of learning and awakening.   Doors previously closed to the third dimensional consciousness now begin to open, making available  guidance and help from the higher dimensions.   
At a certain  point, the experiences necessary to awakening become less intense and difficult because the seeker is now open to higher ways of understanding the world and has learned to recognize appearances for what they are.  He has learned to trust his intuition and has attained a level of spiritual awareness that makes unpleasant "wake up calls"  no longer necessary.  As powerful creators,  you can state the intention;  "I choose that my life lessons be easy and gentle.", however  never feel you have somehow failed if some are not. 

Most of you are already evolving  from within rather than from without.  You have done the heavy lifting but remain timid about being who you have become, afraid to come out and be separate, choosing instead to pretend some stance or belief.  The  inability to claim and integrate one's power is the result of entertaining the ever broadcasting three dimensional message of; "You will never be good enough." which causes personal fear and doubt for even for those very awake.

Everything and everyone is Divine Consciousness in expression, for in One there simply is no other.  Thus claiming one's power simply means living out from the security and confidence of a consciousness that recognizes and accepts its own Divine nature.   Those empowered by truth never express themselves through  boastful or holier than thou attitudes, but simply live life from a conscious realization and acceptance of self as SELF in balance--their masculine speaking, leading, and doing;  their feminine intuitive, loving, and creative.  

Claiming one's innate power never means you can no longer enjoy the company of old friends or engage in activities you have always loved for everything is spiritual in its purest form.  However, many of you are finding  that you no longer resonate with many of the the things you once enjoyed.

Many of you are finding yourselves being guided to speak out on some topic or activity whereas before you would of remained silent.  When this happens, always allow your words to flow on an  energy of unconditional love rather than stiffly judging, refusing to do something, or be with certain people out of a misguided sense of superiority.

Moving on from some group or activity must always  be accompanied by respect for those who may still need the experiences of the particular group or activity.  Self righteousness easily creeps into the thinking of those who believe themselves to be more spiritually aware than others.  Those new to truth are especially susceptible to self righteousness and must realize that everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be. 

Some souls  require more third dimensional experiences in order to awaken while others do not,  and thus comparisons or attempts to bring another to one's own state of awareness is a three dimensional idea reflecting separation.  These dear ones may as of yet be no where near ready to hear truth and this must be honored. 

It is important not to "cast your pearls" but keep them lovingly protected within your heart.  You can cast seeds of truth by occasionally throwing  a sentence or idea into some general conversation which may cause a receptive individual to open and think about what you have said.

Unconditional love  allows everyone to evolve at their own pace even when the higher solution to their issues and problems is glaringly apparent.  Never forget  that every person has a Higher Self, Guides, and a pre-birth contract even if they themselves are totally unaware of it.  This truth is often overlooked by parents and close friends who desperately seek to help, but may instead be simply getting in the way of the other's lesson.

The world as it has always been known is quickly changing as higher dimensional  frequencies of Light  pour in.  Everyone on earth is experiencing  these new energies physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually resulting in the need for a trust in truth and understanding that everything is proceeding according to plan.  It is a trust that flows from the realization that the chaos of world appearances is formed of old and false energies that have no law to support or to hold them in place. 

As you grow in the awareness of who and what you are, fears and intense involvements in third dimensional issues lessens (unless you are guided to be involved).  Your Light is dissolving the false creations of duality and separation--you are Lightworkers. 

You are here at this most powerful time because you choose to be here.  Believe it and  BE.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                             5/21/17

                                        MAY 7,2017

Dear readers, once again we come in love and with the very best of intentions for your spiritual advancement.

Although world evolution appears to be stalled, unchanging, and even regressing, know that the intense frequencies of Light flowing to Gaia at this time are serving to expose the long hidden creations of that un-illumined consensus consciousness based in duality and separation that has held and continues to hold mankind in bondage.

World chaos  is serving to awaken many still living comfortably in the belief that anything they are told by governments, churches, and experts, must be true.  They are beginning to reclaim their power, asking; "Is this really how I want my world to be?  Is this really the way things are?" 

It is a small element that continues to keep the dark machine running but energies of belief serve to feed fresh energy to their machinations and keep them alive. This is changing, this is the ascension process--as more and more awaken and refuse to play their games, world consciousness must and will reflect  new and higher expressions.  

There are no laws to support poverty, lack, or limitation in any form  other than those formed by a belief in them.  Lack is a part of universal consciousness (duality--haves and have-nots)  until it is no longer one's state of consciousness.  Divine law is a law of abundance and multiplication.  Observe the blades of grass and the leaves on a tree for these reflect the Law of abundance in  manifestation. 

Where there is an  attained  consciousness (not intellectual knowledge) of oneness with Divine completeness, there is abundance, for the door has been opened.  New and better ideas begin to flow effortlessly to all  aspects of  life, and those things necessary seem to somehow be there when needed.  Most people still live under the thumb of duality which manifests as pairs of opposites and  is considered normal by human standards.

Having  lived under the domination of duality and separation consciousness lifetime after lifetime, the idea of completeness and wholeness  sounds  impractical and unattainable to many.  Try not to resist the truth of abundance, declaring reasons why it cannot be. The energies of third dimensional experiences (experiences of lack and limitation) remain stored  and active in cellular memory until cleared--the process you are in now.
Mankind is continually being bombarded with energies of fear, lack, and limitation which can make awakening difficult, especially for those new to truth.  This is why we say that it is important that you limit you indulgence in the news, and things  that continue to hold you in the old  consciousness.  Instead, when you become aware of issues, use them to trigger an awareness of truth; "Yes, I see this, I do not deny it, but the truth is..."

Intention is always the key in any action.  When an individual states his intention to awaken, the journey begins and will unfold by Grace as the Higher Self begins to draw whatever experiences  may be necessary for spiritual evolution.  Some of these experiences are not the happy "light and love experiences" a new truth student often expects, but eventually every soul graduates from needing  "wake up calls" to learning  from inner guidance .

You are ready to embrace and integrate completeness and wholeness because you now understand that  Divine Consciousness is all that exists, and that therefore IT  must be the essence of who and what you are.  Separation and discord cannot exist within ONE.  The spiritual evolutionary journey is the gradual attainment of this state of consciousness though meditation, study, practice, and life experiences.

Many still believe that at  a certain level of awareness  the spiritual journey is complete.  Ascension is  a shift into  higher dimensional energy, but there is never completion.  The ascension continues into the higher dimensions because Source is Infinite; eternally expressing Itself in new and infinite ways.  Man, God's expression of Itself,  is thus also ever seeking new awareness of the One Self. 

The human condition with its worship of the intellect, is in actuality the bottom wrung of a very high dimensional ladder.

In the human belief system, there are always goals, the drive  to attain some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual goal in order to then cross it off the list and  move on to another goal.  The spiritual evolutionary journey is ongoing, each new facet of awareness building upon what has already been attained.

There is no point at which you will no longer experience new and higher ways of understanding truth if you are open to it.  Abundance/multiplication is Divine law and thus manifests on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)  which is why resistance to change acts to block its expressions as well as spiritual evolution..

This is often a problem for spiritual teachers, leaders,  experts, and even individuals well along the spiritual path.  When someone believes they have arrived and that there is nothing more to learn, they block anything new from coming in. They write books and teach classes promoting their attained level of awareness but because they identify so heavily with the ideas they teach,  any change would represent a loss of "self"  and so they resist and fear it. 

Self proclaimed spiritual leaders and their followers often hold the most resistance to truth.  They  hold rigidly to  concepts of truth  believing them to be the wholeness.  They make these concepts their lifeline, and refuse receptivity to anything that may deviate from their beliefs system.

This is the ongoing error of the many organized religions that hold followers to strict rules  (which in reality are simply some "leaders" three dimensional concepts of truth).  The disobedience of these rules is often punishable in this world as well as in the next where everlasting punishment awaits. These false teachings serve to create the perfect block to  higher understanding.

When an individual is truly ready to evolve, old beliefs long held as true  automatically begin to fall away--the person's resonance has changed and is no longer in alignment with them.  This  may bring about a period of personal struggle and  fear. as well as strife within the family, church, and friends because up to this point their belief system may of been their only bond.

Evolution is change.  As you spiritually evolve, the fruitage will always be new ideas with regard to  work, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, beliefs, etc. regardless of what your work may be.  Evolution is the eternal  unfolding of Source within all of Its  expressions and states of consciousness.  Source recognizing and loving ITSELF.

Some of you are finding that your favorite spiritual practices and teachings no longer resonate with you in the powerful ways they once did. This does not always mean that these things are finished, but often indicates that you are ready to move beyond the way in which you have understood them, into a deeper realization of the truth they represent.

Never fear to leave behind  practices that  may of been vital to your journey at some point.  Realize that spiritual practices in and of themselves have never had the power to make you what you already are.  They are simply tools that serve to augment energy and assist one to see and understand on a higher level.  Like all tools, even spiritual practices become obsolete because once you have attained the consciousness of who and what you really are, what is their point? 

Creativity in all its forms is the Divine Feminine expressing Itself--Divine Mother giving birth to  new ideas in infinite form and variety on all levels and in all dimensions.  The energy of the Divine Feminine resides within the heart center and as increasingly more people allow their hearts to open, integrating and activating the energy of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Divine Masculine, it will manifest as creative ideas  heretofore never dreamed of. 

In order for this true creativity to flow and manifest, the Divine Masculine must also be integrated for they are two halves of a Divine Whole.  Men are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Feminine to flow, while women are being guided to integrate and allow their Divine Masculine to flow.  The creative ideas of one without the other are either non-existent or only able to manifest in incomplete, three dimensional, and often uninspiring forms.

Allow the process dear ones, allow the process.  Be not afraid to embrace and  implement each new truth into all facets of daily living.  Trust that your Higher Self is always guiding and leading you to where you are ready to be.  Allow the process.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                        5/7/17to add text.