Love God with all your heart, acknowledging that God is the only power and that there is no power in any effect.
Love your neighbor as yourself by refraining from all judgement as to good or evil, by forgiving seventy times seven, and by praying for  your enemies.
Recognize the infinite nature of indiviaul being, the corollary of which is that there is only one Self.
Begin to pour in the realization that to him that hath shall be given.
Demonstrate God and not things.
Meditate on God and the things of God.
Live only in this moment, which is the only moment there is.

Chapter 9--A MOMENT OF CHRISTHOOD  from   Practicing the Presence
                                                                                       by Joel S. Goldsmith.

Invisible obstreperous intrusion

Like subtle bits of stale and
           acrid air that assult then
           fragment the whole.

Asleep in dull distraction, the false
           forever craves its lover-
                                 its creation-
who comes quickly bearing gifts-
                            empty boxes gayly wrapped
                            mind baubles
                            cacophany of ego balm

While Soul in Silence,               waits.

                                 Marilyn ChampagneRaffaele/1992