Be still, so still that your breath
                becomes an inflow and outflow of peace
                        from a Source deeper than mind,
                                   body, or circumstance.

                       Drop all resisitance and feel yourself
                           embraced in an Ocean of stillness,
                                 carried on waves of Grace.

                                        Rest like a wave--
                                             without fear,
                                            without hope--
                                     in an Ocean of peace
                                     beyond its endurance.

                                 For the Soul rests in God
                                     with total assurance.

                         From the book; THE CATALYST FOR GRACE
                                                                 by Patricia L. Ferrara
                                                        HIDDEN MANNA

Though your sins be scarlet, you are white as snow.  Only do not go back; do not sin again; do ot go back to the belief of a sense of separation from God.  Do not go back to seeking your good from outside because after you have learned that the kingdom of God is within you and that you must let it flow up from the within to the without, if you then again go seeking it without, you create  deeper sense of separation than you ever had before. Do not do it!  Do not go back!  Do not go back!  "Go, and sin no more." 

Do not go back to being hurt because somebody is not doing for you what you think he should: forgiving you, co-operating with you, or recogniziing your virtues.  Do not go back to that. Loose him!  Forgive him and let him go!  You are alone with your God.  You are alone in your god-being.

There are times when you are faced with the appearance of discord, inharmony, pain, lack, or limitation; and the temptation is to make a mental effort to indulge in vigorous thought-taking, affirmations, and denials in order to achieve peace and haromony.

Now reverse that, and whenever there is an appearance of discord, relax. Make no mental effort.  Remember that your good does not come to you by might or by power, but by the very gentle Spirit.  It does not come to you by your striving, by our efforts, by your thought-taking; it comes to you from the depths of you being, in stillness, in quietness, and in confidence.

You are not to try to achieve a healing.  You are to be still and let the still small voice take over.  You are to let the Spirit descend upon you.  Rest.  Rest right now in the midst of the disease, lack, discord, or inharmony that is disturbing you. Rest.  Relax!

                                                        Hidden Manna chapter of "Leave your Nets" by
                                                                                 Joel S. Goldsmith