Be still, so still that your breath
                becomes an inflow and outflow of peace
                        from a Source deeper than mind,
                                   body, or circumstance.

                       Drop all resisitance and feel yourself
                           embraced in an Ocean of stillness,
                                 carried on waves of Grace.

                                        Rest like a wave--
                                             without fear,
                                            without hope--
                                     in an Ocean of peace
                                     beyond its endurance.

                                 For the Soul rests in God
                                     with total assurance.

                         From the book; THE CATALYST FOR GRACE
                                                                 by Patricia L. Ferrara
     The only heart naturally open to giving, is
          the heart that has been opened by receiving.

                     Many people give.  Some give that they
                         may  receive recognition, wile others
                               give to help their self-esteem.

                      Some give from pity, or sympathy, and
                       some that they might be seen to give.
                     Some, of course, give because they have
                               an open, loving, caring heart.

                      And then there is recieiving!  There are
                      those who have had to learn to receive
                           that they might continue to live.

                          It is only by someone receiving that
                         another  person can give.  Sometimes
                    the greatest gift that you can give a person
                        is to gratefully and gracefully receive.

                       You gift to yourself by..;.choosing Love!

                                                           Michael J. Roads

No person...

No experience...

No relationship...

No thing...

No belief system...

Can give you what you already have.