AUGUST 31, 2014

We of the Arcturian Group once again come to greet you during these times of seeming confusion and change.  You are powerful beings of Light but when in the physical, do not remember this.  The human experience causes many to think of themselves simply as flesh that will die and that is nothing after death.  Because of this, these dear ones often  relentlessly seek lives that encompass everything  they believe to be good and important regardless of consequences.  You often hear the phrase; "You only have one life so live it to the fullest."  Well yes,  do live to the fullest, which means living in a consciousness of truth and not human concepts.  You do have only one life on earth--one at a time.

You have all lived hundreds of lifetimes.  You who read and resonate with these messages are old souls.  Know that you are able to resonate with the energy of higher truths  because they are  your attained state of consciousness--otherwise messages of truth would make no sense.  Energy  flows and resonates with like energy which  is why you are now discovering that certain people, foods, entertainments etc. no longer seem important--your resonance has changed while these things have not--you no longer resonate with them. 

We come once again to speak of love, but this time with regard to love of self.
Most human beings carry some sense of self-loathing or low self esteem which often manifests outwardly through acts of  violence, suicide, abuse, and actions of a negative nature or in a lesser degree in the refusal to accept  help, gifts, compliments, or love.

In order to love in the highest sense, one's own self must be included which  often proves to be more difficult than the act of loving others.  As an individual begins to awaken,  he becomes aware of past experiences where he failed to meet the mark--memories of saying or doing things  that now shock and shame him.  He becomes very aware of human failings and begins to  compare himself to what he believes he "should be".  Each time he reads or hears how a person must love self, he hears a little voice that says; "Oh, but remember you did or said this or are not  worthy of love.  You are a bad person".

Forgiveness is the first step in loving self.  The basis for forgiveness is the  understanding that a person can only live and act from their attained state of consciousness.   Issues creating shame  result from actions that were taken in a different state of consciousness --you are no longer that same place which is why you may react with shame regarding  some past action--you are seeing  from a whole new level. 

Human beings learn from trial and error in the earlier phases of evolution which is what karma is all about. Karma is simply the balancing of energies, a way to learn and experience all facets of whatever particular energy an individual has set in motion.  At some point in the evolutionary process, karma is no longer needed because one begins to live out from a higher level and be taught  from within. 

As serious students of truth you have been meditating, sending Light to Gaia and  her kingdoms, and doing what you  are guided to do and study.  However, many of you have never forgiven yourselves for real or perceived faults and actions, or seriously and consciously considered what it means to love yourselves.  Instead, the idea of loving self is pushed aside and ignored while your personal sense of self (ego) continues to carry around the belief of  being "unworthy" or "less than" like a heavy ball and chain, lifetime after lifetime.

Even for long time spiritual students, the idea of loving self may feel inappropriate and like ego action-- which it is not.  These feelings simply represent a third dimensional concept of what it means to love self.  In order to move more deeply into living, moving, and having your being in the higher frequencies of truth and love, you must include yourself for ALL are  in and of the One--you as much as anyone else no matter how "holy" another may seem.  

In your times of quiet and meditation, make a practice of going through all of your chakras, bringing the golden/white light down through each from above the crown with the intention that each chakra be opened, cleared, balanced, and aligned as the Light enters it.  When you reach the solar plexus which is the seat of personal identity,  pay special attention to the honoring of Self, stating your intention to clear and release any and all old energies still being held and acting as blockages within this chakra.  The memory of some person or experience may pop into your awareness indicating something needing to be cleared.  You may remember some experience or person who activates  feelings of inadequacy or self loathing.  Whether or not anything comes to mind at that time, state your  intention to release with love, any and all negative energetic cords that may still be attached to  you from  people or situations in this life or past lives.  Visualize Light flooding your whole being and especially the solar plexus chakra and then let it all go.  

Loving self does not refer loving the ego self although you must also learn to accept and not resist that part.  The ego self is not the real you, but is a perceived, false sense of self that has built up over lifetimes lived within  the beliefs of being separate from Source and all others.  Loving self means acknowledging your Divine nature and forgiving any missteps taken while in ignorance of this.  Loving self means having the courage to admit when you are wrong while not  berating yourself regarding some issue of the past.  Loving self means to live out from who and what you really are in spite of appearances.  It is a taking back of the innate power you unconsciously allowed to be taken from you.

During the process of learning to love self, try to avoid going into resistance with regard to the thoughts that may come into to your awareness . When a spiritual student  begins to  recognize and acknowledge his Divine nature, he often finds that there also comes that determined  ego voice whispering of how short he falls of the truths he is learning and reminding him of the many ways in which he has shown that his nature is not Divine.  There will  come the temptation to resist these thoughts, telling oneself; " I must not allow this voice to govern me.  Go away, I will not accept these thoughts.", etc. etc. 

Resistance simply gives a power to these impersonal ego suggestions.  A better inner response would be; "Yes, I have believed myself unworthy, and yes, I still carry  guilt and feelings about  certain things I have done in the past, but I now choose to release these old energies and move ever more deeply into an awareness of who and what I really accept that I AM THAT I AM." 

Learning to recognize and ignore the ego blather will  begin to shift your belief system.  It won't be long before you have reprogrammed  habitual thinking and begun to trust in the truth because you now realize that you not only have, but are the power and presence  to be what you are and do what you came to do. 

For most, change does not happen overnight, the programs of separation and duality have been long in place--programs that led you  to accept that you were less than others and  that only those with money, looks, and power, education, or "holiness" were important or worthy of love.  ALL are in and of the ONE.  The appearances and circumstances of daily living for each and every person  has to do with their pre-incarnation choices. 

You are ready dear ones, ready to embrace and begin to actually love your selves through acknowledging that you are Beings of Light learning and evolving through third dimensional experiences.

Once you unlock the door of loving self as SELF, you will discover that this is the long hidden  key, the Holy Grail, hidden  where none find it until ready and thus you open the way for Divine Love and all its qualities to flow infinitely within and without.  

We are the Arcturian Group                                                              8/31/14                                      

                                  AUGUST 17,2014

Dear Ones, again we greet you at this time of accelerating Light energy on earth.  Much higher dimensional energy is flowing and being received by all who are receptive.  Many still refuse to acknowledge and  accept the gifts of spirit being offered at this time but that is the blessing of free will for no one need do anything if they choose not to.   All who are open and receptive are now experiencing the increasingly  intense light energies  physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It is a powerful time to be on earth and  many who wished to be here, stepped aside for those who could carry and add more light to the evolution of mankind. 

We are aware of the anger and frustration many feel with  regard to current world wide situations.  Be patient dear ones, for every awareness with regard to some world issue indicates Light shining into some shadowy corridor of the third dimension.  Many of the issues now coming to light all over the world are not new issues as they may seem, but have
been hidden, denied and thus perpetuated  generation after generation by an un-evolved society as well as by those who realize that their self-serving interests would be affected by change.

Exposure brings about change, for as mankind becomes aware of what has been going on behind the scenes, it begins to realize the necessity for change.  When enough people demand it,  new laws will begin to be passed that reflect a public awareness based in reliable and true information while giving no credence to the  protestations of those who find  security in what is old and finished. 

Practice seeing  painful world events with new and spiritually aware wake up calls for universal change.  Recognize these things to be the illusory manifestations of a dense and un-awakened three dimensional consciousness. 

There is  an element that wants to start wars and continually feed the energy of fear to the world for their own self serving reasons.  Be aware and do not allow yourselves to enter in to  their games, for fear is the energy that feeds the dark on all levels.
Fear is the root of  all problems within the third dimension.  All worry, anger, frustration,disease, etc. etc. has at its root the energy of fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of things not working in the way one has been led to believe they must, fear of lack and limitation, fear of pain, fear of death, fear of certain life experiences etc.  Fear is the belief in separation and is the bottom line of every human issue...serving to create and maintain all third dimensional problems and difficulties.   

When you find your self concerned about something be it  large or small, ask yourself; "What exactly am I afraid of?   What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"  Be very honest with yourselves, not allowing the ego to immediately voice some concept the world has given you regarding your particular fear.  When done sincerely, this practice will zero in on whatever concepts and beliefs you may still be holding, allowing you to acknowledge and then clear them.

Individuals usually need not be consciously aware of the source of their deeper buried fears. (eg; life long fears of heights, water, animals etc.)  If this information is necessary in order to clear it, it will be given--in dreams, through a spiritual teacher/channel, or in whatever form may be needed.  Do not actively seek to revisit these experiences simply for curiosity sake for this can  add energy to that which you are trying to clear.

The job of the spiritual student is to state his intention verbally or silently to clear all old and finished energies from his energy field.  With this intention will come whatever help and awareness may be needed.  Remember always that you are powerful beings of light and your words, thoughts, and intentions serve to create.

The deeper fears are usually rooted in past life experiences, but until an individual spiritually awakens, new ones  continue to blossom as a result of  the teachings and influence of a universal impersonal  world consciousness containing all human beliefs.  Always remember that any fear issues you may discover are never personal, are never really yours,  Fear is imposed upon the un-awakened consciousness from the consensus beliefs of separation and duality.  These beliefs are always available in human consciousness to be accepted or not--the choice is yours.  Evolution is the dissolving of these false energies, replacing them with truth which then manifests outwardly in higher and truer forms.

The real YOU consists only of Divine Consciousness  and contains all that is embodied within  Divine Consciousness.  Your realization of your Oneness with  Divine Consciousness  automatically constitutes your oneness with every Divine Idea  as well as with the spiritual reality of every living thing.  However, this realization must become your state of consciousness and cannot be just intellectual knowledge. This is the journey.  

When you realize that something is not true , why  hold on to it?  Ask yourselves that.  Too many still view spirituality as nice ideas limited to an hour on Sunday but impractical for everyday living.  It is time for all those  serious about spiritual evolution and ascension to walk the walk and to cease just talking the talk.   Those who confine their spirituality to some Sunday morning service, are going to find that they make very little real spiritual progress and remain enmeshed  in outdated concepts and beliefs. 

If you seek  to come into the actual realization that you are all the things you have been seeking, then you must  realize that the "saints" and "holy ones" of the past as well as the present, are no different from you.  It is only that they know who they are, they remember. That is the only difference.  Now it is time for you to remember-- living out from and being all that you truly are.  No more victimization, no more feeling sorry for your plight in life, no more whining.  It is time dear ones,  it is time.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      8/17/14                               

                                 AUGUST 1, 2014

Arcturian Group once again wishes to speak of love because  understanding the true essence of love is of the utmost importance as the people of earth move forward.  The third dimensional belief system holds an infinity of concepts regarding love--none of which are real.

Love is the glue that holds together all of creation--IT is the energy of interconnectedness between all living things within One Divine Consciousness.  It is the one energy,  substance, and activity  flowing in and through  seemingly separate life forms, yet is always  the ONE because that is all there is-Omnipresence. 

The sacred connection between all life is experienced by everyone and has been named love by the world.  Because of spiritual ignorance  within the third dimensional belief system, this sense of connection or "love", has over time become personally and universally categorized, limited, and regulated  into beliefs far removed from what love really is.

LOVE IS  and  can not be  categorized or put into  "appropriate" or "inappropriate"slots from which it is judged.   All life is in and of the one and only life and all are connected by virtue of this.   As with all issues of life,  the state of an individual's consciousness interprets the energy of interconnectedness (love) according to his particular belief system and then manifests it positively (actions reflecting oneness) or negatively (war, rape, abuse)--judging who is worthy of love and who is not. 

For the serious spiritual student, it is long past time to move beyond  third dimensional  views of love and move into an awareness, acceptance, and practice that reflects  Oneness. 

Love is not sexual attraction, nor is it an emotional reaction (positive or negative) you may feel for another although that is often a facet of it, especially with those you have known well in other lifetimes.  Love is not something that can be  withheld or given according to a whim of the ego.  LOVE IS--period.

Over time an un-awakened world consciousness attached rules and limitations on love--categories  of emotion, attraction, acceptance, religious dogma, worthiness etc etc.--declaring only certain categories of love as acceptable.  Some of these rules were necessary for the times in which they were created.  However, it is a new time. a time to move out of these concepts and beliefs.  LOVE IS, always has been and always will be, and can never be limited or changed regardless of how many false interpretations about it third dimensional minds may think up. 

Many still struggle with the idea of love as Oneness  because of ingrained beliefs about love being an emotion of attraction or acceptance.  Because of this, they find they are unable to love either themselves or any who appear to be causing trouble to others. This is understandable, do not judge yourselves for this, but instead  understand that you were taught and  lived these concepts  lifetime after lifetime causing them to remain  in cellular memory which is what you are are now able to recognize and clear.  Most were not ready for the deeper truths until now.

Concepts of love are continually presented to the world by those believing themselves to be intellectual and  spiritual  authorities. That is fine at some level, but as spiritual students you have gone beyond needing others to tell you what is truth and what is not, you have achieved that state of consciousness where you can be taught from within.  Old beliefs are often held long after they no longer serve, simply because an individual has never felt it important to  take a good look at himself or question his belief system.   This is when a "wake up call" may manifest.

LOVE IS the energy of Oneness, a realization of the innate Divine nature of all life.  Even when events require you  to speak firmly, or discipline another, you need only silently and secretly hold  a recognition of their divinity to be loving them.  When you become aware of atrocities in the world or even within your own families, you are not expected  to feel warmly and lovingly about it.  It is perfectly acceptable to sign a petition or  speak out if guided,  but always doing it from the  stand point of knowing that all are one within the One regardless of outer appearances.   Living out from LOVE never means being another's door mat, but means recognizing yourself and others for who you and they really are as you do or say what is needed.  It is the practice of giving no power to illusory outer appearances.

The Divinity of individuals who cause trouble and pain for others may be very hard to recognize, and they may never acknowledge it in this lifetime,  but your job is to know it is there.  This is love, this is how you love, and this is how you add light to world consciousness and help dissipate the density of separation consciousness.  Until mankind learns to love in the truest sense, love will remain locked in outdated concepts and beliefs.   

Go within and ask yourselves "What is love?  What do I believe about love?  What do I need to let go of in order to move into the truer sense of love?"  Be very very honest as you examine your own particular beliefs about love and be aware that letting go of long held  limiting beliefs will probably affect your interactions with those around you who only know the "old" you.

In the third dimension, loving others frequently  flows from the  belief that there is someone who is less than and must be "fixed".  This attitude toward assisting others reflects duality--the belief that the giver is blessed but the receiver is not and often serves  to feed the ego of the giver, who considers himself to be more  spiritual or "holy" because of his "sacrifice".  

Life is filled with opportunities to  physically, emotionally, or mentally  help others and this is right activity.  However for the spiritually aware,  loving action must flow from a higher sense, one in which the receiver is recognized as being just as spiritual as the giver --equal but experiencing different life lessons and perhaps living out from a different state of consciousness at the time.  Never be afraid to offer assistance  IF IT IS WANTED, but always be alert to  ego suggestions prompting you to believe that you know what is  best for another.  Always be guided by your intuition, going within and asking if you are not sure.  There are some who simply must fall flat before they can experience the  higher or better ways of learning, and however difficult, it is loving to simply let them.

LOVING YOU in the highest sense, we are the Arcturian Group                   8/3/14


                                 JULY 20, 2014

Today we speak to you of ascension.  You are beginning now to see the results of higher dimensional energies pouring into world consciousness causing the dissolution of many old paradigms and bringing in a receptivity to truth and there is much  yet to come.  Up till now, ascension  has been the distant goal of hundreds of individual  lifetimes of experience and learning finally to be understood only after death with the help of one's Guides.  However at this time--NOW, planetary energy is shifting and raising in frequency  through the presence of so many enlightened beings on earth at this time. There are many from other planets here in human body simply to add their light to this process. The higher dimensional Light of so many enlightened ones is serving to dissolve the false and bring about the personal ascension of many while still in physical body.  Those of you reading and resonating with the Arcturian messages can rest assured that you chose to be here at this powerful time to be a part of this. 

Ascension  is the reason so many struggle with difficult experiences.  In order  to shift into higher dimensional energy, there must  first be a clearing of the lower resonating energies still  held in cellular memory--these energies cannot be carried with you into the higher.  These energies usually remain dormant as long as an individual is comfortable and all seems to be going well--thus some  powerful "wake up call" may be needed  to jolt him out of complacency.  "Negative" experiences are not  signs of failure for a spiritual student, but instead are indications of a spiritual readiness to move deeper.  However not all energies needing to be released are negative,  sometimes it is an intense connection to someone that has become so interdependent over time as to hold the student back.   Because this is such an important time on earth, most of you chose birth families that would serve to activate deeply buried issues, bringing them to a conscious level where they could be finally resolved and released.

Through an honest examination of all experiences, the good as well as the bad,  you will come to understand that much of what you have accepted as the way things "must be done, must appear, must work"  in order for them to be correct, are  instead simply concepts, many of which were accepted in other lifetimes and carried into this one.  Everyone has had different lifetime experiences  and so everyone's clearing experiences will be different.

Impersonal universal human consciousness contains all third dimensional thoughts and beliefs.  The beliefs and ideas of this  impersonal human consciousness are never yours until you personally accept them as true, at which time they  become your state of consciousness and can begin to manifest outwardly. You may say; "But I don't believe this" or "I am spiritually aware, so how did this thing  manifest in my life?"   This is  because energies  of duality and separation are still resonating in cellular memory and any general acceptance of the third dimensional belief system will appear outwardly.  There is no un-manifest consciousness.   Many of you may re-experience these impersonal energies as they clear, especially those from the emotional body, just don't pull them back in, once again personalizing them.

If it seems to you as if you are going no where spiritually, know that this suggestion arises from  human concepts of how spiritual experiences must look.  Films, books, and even some spiritual teachers present pictures and ideas of ascension and spiritual evolution according to their  personal experiences and state of consciousness.  Every individual is different and there is no one experience for all--to believe you must have a particular experience is human.

Some are attracted to the teachings of the East  because they learned and lived these teachings in other lifetimes and  resonate with them.  Others may find themselves drawn to teachings from the nature path...those of  Native Americans and other aboriginal groups.  Many are finding themselves drawn to convents and monasteries for no apparent reason.  This is  because you have lived these experiences in other lifetimes and everything you resonate with either positively or negatively is now coming to your awareness.

Always remember that at a certain point, you no longer need  the modalities--paths, rituals, and teachings.  Tools can guide and assist  in the earlier phases of awakening   but are no longer necessary after realizing that you already are that which you seek and that your oneness with Source constitutes your oneness with all that Source is.  The tools can help open an individual to deeper awareness but there comes a time at which any dependence upon them must cease in order that teaching come from within.  Holding tightly to some path, tradition, or teaching  after it has been outgrown only serves to keep one in old and finished energy. This does not mean you cannot occasionally work with an evolved reader or teacher, or schedule an energy session, or take some class you may be guided to take.  It means you no longer believe you NEED these things.

It is important that you not judge yourselves for any human beliefs or thoughts that may flow to you even if you temporarily  accept them.   Impersonal ideas are often inadvertently accepted because you still resonate with their energy. For example if a person has had many previous lifetimes of disease, he will be more susceptible to the concepts of health and disease floating about in universal consciousness. 

Resist any temptation to guilt, regret, or self loathing for thoughts or actions you may embrace,  instead use these realizations as  reminders to go deeper.  If you realize that you have ignorantly accepted some belief or another  that you now recognize as false,  know that the sky is not going to  fall down nor will you be  "smote from above" as punishment.  These experiences are simply opportunities for growth, and investing them with a power they do not have is duality and separation.  Always remember that nothing, no word, thought, experience, or appearance can ever separate you from who and what you really are.  Learning becomes more gentle with time because the need to learn through struggle and pain is finished.  Most of you are at that point now.

Trust your intuitive sense about things.  If some thing in your life (food, books, entertainment, world view etc.) is  no longer resonating with you,  know that you have shifted beyond the energy of it and try not to revive it as it was in the past no matter how pleasant or perfect it may of been at that time.  Try very hard not to add  energy to negative outer appearances, but instead reinterpret them.  For example, you may become aware of some humanly negative or violent activity, but the spiritual reality is that all activity between living things is the activity of interconnectedness (Love-- many within the One).  In this case that spiritual interconnectedness is being reflected through the third dimensional consciousness of separation--it is still the interaction within the One, but colored by false belief.

Trust that once you choose to evolve, you are indeed evolving regardless of any outer appearances.  It is not necessary to jump up and down, light a candle, chant certain chants, go to church every week,  or stand facing a certain direction saying certain words to get the process moving.  You have all  evolved beyond these beginner activities or you wouldn't be reading these messages.  Nothing is needed but the intention to evolve.  It does not mean you cannot visit a church and enjoy the beauty of a service nor does it mean you cannot sign a petition or speak your truth.  It means you no longer give these things a power they don't have, but instead,  rest in the realization that there is only one power and that power is within.

There are those who believe they have already know all the answers and so there is nothing more for them to learn or understand.  Sadly, this ego stance serves to act  as a box enclosing them with their own creations and preventing any real spiritual growth until such time as they are ready to open themselves to more.

Evolution is a gradual journey into higher dimensional energy.  Ascension is the achievement of that state of consciousness that will allow you to shift into the higher frequencies. The higher and faster the frequencies, the nearer to pure Light they become.  The third dimensional world is unable to see these higher frequencies with human eyes and so denies them, but this is changing as more and more come into alignment with them.  As beings of light, you allowed your energy to slow and become dense in order to experience the third dimension for the purpose of remembering truth while seemingly separated from it.  At this time most of you are ready for completion and are on earth to once and for all clear any remaining energies from these life times.

Trust that you are well on your way regardless of the lack of so called spiritual experiences.  Open your hearts to the truth behind  what you may behold in the outer knowing that all, even the seemingly un-awakened are releasing old energy.  There are some not yet ready for ascension, honor them and concern yourselves with your own inner work.  It is not wisdom to try and convert another not yet  ready for your  level of awareness.  Keep truth silent and secret in your heart and those ready for what you have will find you for energy seeks its own level.

Relax, rest, and take time often to go within, even if you have to get up in the middle of the night to find quiet.  Stay present in each moment no matter how mundane or frightening--this is the spiritual journey which rarely comes as the blast of heavenly light depicted in movies  except to those who have already attained their personal ascension in a previous lifetime.

Trust, trust, trust that which is within.  It is time to claim your own Divine Power.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                        July 20, 2014

                                     JULY 6,2014

Dear ones, we come again to greet you with words of love and encouragement for we understand how difficult the world has become for so many.  Indeed, things really are proceeding as they should, so try not to get distracted by the  images you see through an understanding that images represent the third dimensional consciousness in manifestation.  This understanding was Buddha's enlightenment experience.  He then tried to teach others, but most were unable to fully comprehend the idea and  believed that since the whole world was an illusion, it was ok  to  ignore the suffering of others.  The world is real, it is the false interpretations of duality and separation consciousness that constitute illusion.
When you give illusions your concern, thought, worry, etc. you empower them with your energy. There is only ONE power and that ONE is real, forever, and held in place by Divine law.  Mankind is  beginning recognize this and see things for what they are-- interpreting from a state of higher awareness. 

God never formed ITSELF as  power struggles, wars, hatred, disease, or any of the negative situations manifesting now.  These things are mind interpretations based in a world consciousness of duality and separation.    Love is the connection and interaction between the many within the One, but this interaction becomes severely distorted when beliefs of separateness are held in a  belief system.  Error can never  become the truth, no matter how many may believe it.  You can say over and over that 2x2 equals 5, and the whole world may agree, but that will never make it true and as long as you continue to believe it, your personal check book will be off.  

Much of what you are now witnessing in the world as increased violence is the effect of higher frequency energies shining into corners of long standing shadows making it appear as though the world is becoming ever more violent and dense but which in reality is illuminating that which needs to be looked at and changed. Every time you silently acknowledge truth even while witnessing discord, you are doing the work of helping dissolve obsolete energies from universal human consciousness.  Your job is to know the truth (the spiritual reality behind the image) about everything  you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.

We have stated this many times, but we repeat--this is Light work, this is how you live as lightworkers; by not entering into and giving the illusions of sense more reality and power and then trying to fix them.  This does not mean that you make the mistake many have made of sitting back and blindly saying; "Oh it is all illusion, I need do nothing."  This means you take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, but only AFTER realizing that appearances have no law or reality to support them.  You will find that you become somewhat detached to many issues that  in the past deeply affected you because now your energy no longer be resonates with them.

We would like to talk  about "freedom" which is the word most often used as an excuse to kill and be killed in war.  Freedom is your Divine birthright.  You could never  not be free in reality for who could imprison God?  As you learn who and what you are, you will come into the  awareness that you are and always have been, free.   Even if you sit in a prison cell you can learn to be free within yourself and will find that as these deeper truths become your state of consciousness, your freedom will manifest in an outer way. 

Freedom is a state of consciousness, and can never be attained through war, power struggle, or the destruction others.  Freedom is already embodied within you and the  belief that you must attain it regardless of the consequences to others (who are actually yourselves in different form--all are made of the same "stuff")  is the height of the duality and separation belief system and is being kept alive by those who stand to profit from it.  It is only the ignorance of an un-evolved state of consciousness that has for eons led mankind to seek outside of themselves for that which is already within.   You are evolved enough  to move into new and higher ways of understanding and experiencing freedom.

This is the lesson--truth must be realized and lived if mankind is  to evolve into and then manifest higher ways of living.  The first step is to stop giving power to anything or anyone for the only power there is, is within you.  Seeming powers  are the result of beliefs held in the universal human mind--the ONE mind distorted by beliefs of duality and separation.   

This may be difficult for some to swallow, but every individual at a certain phase of their evolutionary journey  begins to not care what the world presents as  power because they have attained the realization that there is only One power.  As you live and move and have your being in this awareness, you experience an inner freedom even if  someone is  trying to keep you in some form of bondage.  You see as with all things, the inner state of consciousness manifests as outer.  Freedom is, always has been, and always will be yours but the world has not known this and has thus struggled to attain it outwardly. 

Those who find themselves in situations they themselves have created which are not easily gotten out of, may find nothing seems to change even as they begin to realize that freedom is within.  If this is your situation, do not give up in frustration but instead understand that an apparent absence of physical, emotional, or mental freedom usually involves some karmic  lesson specifically chosen by an individual for learning and evolution.   As the lesson needed is learned and moved beyond, the reality--freedom, must manifest.  This does not mean you cannot take human footsteps, but means that you must be very honest as to whether or not you are running away from a situation, or have evolved beyond needing it.  Know that certain actions appropriate for the un-evolved soul may not be right for an evolved one.  Always trust your intuition.

There is  a popular statement; " Freedom isn't free".  Well, we beg to differ, freedom is free when recognized and claimed.  Wars are  manufactured by those who stand to profit from them--never forget that.  All are within the One.  You are the person you war against for there is only One individualized as the many and it can never be otherwise. 

Take these truths into your heart and ponder them dear ones, for the energies of war and the profiteering from it in the name of "Freedom"  must  dissolve into the nothingness that it is as mankind awakens. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                          7/6/14

                                                      JUNE 22, 2014

I AM THAT I AM.  Say these words aloud and say them silently.  Hold them sacredly and secretly in your heart and ponder their meaning.  I AM THAT I AM, (The answer given Moses when he asked God's name) is a  mystical statement of profound truth available to each and every soul for all are in and of the only ONE.  Humanhood is not I AM,  for ego is but an  illusory sense of who and what you are...a personhood created from a consciousness of separation.   These sacred words resulted in torture and death for anyone voicing them in past times of ignorance, powerlessness, and suppression.  
I AM THAT I AM has been declared by enlightened masters throughout time but has been overlooked by the un-evolved masses  unable to comprehend the depth or meaning of them.  It was and still is commonly accepted that this statement  applies only to a male God person made in man's image and likeness looking down from the sky.

Dear ones, you are ready to embrace the deeper truths, taking them into your consciousness and making them yours.  As you sit quietly in meditation or walk alone in a quiet forest, ponder the meaning of "I AM THAT I AM".   Ask yourselves; "What do these words really mean? Could they apply to me?  Who is this I?  Are they true?"  Note that the words do not say I will be after I meditate for a few more years, or  I could be if I would just work harder--they state "I AM".    You are ready for this step dear ones, the step in which you begin to actually embrace the deeper truth about yourselves and stop dilly dallying about on the surface of metaphysics. 

Arcturian Group wishes to address the upsurge of violence you have been witness to lately and remind you that this is the surfacing of very dense and heavy energies  held for centuries in certain areas of the world.  What may appear to be backward steps for mankind is  actually the activity of ever increasing Light on the long held shadows needing to be cleared.  Energies of the past must  be seen as such--the past, old, finished.  They must  give way to the  new  for the only life and power theyreally have comes from the universal belief in them.  This is how evolution works.

Try not to focus on  violence or the people involved in it,  but instead realize that everyone is a spiritual being acting out from their present state of consciousness--many of which are still fully enmeshed in duality and separation.  Hold to truth regardless of  appearances, not denying them or dismissing them as simply illusions, but remembering  how appearances are formed.  The material world represents a mind interpretation according to individual and global states of consciousness--world belief system. In the human scene you see the perfect creations and qualities of Divine Consciousness through a stained glass window--the colors and formations, your state of consciousness.

A consciousness  fully aware of its oneness with the fullness of Source will appear outwardly as whatever is needed (not always what you think you need) because Divine consciousness-(your consciousness when awakened)- is complete, harmonious, and whole in every way.  When you forget and allow yourselves to resonate  with appearances of duality and separation, you add energy and fuel to them, the only substance they have. 

This is a difficult time for all--many are suffering and everyone is feeling the intensity of the new energies while at the same time clearing that which is old and heavy.  Do what you are guided to do by way of helping others in the human scene, but first and foremost hold to the truth--this is the way change will come for the outer scene simply manifests the inner.  You are creators but have not realized it.

Those who would prefer that you remain in the darkness and ignorance of the past,  are using every opportunity to spark fear and chaos at this time but much of that which worked before, is no longer working.  Try not to buy into ploys meant to feed world fear,  and be aware of what is going on.  Stay in the stillness of your center when  presented with the negativity and violence constantly being broadcast from the media and do not engage.  Be aware, but  not continually immersed  in the negative stories for that simply brings your energy field down to that level. 

It is not easy to break free of the hypnotism of the third dimension.  There are many observing your struggles with great admiration for your strength and determination.  You are powerful beings of Light and are doing a fine job within an energy that does not yet fully support that.   You have experienced lifetime after lifetime in third dimensional energy and are programmed by these experiences  to look for solutions and answers with the mind.

You are  learning to  shift yourselves away from that impersonal universal human mind  filled with every belief of duality and separation and into a realization  that outer pictures whether good or bad,  have nothing real to sustain or maintain them--only belief. This is what is meant by the bible term "seeing through a glass darkly"...the manifestations of Divine Consciousness are always complete and perfect and embody all Its qualities (completeness, wholeness, abundance, joy etc. etc.) but when these ideas flow through the filter of duality and separation, they become something different.
The material world is a mind translation of  perfect Divine Ideas.  Imagine a bread pan... the dough is your state of consciousness and the bread pan is your mind.  The loaf is formed from the dough you put in it. 

There is only ONE MIND...another profound truth that many will at first resist.   Take this truth into your hearts and ponder it.  You are more than ready to receive and embrace the deeper truths, to shift out of metaphysics and into mysticism.

In the human scene, the One mind- your mind, becomes conditioned by whatever  false beliefs you accept. Every  belief ever believed is floating  in human consciousness and is never yours personally until accepted.  Because of past life experiences, each person  has a propensity for particular beliefs over others.  (Some may be more prone to health beliefs, others more prone to relationship beliefs etc. )

It is important not to claim old energies back  during your clearing process. For example you may be clearing cellular memory from the emotional body and re-experiencing  some of these emotions.  Instead of declaring; "I am so depressed, I am so sad, I am so angry etc. etc." which will fasten them back to you, recognize that these are simply old energies clearing and let them go.  The world would have you believe that there is a pharmaceutical solution to any and every discord (much to the financial benefit of these companies).  Seeking to "fix"  clearing symptoms can give them new life and power and slow the process but this is not to say you cannot consult a doctor if you are guided to.

Obsolete third dimensional energies of the past cannot be carried with you  into the new and higher resonance no matter how well they may have served in the past.  The choice as always, is yours.

As you begin to live out from the One Mind which contains within it no false concepts or beliefs, the outer scene will begin to reflect that, your consciousness will be  manifesting clearer interpretations of Divine Ideas.  Do not make the mistake of spending your time looking for results, saying: "Oh I have practiced and failed.  It doesn't work."   Change does not happen over night, and simply having the knowledge of truth does is not the same as the consciousness of it.  Eons of time and millions of experiences were necessary to develop each state of consciousness into readiness to awaken. First comes receptivity, then the intellectual knowledge, then the practice, and finally a new  state of consciousness is born, one which then manifests in the outer as the higher and better forms.

Take the profound mystical truths we have given you today into you hearts dear ones, for you are ready.  Examine them, ask your higher selves and Guides to help you understand and move into the consciousness of them, and practice. 

We are the Arcturian Group                                                     6/22/14


                                    JUNE 8, 2014

Dear ones, again we speak to you of the many changes taking place within this present timeline as  mankind ascends into a new and higher dimensional energy.  There are many still unaware of what is going on and thus continue to live their lives as usual, even trying to convince awakening family and friends, to continue in the old ways.  However, these dear ones  are finding that to continue  trying to live  in energies that are quickly disappearing, does not bring the desired or familiar results.  Much third dimensional energy and its manifestation has dissolved or is beginning to dissolve now.

The protests and dissatisfaction you observe among the people of many countries is because  they have begun to resonate with the new and higher frequencies resulting in an awakening dissatisfaction with the old, leading them to seek change through new forms of  governance, living, education, medicine etc.   So called "leaders" of many of these countries feel threatened by change and  do not respond, choosing instead to lash out with violence and rejection.   Eventually these "leaders" must fall because the energy holding these situations in place is dissolving.  Where does the shadow go when light is shown into it?   In your quiet time focus on peace, not on anti-war.  You see, there is a different energy in resistance to anything.  Resistance gives power to something that in reality has no power, and is a facet of duality.

Old false concepts and beliefs based in duality and separation  cannot be carried  with you forever, and  through choice and intent, must be consciously as well as unconsciously  cleared from your energy field. However, being open to moving beyond what is familiar is a free will choice. There are many who are ready but unwilling, and they will continue to do what they always done, relying on what they have been told by others and looking outside of themselves believing that they already have all the answers.  

Each must decide for themselves when  enough is enough and this is  sensed through a lack of resonance with  the old ways which in turn leads to a time of questioning  and seeking.  At some point the spiritual student will begin to practice what he has learned and live out from a higher state of awareness, drawing to himself other seekers and spiritual students.  Friends, co-workers, and family do not always recognize that an individual has changed, but will observe and often criticize his  new responses to outside pressures and daily issues.  Those ready will be drawn to his energy and will begin ask him about his spiritual journey.

Many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with people, ideas, entertainments, laws etc. that you previously fully embraced. This is because your vibrational resonance has shifted and  is no longer aligned with them as before.  That which you love and accept is that with which you are aligned--on the same frequency with. This is why most cannot see Guides or relatives that have passed on--the human eye is unable to align with the higher frequencies of the Light body.  This is also the secret of happy relationships. 

You may not even realize any change has taken place until you go about your day experiencing it differently. Once an individual has the intention to clear and release old energy, the deeper clearings will begin.  Some clearing has already  begun for everyone on whatever level they are ready to embrace, offering them an opportunity to grow.  Clearing often takes place in  sleep and can be experienced as a frightening dream which is simply the old energy of some past experience releasing.

At this time much of what needs to be looked at and cleared is presenting as chaos--things out of sinc, relationships no longer working, breakdowns on all levels.  When these things happen, go deeper-- examine your belief system very honestly dear ones,  taking time to sit quietly with paper and pen  writing down; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way, experience these things, or to have these difficulties?"  Be very very honest with yourself, for this is not a time to play games and make excuses.  After you recognize some belief you are holding, ask yourself, "Is this true or is it simply something I have believed because I was told it was true?"  This is work, dear ones because nothing will happen or change without individual effort and  intention. There is no one coming with a magic wand, you are your magic wand.  Those of you who resonate with these messages are already doing the work, helping to create the  new world. This is ascension. 

As you go about your day you will start to  have seemingly irrelevant but new ideas and experiences.  Never  be afraid to act upon these new insights --speaking your truth and having the  courage to say "no" if something feels old and finished for you.

There are still many who hunger deeply for the love and acceptance they are entitled to, but in ignorance continually look outside of themselves for that which is within.  Because of this, these dear ones say "yes" to everyone and every idea no matter how personally destructive it may be  and regardless of how much it may not resonate with them they believe that by saying yes they will be accepted and loved.  This yearning and search for that which can only be found within,  is the root of all problems and is the bottom line of all actions resulting in  imprisonment.

Fear of "bucking the system" is usually the result of  past life experiences in which an individual was forced to align with those in power under threat of severe punishment or  death.  The energy of these powerful experiences remains held in physical cellular memory as well as in the emotional body until cleared.   The emotional body  dictates to daily living in many ways.  If the emotional body is filled with fear and other negative emotions it can influence the choice to clear the physical and mental bodies.  When you experience fear emotions, recognize them for what they are--old memories (you do not need to know the exact cause), then give gratitude that now you are evolved enough to acknowledge, clear, and stop dragging these old energies with you from lifetime to lifetime. 

Make it your daily intention  to release and clear any old energies  still resonating within your physical, emotional, or mental bodies--anything not resonating with truth and light.  Consciously state  your intention to release all lower resonating cellular memories stemming from old vows and promises, physical inheritance beliefs, painful experiences,  diseases,  etc. etc. (whatever you are guided to address).

Arcturian group wishes to speak to that which causes so many to resist change, for we see many ready for the new truths, but who consistently resist   bringing truth into their lives. These dear ones believe truth to be very nice ideas, but far too impractical for actual daily living.   They believe that they must get on with their lives in more practical ways, ways given them by the "experts" and familiarity.  Dear ones, if you are to evolve you must begin to LIVE and practice  truth until becomes your state of consciousness at which time it will become the  practical every day way of living  for you. 

Living spiritually  is the most practical way of living there is, for you begin to create from truth and not from the illusory concepts of duality and separation.  Meditation is the best beauty treatment a person can give themselves.  As an individual begins to understand his  true essence to be completeness, harmony, wholeness and all the qualities embodied within the Divine Consciousness, he will begin to manifest this in every day living . 

Resistance to change and opening to truth is always fear--fear of the unknown, fear of losing self along with all that has been held as necessary and  important--the belief system that has been one's foundation.  The third dimensional energy of duality and separation causes people to see themselves as separate beings who must personally struggle and strive for every good.  Letting go of these beliefs means a letting go of the personal sense of self--EGO.   This can feel like a death and be very scary, for one's foundation is being pulled out from under them.  However you must understand that nothing real can ever be lost, only that false sense of self,  SELF  is forever. The real foundation will appear as the illusory one dissolves.   Let go of the dream dear ones, let go.

Trust is the answer. Trust practiced through knowing that you are always being guided and helped.  Try to see those  times of chaos as  blessings, revelations of beliefs you still hold needing to be cleared.  Try not to claim any painful experiences and emotions you may be having as yours,  personal to you, for this will give these clearing emotions a  home once again.   Instead, allow them to release and be gone through your awareness of what is happening, knowing that they are impersonal regardless of how awful you may feel as they flow through and out.  Try and stay centered, rest, and drink lots of water when you are going through the deeper levels of intense clearing which many of you are experiencing right now.

Mankind over time and through ignorance , has given away personal power by believing that others  know better then they about how life should be lived.  Over eons of time, individuals have learned to distrust themselves  allowing this belief system to become the consciousness of each following generation.  There will always be those who loudly proclaim their expertise about any and all topics but the choice of believing them is up to you.

Begin to trust your intuition and act upon it for this is your connection to your Higher Self. Begin to actually accept that you are a Divine expression and that everything you need is already present within your consciousness.  Know that you have access to as much and probably more information than that person loudly proclaiming their leadership and knowledge.  This does not mean you cannot consult someone who specializes in the sort of help or information  you may be seeking--it may be the only way you can get to a deeper understanding of something at this point in your development.  However, begin to understand that  those who serve in these ways are guiding you toward  the answers you seek, but they are not the source of them.  Your own consciousness draws to you that which you need, in the forms you can relate to.

Pull back from constant news and  media hype about what you must have and need in order to be happy and healthy, along with all the self serving political nonsense you are exposed to at all levels.   Question the statements of all who would have you believe they have all the answers and solutions for you and the world.  It is  time for mankind  to put on their long pants and get  "spines" so to speak for this is a vitally important time in the spiritual journey of mankind and if the opportunity is ignored, he will be left behind. 

Because of the gift of free will, every individual can take as long as he wants or needs to evolve, how you use this gift is your choice.  Think about what you choose dear ones, for the time is NOW.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                    6/7/14
                                    MAY 25 2014

Greetings people of dear planet Gaia.  We observe light shining ever more brightly as more and more awaken to new ways of seeing the world and their place in it.  This is evolution dear ones--the changes--the opening to new ideas and higher ways of understanding  normal everyday life issues. 

Spiritual ascension is not normally a sudden blinding flash that leaves you ascended (although this has happened for a few individuals who had already attained this  consciousness in another lifetime).  Ascension is a state of consciousness that has been attained through the myriad experiences  of many lifetimes lived in the energies of duality and separation. From these experiences, the soul learns and grows until at some point he moves beyond having to learn in this way and begins to be taught from within.  You are at that place now dear ones. 

Take your quest for answers into meditation and ask your questions there.  Ask for more Light, more understanding, and more awareness but avoid asking for "things" because when you ask for "things" you are automatically stating that you "don't have" and are creating "don't have".

Answers may come directly in mediation for those attuned to hearing the "still, small voice", but usually unfold afterwards and are the  "fruitage" of the meditation.  Answers will come in ordinary ways that can be understood and related to.  For instance your answer may appear as a book that somehow comes to you, or may be heard in a chance statement someone makes.  Frequently answers and ideas will pop  into your head while  doing something as mundane as washing dishes for often that is the only time the mind is quiet enough to hear the inner voice.

If you wish to hear, it is important to keep yourself free of constant noise and confusion.  Many are unable to recognize or hear the solutions they have asked for because they keep themselves in a state of continual noise and distraction and then wonder why they do not get answers.  If you would hear the "still small voice" then you must live and go about your work in a quiet centered way, one ear always open to "hear".   This does not mean you cannot have fun, visit with people, dance and live life, but we speak of those who choose to go through every waking moment with head phones on, texting, and generally living completely outside of themselves.

You see dear ones, spiritual connections are often portrayed in your media as a powerful psychic events with lots of bells and whistles.  Spiritual connections are almost always  experienced in quiet and seemingly  ordinary ways which the spiritually alert will recognize, but at the same time causing those expecting bells and whistles to believe that they have somehow failed.  

If you are sincere in your seeking for more Light on any topic,  the answers and ideas will always come and will come in a way you can understand.  The artist will not receive new and creative ideas in the form of a scientific breakthrough, nor will the surgeon seeking a new technique receive the idea for a new painting.   Mind will  translate your answer (Divine completeness) in forms that resonate with your individuality. There may be lessons needing  completion or old beliefs needing to be let go of before that which you are seeking can manifest but your choices and intentions are always heard--for you are seeking from your Higher Self--YOU. 

Arcturian Group wishes to speak of the facets of love.  Every activity of daily living is a facet of love since love in its truest sense is the energetic connection between the many within the One.  Individual actions  vary  according to the interests, chosen lessons, and state of consciousness  of the individual.   All actions  for or to self and others--compassion, forgiveness, understanding, service, and all forms of work and business are in reality facets of love because of the interconnectedness of  all  within ONE.   Gratitude is the return flow of love expressed.   Every activity of life experienced in the third dimension on earth is in reality the material sense of the spiritual reality.  All activity between  life forms reflects the energetic connection in and of the One--there is nothing else. 

The actions of interconnectedness become "not love" in the usual sense  when  interpreted and acted out by global and personal states of consciousness fully enmeshed in beliefs of duality and separation.   The energetic connection of each soul to every other soul within the One can  never change, but when this truth is ms-interpreted by those who believe  all life forms to be separate, it manifests in ways that reflect this belief--rape, abuse, animal cruelty, and  war, etc     Once an individual evolves into his true identity and begins to realize the interconnectedness of all life, he no longer resonates with the activities of the un-awakened lower densities--activities based in separation.  

As you lift yourselves, you  lift the world, dear ones, for very truth  known and integrated  adds more light to  universal  human consciousness that contains every idea or belief of mankind, no matter how absurd.  The Light through you, is automatically dissolving the shadows--third dimensional thought forms and beliefs which in reality have no law to support them, but through  belief in them, have held mankind in bondage. 

Thoughts and ideas  floating into your thinking from the universal world consciousness are always impersonal--never claim them as yours even if they seem to be coming from within you.  Each individual is more receptive to certain types of impersonal beliefs  because of  past life experiences.   Some  may find themselves more receptive to universal concepts of  health and disease, while others may be more receptive to  beliefs about relationship.  Overwhelming fears like fear of water or heights  also indicates energy still held in cellular memory from some past life experience causing them to be more receptive to all the beliefs floating about regarding  these issues.  Once these impersonal beliefs find a home in individual consciousness, they will then manifest outwardly, for you are creators.   Outer manifestations  are your guide posts dear ones, indicating to you what needs to be looked at and released within your belief system.  Try not to feed these thoughts, but use them as tools.

The spiritual journey  is about taking back the  power that your have ignorantly given to anything outside of yourselves; be it words, thoughts, people, books, beliefs, things, traditions, teachings,  or anything  regardless of how it may of served you in the past.  It does not mean you will not have these things, but it means you have removed the power for good or bad from them.   Knowledge and evolution may come THROUGH these things, but not FROM them. 

Actions  taken in that past when  ignorant of truth have only the power you give them, so begin to release all negative emotions of guilt, anger, regret, etc. which  have their rise in the third dimensional belief system.  If there is someone you need to forgive or who needs to forgive you, then do it inwardly or outwardly and move on. Now the time of clearing once and for all any lower resonating energies you may still hold so you can move into the higher frequencies of Light and Love.

You are alone with your God and  that realization is all the power you will ever need. Evolving on earth has been difficult because lifetime after lifetime  has been lived  in an energy of duality and separation, but remember that you chose it because it is a well tempered and  powerful  being that emerges from the fire.   You are now ready to  move into trust and a realization of  oneness.  It is a letting go, and this can be difficult and frightening.  Always remember that nothing--no person, no event, no activity, or even death can separate you from what you are and always have been regardless of any appearances.  

Just love, dear ones,  Just live always in the recognition that all are in and of the ONE and this realization will guide your every action.  Let go of the need to plot and plan everything and allow  your inner self guide you gently minute to minute, day to day, activity to activity.  When you become aware of the activities of the un-awakened, visualize that tiny flame in their hearts they themselves are unaware of, take what ever human footsteps you may be guided to take, and then move on.

This is love--the activity that flows from a  recognition of everyone's  the true identity.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                 5/25/14at they have been told by others and looking outside of themselves believing that they already have all the answers.  

                                         MAY 11, 2014

Greetings dear ones, we  come once again to guide you in whatever ways we can, but you must always  remember that enlightenment is your mission, your journey, and your choice.  There are still some who choose to do nothing  while awaiting a savior in the form of a man, book, tool, event, or galactic.  This reflects an old belief system--separation from Source and the  need for something outside of oneself to be "saved".

Your savior is within you, dear ones--always has been and always will be-- it is what you already are.  Your Savior has been resting quietly within, awaiting  recognition  lifetime after lifetime through the good and not so good experiences of life lived in duality and separation.  There comes a point in everyone's spiritual journey when they are finally evolved enough to recognize and embrace the truth about themselves.  Issues of life that seemed  important then begin to fade into the nothingness that they are and the individual no longer feels the need to look outside of Himself.  He  begins to seek within to his own Divine essence for guidance and discovers that he is that which he has  been seeking--the long hidden secret,  dear ones.

Arcturian Group wishes to speak of love as the essence of spiritual growth.  Love is the realization of and the activities that flow from an attained awareness of ONE in which everything and everyone exists.   In the third dimensional belief system of duality and separation, love (Oneness)  is always interpreted in a personal way depending upon the individual state of consciousness--the energetic connections of oneness between people thus are sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Love is the Universal Oneness of all within an Omnipresent Divine Consciousness ever expressing Itself in infinite form and variety.

As the realization  of oneness awakens within an individual, it begins to appear in the outer as peace, joy, understanding, and cooperation, those qualities that make life enjoyable--the activities of many within  the ONE.  As you observe a world of strife and war,  know that what you are seeing is the manifestation of impersonal universal duality/separation consciousness which has no Divine law to hold any of it in place. 

Illusion is how the world has been seen and interpreted.  The earth (Gaia) not an illusion as many have thought,  but is a living Soul.  Anything you can see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is a material interpretation of its spiritual reality. You may say; "Is war a spiritual reality?"  War is the outer manifestation of the consciousness of separation which will change as more and more awaken into the realization of oneness.  The spiritual Light of an awakening world is bringing to surface and illuminate much that  heretofore has  been kept in the shadows.  It may seem as though personally and globally things are worse, but everything that is old and finished is  being exposed by your Light dear ones, in order that it may be cleared and released.   You are changing world consciousness simply by living, moving, and having your being in the truth of who you really are.  As individual and global Consciousness of oneness (love) grows, it automatically transforms the appearances of discord into  cooperation and  peace,  whether it be in family relationships or in the world. 

It is important to understand that your oneness with Divine Consciousness constitutes your  oneness with completeness--your good.  This may manifest outwardly as closure to  those things you no longer resonate with--people, lifestyles, or activities.  Anything that no longer resonates with your energy may cease to be a part of your life because it does not represent completeness for you. This is why we urge you not to try and hold on to anything that is finished,  no matter how well it may of served you in the past.  All are moving into new places of energy and enlightenment which in turn will manifest outwardly in new forms.  Be prepared for change, for evolution will always manifest as change.

As you see and interact with all other life forms,  you interact with yourself for there is only One, One, One,   and therefore that which you do to another, say to another, give to another you do for yourself, see?  This is the origin of Karma and is how it works until an individual is able to move into a more evolved state of consciousness  where he no longer needs the difficult and  painful lessons of karma but instead is able to  be taught from within.

This message of Oneness has been given by masters throughout time  but has always been lost through the ms-interpretation of un-enlightened followers who would  teach others their limited and less evolved concepts of the original message.  This has been reflected in the many "holy wars" throughout history and even now.  Whenever pure teachings are organized, the  deeper truths are always lost through the actions of those who join and begin to present their own concepts of the original teachings.  The belief that one needs someone, some organization , or some tool in order to spiritually grow is false and obsolete and will keep you locked into separation.  Your church is within you, dear ones. 

Oneness (love) is the law, the reality, and the truth but this realization may cause confusion for those comfortable  within their established belief system.  Truth can be accepted and lived or not, but truth itself changes not.  There are many spiritually ready living in resistance--having to  move forward the hard way by getting "wake up calls".  Others are suddenly  "getting it",  having prepared themselves in other lifetimes.  There are also those who fully awakened in other lifetimes and are now choosing to be on earth in order to  assist an awakening  world.

It is a time of great change for all.  Everyone, whether aware of it or not, is feeling physically, emotionally, and mentally the intense energy  pouring onto earth and bringing  with it the release of all that is finished personally and globally.  The new and higher energies of Light are causing many to rethink their beliefs and some with no understanding of what is taking place,  are tempted to  panic.

You can help those tempted to fear and panic  to open  to the  bigger picture--NOT that you become "missionaries" but that you simply throw out seeds of truth to those receptive.  Never force the deeper truths on to another, thinking you are helping them for they may not yet be ready and your actions can easily become exercises of personal ego--the mistake many  have made in the past and still make.

As you observe the efforts of those who would keep the world in lack, chaos, and war, know that there is no law to support or sustain these appearances and that all are in and of the One even though  unaware of it. How often do you pray for your enemies, dear ones, or do you pray only for  "victims"? 

There is only ONE and this realization  is Love and  the secret of life you have sought for so long, lifetime after lifetime, symbolized as the search for the Holy Grail.  You  are now ready to grasp and live this Divine secret, and in so doing will see the change you  desire.

Be the light, be the way, be the truth--a reality that not only refers to one man 2000 years ago.

This is how the world will awaken.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                        5/11/14