(Reclaim your power) 

Many women  choose to live  in safe and  secure boxes of the known and familiar--be it within marriage, motherhood, victimhood, or even ill health.  Universally accepted concepts and beliefs about these life choices make it easy to simply exist and never question and at the same time allows an individual to shift the blame for any problems to others.  Safe secure boxes allow those within them to do nothing in the way of becoming self empowered or independent for they live in a pre arranged protocol of concepts of how everything should look or be in order to be "right".  

In order to avoid taking responsibility for themselves, they live as followers looking to others  or to whatever popular world concept happens to be in vogue to make decisions for them.   "My husband or kids wouldn't  want me to do that" or  "I can't because I am not smart enough.  How would I survive without my husband's income? My preacher/priest says that is a sin.  My family  knows what is  best for me..." etc. etc... This stagnant approach to living acts to  prevent any personal growth. Any dreams or ideas once been held,  simply wither and die from  lack of sustenance --adding fuel to blame and victimhood.  A vicious cycle begins, but one that can be broken. 
Immature women of all ages frequently strive to emulate the rich and famous even if a particular trend does not even resonate with them.  They  believe erroneously  that imitation will  bring to them the acceptance and love that their idol enjoys. There are those of all ages who dress  and act provocatively allowing themselves to be sexually "used" in the  false belief that sex is love.   The seeking of desirability, love, and "specialness" through  imitation  indicates a lack of self love and an ignorance of ones own uniqueness  

The focus of this article is on women, because women are often more susceptible to the concept that they are a weaker sex, always  in need of protection and a firm hand.  This belief system  teaches that it is a woman's role and duty  to serve others,  sacrifice, (even at the loss of her own self), and  "fix" everyone or anything believed to need "fixing". These ideas are  usually served up  by people in positions of authority who are rigidly focused on what has worked in the past  (tradition or dogma) and they are usually  not open to change.   

Many middle eastern countries still consider women to be invisible and unimportant and they  enforce this  through laws and attitudes that consist of physical, emotional, and mental bondage.  Masculine energy devoid of the feminine aspect will manifest as aggression and violence. Time is quickly running out for those still choosing to accept these obsolete concepts based in duality and separation for they are beginning  to realize that there is no such thing as a weaker sex--different, but not weaker. 

Masculine and feminine energies each hold  unique qualities that act to support, balance, uphold, and complete the other.  When  balanced equally,  they manifest in an individual as wholeness, completeness, and personal power based in unconditional love. 

Feminine energy is less aggressive and more nurturing (receptive and intuitive) and because of this,   women were thought to be weak and incapable of making the intelligent decisions.  Earlier generations accepted this without question and believed  that women were most happy and best suited  in caring  for others  (them) , in motherhood, or in performing menial work.  Women were expected to be grateful, complacent, and accepting of their "place" and the sad thing is, many women as well as men bought into these ideas.   Wealth or life's experiences occasionally allowed a woman some power to make her own choices, but even then the choices were severely restricted.
Some men also choose to live this way--males who allow fear and excuse to build for them  "safe" cocoons of  non-action while living lives of quiet desperation. These dear souls live in fear of rocking some mythical boat while at the same time  pretending to be productive and happy.  More often than not, they chose a male body for this incarnation because on a soul level they realized their need to develop and balance  more masculine energy.

Everyone is on earth to spiritually evolve and there comes a point  in everyone's evolutionary journey when  the balanced integration the masculine and feminine is imperative for spiritual growth.   There are those have already accomplished this integration in other lifetimes and are easily recognizable as individuals who are kind and nurturing (feminine) but at the same time have a strong "take charge" energy when necessary.  The essence of every soul is completeness and balance--equal parts of both the masculine (active, be-er, do-er) and the  feminine (receptive, intuitive) but generally in the human scene this  is  not known, believed, or acknowledged.   

Sexual confusion  often results when a soul lives  lifetime after lifetime as one gender  and then between lives realize that they must have balance and so choose to incarnate as the opposite gender.  Once on earth they no longer remember this pre-life gender choice and come to  believe that somehow they are  in the wrong body. Transgendered and sexually confused souls resonate with the memory of the energy they are familiar with  having experienced it in so many lifetimes.

When an individual man or woman is spiritually ready to integrate either their masculine or feminine aspect,  ample opportunities will arise enabling them to do just this. "Wake up calls" are often necessary for those accustomed to living the status quo--doing what they are told, never asserting themselves or taking responsibility, and feeling no need to change.  At this  point an individual's Higher Self may  step in and activate whatever experiences are needed.

A woman may find her life suddenly filled  with one opportunity after another that forces her to speak up or take some sort of action (masculine-active, be-er, do-er) regardless of how uncomfortable or foreign the experience may be.  These "wake up calls" are never conscious choices because most would  choose to avoid them but the Higher Self knows exactly when a soul is ready for the next phase of their spiritual journey.   

The imbalance of masculine and feminine energies on earth has resulted in much misunderstanding  with regard to marriage, employment, spirituality, and the many  facets of ordinary living.  There are those so  insecure and unsure of who and what they are that they consistently  turn to anyone who seems to have answers and in the process, lose themselves even more deeply.  Everyone is on earth to exercise their free will, make decisions, and learn from them--some choices may be disastrous and some not.  Over lifetimes, making choices and experiencing the consequences of those choices, teaches and eventually awakens every soul to its spiritual nature. 

Because the world is now shifting  into the higher frequencies of evolution, it is imperative that every evolving soul acknowledge and step into their personal power.  There can be no evolutionary progress while still holding the belief that individuals were created half...half of a couple, half of energy, half of anything.   

Up to now, mankind's' ignorance of personal power has permitted governments, educators, churches, families, friends, etc. to make the rules, but new and higher frequencies of Light are dissolving all that is obsolete and finished.  Believing that one's salvation is possible  only through the intercession  of another, be it Jesus, Buddha, the saints, ascended Beings, your pastor or anyone else is a myth.  Everyone is responsible for their own evolution and must do their own spiritual work which can include loving guidance from the spiritual masters if one wants it.

A woman who has integrated her masculine will never again feel obligated to accept another persons choices for her instead of her own, nor will she shrink back from following her dreams  in the belief that she is not allowed to have them.  An integrated woman or man is not afraid to make decisions and then act upon them, and will never again believe her validation  is dependant upon outside opinions or concepts. She now realizes that within her is a spark of the Divine which means her real Self is whole and complete, always has been and always will be.  She has put on her "big girl pants".

Self empowerment never excludes asking another's opinion, consulting an expert,  considering other's wishes, or family obligations when making decisions--nor does it mean that every choice is always the right choice.  It  means having the confidence to make and then stand with intuitively guided personal choices--an activity of the masculine aspect.  Mistakes will be made, but it is soon discovered that the sky does not fall down when an erroneous decision is made, but instead an  inner strength and confidence develops that allows one to make new and perhaps better choices.  This is how evolution takes place and this is how mankind learns.   

To paraphrase Mary Baker Eddy; "my masculine protects, supports, and takes care of my feminine and my feminine nurtures, guides, and loves my masculine..." 


                          LETTING GO OF THE NEED TO SAVE EVERYONE

Frequently a serious spiritual student trying practice service and unconditional love is unaware of how intensely he is still programmed by old religious beliefs and outdated concepts  proclaiming that real spirituality means  “saving” anyone not living according to  "correct" beliefs held personally or by some religious group.   The nature of feminine energy seems to have caused  women to embrace this idea more readily than their male counterparts often resulting in the belief that they are not loving unless they try to save everyone in need of saving.  They are taught, preached to, and finally accept that  it is their spiritual  duty to sacrifice themselves completely for the good of others... children, husbands, or families, etc.. which  is a denial Divine individuality and the right to express it--a  giving away of one's innate power.

The concept of self sacrifice as being spiritual has been and still  is promoted by all who  see themselves as separate from others and interpret love in terms of the need to "fix" everyone and everything not in accord with their own beliefs. In reality this is  a 3D interpretation  of the spiritual completeness  lying deep within the heart of every living thing, but this deeper level is simply not understood by most.   In ignorance many believe that their personal truth is the only real truth and therefore it is their spiritual obligation to bring others into this  "truth" by any means possible and often holding judgement and criticism toward anyone refusing this "gift of truth".

In this time of new and higher dimensional awakenings, many evolving souls  are finding  themselves in a dilemma...confused about what exactly they should to do when confronted by a friend or family member who is experiencing a difficult situation.  They are finding themselves guided by their strengthening intuition to detach from any chaos,   but at the same time feel guilt and pressure from others for not stepping up to the plate with (unsolicited) advice or action. It is at this time that it is important to honestly question ours or others intentions for much of the  “do gooding” we see in the world is simply ego based activity which does not flow from spiritual awareness but  rather from a place of seeking  praise and attention.

In third dimensional  energy, there are and  always will be problems because it is an energy of duality and separation--always manifesting as pairs of opposites.  Throughout numerous lifetimes, mankind has only experienced  duality and has  come to see it as the reality.  Over time, experts  have developed solutions to practically every human problem  and loving souls work very hard to serve in the ways they understand according to their state of consciousness--this is ordinary third dimensional living as man has known it.   Awakening, evolving souls are now moving out of the old energy of the third dimension and into the new more evolved energies of the fifth dimension.  This is bringing with it  new understandings of love and service, the old ways of service are moving to higher levels which  must then manifest, for the outer is the expression of the inner. 

The human being living fully in duality and separation does not care about the problems or sufferings of other living things because he believes himself to be separate from anything or anyone other than that which  personally concerns him.  His pain and pleasures are all in and of the physical.  As he evolves through lifetimes of learning experiences and begins to experience a limited sense of oneness, he may discover that he is becoming  more interested in others' issues and  problems and is amazed to discover how similar they are to his own.  He begins to feel a spark of compassion for animals and other living things and may even find himself  attempting to help another although at first this will  involve only those of his own family or group.

When the master Jesus  seeded  universal consciousness with the truth of unconditional  love and oneness,  individuals spiritually ready began to understand and recognize that LOVE IS THE ACTIVITY OF THE REALIZATION OF ONENESS.  The realization that Love embraces all people and all living things not just those of one's own family or group was new and these seeds of truth began to penetrate human consciousness. At that time, few actually understood this very sacred truth,  but for those ready then and now, comes the realization that THAT WHICH I DO TO ANOTHER, I DO TO MYSELF.  

From this deeper level of awareness of Oneness, life (love and living)  begins  to manifest in new and higher expression.  It is at this point that the enlightened consciousness can  be aware of the struggles of others, (compassion) but is not compelled to personally embrace the other's problems  (sympathy).  He  becomes an unconditional listener and does not feel a need to rush around believing  that it is his duty to fix everything.   The enlightened consciousness  understands that outer experiences reflect the state of consciousness of the individual and lessons needing to be learned.  He can relax, knowing that everyone  is on earth to experience whatever lessons they themselves deemed necessary for  spiritual growth.   He rests in the realization that every individual has a Higher Self, Guides, and a contract that they set up before being born into this particular experience.   He also honestly examines his own state of consciousness, asking; "What am I believing about this situation?  Am I giving power to appearances?  What is the spiritual truth?"

Relieved of the burden to "save" everyone, the evolved individual  is able understand  needs  from a level of  compassion.  He does what he is guided to do, taking whatever human footsteps are necessary, but  always respecting  individual choice.  He knows that  there is no one needing to be saved  for all are in and of the Infinite ONE.  He has his hand ready and available should  another reach out and he will grip theirs in return,  but he fully understands  that there is NEVER AN OBLIGATION  to reach down into the "gutter" in order to  force someone to change who is choosing to stay  where he at this time.   This sort of activity is of the ego, and removes from them their job, their lesson, and arrogantly assumes that they will not survive without our help.  Perhaps they won't but it will be a powerful lesson they will remember the next time around.  Many are still in need of intense third dimensional experiences in order to evolve.

Do not misinterpret this new way of "seeing" as permission to hand someone a stone when their need is for a piece of bread while loudly proclaiming; “God is all, everything is illusion…” because this would be very human indeed and indicate an inability to see the reality behind appearances.   Spiritual love  knows the spiritual truth of another and meets needs, not wants  in accord with the other person's level of awareness.  At first this way of working can be confusing because from our higher perspective, we find we are able to clearly see the issues and  the temptation is to rush in with tried and true solutions.   If the individual is receptive to our observations  we can elaborate, but this must always be  done without any  attachment to outcome,  with forced  ideas or demands, and always with respect of the person's choices.  If this is not clear, it should be taken into meditation and pondered. 

In order to live the spiritual sense of service, one must learn to  listen and trust their intuition in every situation, understand the difference between needs and wants (of self and others), and actively practice releasing any old influencing programs regardless of pressures from outside sources.    It is the ability  to drop the individual and all negative appearances immediately and deal with your own beliefs..."What am I believing here?  In the light of truth, is it true?  What is the truth?"

Send Light to all people and places that concern you and all the kingdoms of Gaia, consciously and consistently knowing the truth—that all are Divine beings having a human experience no matter how ignorant they may be about this truth. Take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take but only after knowing the truth. This  results in a sense of relief and inner freedom because the  burden of needing  to “save the world” has been lifted.   

The Divine Law of completeness and wholeness always has been and ever will be in place.

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