LOVE is the  realization  (conscious realization not intellectual knowledge) of ONENESS---ONE OMNIPRESENT, OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, DIVINE  REALITY-SOURCE AS ALL THAT IS.

We observe the oneness of  all living things according to our state of consciousness, and thus we see  many concepts and beliefs about  love in the world.

The world feels but does not fully understand  this energy of One as the desire for;
                   1.  Peace and harmony   ( In Oneness there is no separation,  there are no “others”)
                   2.  Sense of completeness (One, infinitely Self-sustained & Self-maintained)
                   3.  Perfection  (ONE-no opposite, complete and whole)
                   4.  Health (One Self sustained and Self maintained)
                   5.  Abundance (One Self sustained and Self maintained)
                   6.  Happy relationships (One can only be in harmony with Itself-no separation in One)
                   7.  Law  (Everything in and of an omnipresent Divine Consciousness is  governed and                             held in place by Divine Law)

Unconditional Love is the activity of a consciousness that recognizes (consciously or unconsciously)  the  Divine nature of every living thing.  It  is the  living, speaking, thinking, acting, knowing, and seeing of the truth of being in spite of any appearances to the contrary. An  individual is often not conscious on the human mind level of why he is able to love unconditionally because it is an attained state of consciousness from many lifetimes of evolving, but it is the way he chooses to  live even when having to  take those “human footsteps” that circumstances often  require.

ONENESS means that those things we have been seeking outwardly  in material forms, are already present within us as spiritual Ideas embodied within Divine Consciousness that we are, awaiting our recognition.  Seeking outside of ourselves is simply  the activity of the un-enlightened  human consciousness which believes itself to be separate from its good (duality and separation-the energy of the third dimension).  There is to be no blame or self judgement in this, all are learning and evolving through their experiences in this energy of duality and separation.

Mind  functions as the interpreter of our state of consciousness and so  forms our outer experiences  accordingly.  MIND IS THE SUBSTANCE OF MATTER.  This is how we create our own world and this is why we often see LOVE which is the activity  of One Self in infinite form and variety, interpreted in the world  as co-dependant or degrading relationships,  pornography, abuse, possessiveness, etc.

LOVE (the activity  of one) is the ONLY ACTIVITY BECAUSE  IT  IS  ALL THERE  IS.



"Love has nothing to do with another person.  Love is your individual and collective soul.
Love is God.  Love is Truth.  Love is beauty.  Love is Self.  To know your Self, to surrender to the Truth of yourself is to surrender to Love."

                                            THE NATURE OF ERROR

If there is a God or whatever you choose to call a creator Being, then it would have to  be the only One of whatever it is.  Could an omnipresent Creator create anything outside of Itself?  What would It have to create with, other than Itself?   One, expressing Itself in and as infinite form and variety.

When we accepted the  veil of forgetting and accepted the mantle of duality in order to evolve within   third dimensional energy, we knew the pitfalls this sense of separation would provide for us.  We knew we would be forced  to dig deep within ourselves for answers while on earth, but that this would push us more fully to evolve.  The issues of duality have served us well. 

Fear is a survival tool in a consciousness that resonates with a sense of separation from each other and from God.  Through  hard work within many lifetimes and  grace,  we have now evolved enough to accept and move into a new state of consciousness;  a consciousness that realizes its Oneness with Source, and thus with every living thing.  Yes, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms are expressions of the One also and evolve just as we do.  Where else could they come from?

Every single error appearing in the three dimensional world is simply the outer manifestation of a consciousness steeped in duality and separation and it is very important to remember that these beliefs are NOT PERSONAL until you accept them into your consciousness as yours. The good as well as the bad outer appearances are a  false interpretation of the reality, the Divine Idea behind the appearance. 

Ask yourself;  " What am I still holding in my consciousness that is old and false?"  Question any “facts” you have accepted without question just because a priest, teacher, parent, friend, or “expert” told you so.   Ask yourself this; “If  Truth  is that all  is Source, then can there be any law to support  lack, disease, suffering?"   Who created these things??? 

Pondering this within yourself will begin your journey to freedom and empowerment.  A freedom not so much from old outdated beliefs and concepts, but a freedom into the reality of your being which is nothing but  Pure Unconditional Love


                                                                                             MCR -10/2007

                              LETTING GO OF OUR  OLD CONCEPTS

The beings of earth are in the midst of shifting into the resonance of fifth dimensional energy.  It all began with the harmonic convergence (influx of high energies) in 1987 and is on track to reach its height   at the end of   2012.  some are aware of what is going on, others are not.  What this means to us as human beings, is that our tried and true favorite three dimensional concepts and beliefs  must be let go of.  We must either move beyond them ourselves, or our Higher Self will do it for us.  We will be provided with those experiences that force us into a new way of seeing.  It is easier to choose to do it ourselves through examination of our belief system and a conscious letting go.  If you are reading this, then you are ready.

The two biggest concepts we live with and which affect everyone on earth, are our beliefs with regard to; 1. Romantic relationships, and 2. Money.


The third dimensional concept of relationship is; "I am half of a couple.  With you, I am complete and whole, without you I am not".  We were raised with this belief and it is pumped out to us from every corner of the world in our television shows, film, books, magazines, fairytales, music, parents, churches, and friends.  "Find Mr. or Ms Right and you will be happy forever more.

Moving into the new energy demands that we let go of this and realize that no one is half of a couple.  Source is manifest as individual being and did not do it half way. I am complete and whole in my true essence.  Everything I need is embodied within me because Source is Self complete.  If I choose to share that with someone else, that is fine, but I do not, never have, and never will need someone outside of myself in order to be whole.

For the man, this means he must acknowledge and embrace his feminine aspect (the receptive, gentle, intuitive) and for the woman this means she must acknowledge and embrace her masculine aspect (the active, be-er, do-er).  I have both qualities in balance.  One without the other is an imbalanced individual. 

The process can be scary for an individual if they do not yet understand that this is a higher and truer sense of themselves.  Men who have been raised to believe that  their masculinity identifies them, see any  change as a  death to who they believe themselves to be; that is, a death of themselves.     Likewise, many women believe that their only worth is in their feminine qualities and spend all their time working to appear glamorous and sexy which makes them feel loved and acceptable.    A man who has incorporated his feminine aspect is able to show emotion, love, and has a universal outlook and understanding heart.   A woman who has embraced her masculine, is able to lovingly say "No" or  "Thank you for your opinion, but I am choosing to do this."  She has the strength and courage to be herself and no longer allows herself to be validated by something outside of herself. 

It is then that we are able to attract to ourselves someone who is equally empowered, and knows their completeness. Then if both choose, a   partnership may evolve; two people standing  together by choice,  looking in the same direction; neither needing the other, but choosing to be with each other.  This in no way diminishes the joy and excitement of the relationship, but on the contrary, it brings it to a higher level of comparability and fun.

Many have already achieved this state of consciousness, but many have not and if you are now partnered with someone who can only see partnership in the old way and urges you to go back to the way things "used to be"  because they do not feel whole or complete unless you do, then your partnership will probably fail.  An individual  cannot go back to sleep once awakened.  Evolution only moves forward and the individual the state of consciousness attained, is yours until you move forward again.

This is a graduation, not a loss.

2.   MONEY

Since  third dimensional energy if one of duality and separation,  concepts regarding business have always been; "What about the bottom line?"

We are evolving into a higher fifth dimensional way of living and seeing.  and because of  that, we are beginning to realize that money and business are in the higher sense,  spiritual energy flows of love and gratitude.  That is;  I provide what you need (love, energy of Oneness) and you respond with payment (also love and the energy of Oneness as gratitude) .   When a business owner begins to see his business and his customers in this new light, the outer will begin to reflect this higher awareness. The outer forms are  always the inner state of consciousness in manifestation.  Our state of consciousness  manifests through the mind as...  The business person now being open to a deeper sense of business,  may  become aware of new  and here-to-fore unknown  ways to present the product or service-ways not based in deception, dishonesty, or sense of lack, but ways that honor the business and the customer as equals and spiritual beings.  The customer in turn feels gratitude for what has been received in such a loving way and expresses this.   This is in no way a "Pollyanna" approach.  One must always honor one's intuition. There are still  individuals (customers and employees) who have yet to rise into this state of consciousness, and on occasion a firm hand or word may be needed, but always the words and  actions must carry the energy of  pure intent (awareness of their true nature), even though the person needing these words  may not  know or see it this way.

If you are having money issues, try this every time you send out a payment; Hold the envelope or the "send" key,  and say; "I send this money with Light and Love as gratitude for the loving service or product provided in the awareness that it is flowing through me from an infinite Source within and not from me personally".  It is all about coming into the realization of ONE.  There is no customer, and there is no business owner; you are me, and I am you, because we are all individual manifestations of the One Source Consciousness which is whole and complete, needing nothing.  The only error there is, ever has been, or ever will be, is the belief in duality and separation (two powers)-separation from  Source and thus from each other and our good.  All third dimensional problems are the out-picturing of this false state of consciousness and can only be resolved by rising into a higher state of consciousness (evolution), and  not through simply an intellectual knowledge of truth.  This takes work, practice, and the constant reinterpretation of those pictures we are presented with every day.

                                                                                                              MCR- 7/200


There is a sanctuary where the noises of the world never reach, and where the troubles of the world never penetrate.  This sanctuary is the very depths of our own consciousness, of our own Soul, when we have refrained from strife, from struggle, and from taking thought.

                                                                            Dorothy Moore/Infinite Way Practitioner

Silence is substance.  It is the firmament of unlimited potentiality.
                                                                            Patricia Jepsen Chuse


                                 PRAYER IS SPEAKING TO GOD.   MEDITATION IS LISTENING.

For too long we have been telling the Divine what we think we need.  It is time to evolve those concepts.

The idea of God as a judgmental old man watching our every move, is no longer compatible within an  awakening and evolving  world consciousness.   We as individuals are now ready to  seriously question  the validity of many cherished beliefs which up to this time, we have held  tenaciously to simply because someone or some authority figure told us it was true.

SOURCE  is all that is; omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.  Period.   Therefore, if I exist, I must be in and of this this Source, which is complete and whole and  not this three dimensional concept I have believed myself to be.     

The master Jesus was trying to tell the masses this when he said;  "I am the way, the truth and the life".   Third dimensional consciousness interpreted that to mean that the man, Jesus, personally  was the way the truth and the life.  They were unable to hear what he was trying to tell them-that I is Source, the true Self and I-dentity  of every individual.   Even now, most churches have been built on the false premise that only Jesus is the expression of Source and that only he has access to the Divine.  The world continues to worship a God outside of itself in the false belief that only a special few are chosen to speak with God.

The word Christ comes from the Greek word, Christus, which means light.  Christ is not Jesus's middle name, Christ is a title meaning one who has  attained  Christ consciousness or illumination.  Illumination is  for all to attain,  this is evolution,  this is the journey we are on, and  this is why we are here.

When an individual comes to understand that    ABSOLUTE DIVINE SOURCE  (GOD) is manifesting Itself  in and as infinite form and variety,  the individual becomes free.  "And you shall KNOW the truth and the truth shall make you free."   Freedom comes through the realization ( not just an intellectual knowledge)  that there is no God outside of self.  Then comes the freedom;  no need to beg, plead, and reach out to a god somewhere who may or may not listen, depending upon his mood that day.  A god who may or may not grant your request depending upon  you having spoken the right words or  followed a rigid list of standards with regard to the perfect words to be used  or even some special magic words known only to a select few.

I need only acknowledge that within my very own being is the Source of all that is, and then silently rest in that  much like resting back  into a  cloud of trust.  It is an acknowledgement of  the presence of Source, and  opens the door to guidance and evolution.  Mediation is not meant to be  visual psychic show as many think it is.  It is a quiet resting in truth.